8 January, 2004, Martins to Father Penna Trateme

Dear, Permit us, to inform you of our desire of going into trust Financial business relation with you,despite that we have not met before, But we decided to contact you after much prayer believing that you are trust worthy person that We can do business with, We must not hesitate to confide in you for this simple and sincere business . Please this is a matter of urgency, this is because we need your help and we need it quickly too. We are the only surviving children of late Mr. and Mrs. Moses Albert.I am 20years old while my little sister is 18 years. My father was a very wealthy, rich and prominent natural mineral resources merchant such as Gold/Diamond and Cocoa/cafe in Monrovia,the capital city of Rep.of LIBERIA. Our father was poisoned to death by his business associates on one of their outings on a business trip . Our mother died when we were baby and since then our father took us so special. Before his death in a private hospital here he secretly called us on his bed side and told us that he has the sum of Five million United State Dollars. USD ($5.000,000) which he deposited in a fixed / suspense account with one of the local bank in Abidjan capital of Ivory Coast in West Africa, that he used my name as his the next of Kin in depositing of the fund. He also explained to us that, it was because of his success and jealousy that he was poisoned by his business associates. That we ďshould seek for a foreign partner in a country of our choice where we will transfer this money and use it for investment purpose such as real estate management, hotel management or any other lucrative investmentsĒ. After he died, we then decided to trace the concern security company in Abidjan for my claim, and on getting in touch with the company's Director, he confirmed to me of having such deposit with them in my late father's name and mine as next of kin some years ago. Then we deliberately,decided to be residing in Abidjan capital city of Ivory Coast in west Africa due to the political and rebel war going on in our country Liberia then and also to keep close to the security company and keep all our uncles and Aunts out of this issue as none of them will not be happy to know that we are in possession of such money. We have succeeded in making the people at the bank to believe that I am the next of Kin and all the documents related to are now with us. We do not know what to do with this money as we are still very young and ignorance of the business world, we really need your assistance hoping that as a follow muslam you will be honest, sincere and trustworthy to render your assistance. Your efforts in assisting us would not be underestimated, We have decided to give you 10% of the total sum for your assistance in helping me retrieve the consignment from the security company custody and stands as my sole Guardian/Beneficiary, then you will arrange for my coming over to meet with you and to invest this money properly. We are desperate as we are left alone now in the world, and we honourably seeking your assistance most dearly in the following areas ;

1)To serve as a guardian of this fund by transacting with the security company here since we are still under age and completely ignorant of what and how to follow up the system here.

2)To arrang and come here to meet with the security company on our behalf or arrang with them on how best to get the consignment probably out of this country to a convinieble place for both of us. Furthermore, you indicate your option towards assisting us as we believe that this transaction would be concluded within fourteen (14) working days you signify interest to assist me. Anticipating to hear from you soon. NOTE; The most importantly thing you have to promise us is to maintain utmost high level of SECRECY and CONFIDENCIALITY in the whole transaction for security reasons. Thanks and may Allah bless you in abundance. Sincerely yours From Martins Albert. Please call me for more explanations with +22 507 610 822



9 January, 2004, Father Penna Trateme to Martins

Dear Mrs Albert,

I have read your email, and am excited with the thought of doing business with you. I am a Priest of the Catholic faith, and have been involved in business for quite sometime. Thank You, and I look forward to doing business with you, and may God bless.

Father Penna Trateme


10 January, 2004, Martins to Father Penna Trateme

Fr.Penna Trateme,







Note: Now Heís Catholic, What ever happened to ďThanks and may Allah bless you in abundanceĒ? Loser



10 January, 2004, Father Penna Trateme to Martins

Mr. Martin,

My sincerest apologies, it seems my typing skills are not what they used to be. I am sorry if I offended you by calling you Mrs, it was my mistake. Also, I am glad you are a young boy, Iím sure you know how hard it is, you know, the church with all that celibacy crap and all. I suppose where youíre from, you probably go by the metric system, so that makes you 13 or so, right? If Iím going to go out of the country, that would be breaking my probation, thus the law. Iíll do it, but you have to show me youíre not just a Nigerian 419 scammer. Iím not sure what thatíll be, but Iíll come up with something, maybe a picture or something. Thank You, and God Bless.

Father Penna Trateme



11 January, 2004, Martins to Father Penna Trateme

Rev.Fr. Penna T,

Your apology havbe been accepted and I wasn't anoyed of any thing did know that is was a mistake.

Fr. I am okay with what you have said beliving too well that I am dealing with a Goddly man and most anointed so I don't have any cause to be affraid,my mind is relaxed with you.But please father any thing we are to do for now till we finalise this transaction please get it secret and let it be within us and God in heaven.

Pleasebut us in your daily prayers because we are seriously suffering here,living a very miserable life without money,good health care and poor food.

Till you hears from us.Can I have your telephone number?



11 January, 2004, Father Penna Trateme to Martins

Martins and Sister Mary.
Martins, Thank you. Please send the picture, then we will get started right away. As for the phone number, Iím not sure that is a good idea, I think the police are tapping my phones, or maybe all that meth is making me paranoid. Thank You and May God Bless You.

Father Penna Trateme



12 January, 2004, Martins to Father Penna Trateme


Today is sunday and we just came back from Church and I decided to go and check our email box hoping that you will send your telephone number and other details about you but could not see it ,nothing spoil,we will try to make the picture ready by tomorrow being monday by experss and send it to you.I am worried and highly disturbed to leave from this country as soon as possible after our furtune most have gone out first.

God bless you.

Till tomorrow.

Martins and Mary.



13 January, 2004, Martins to Father Penna Trateme


I was directed to email you by my brother Martins,It was unfortunate that I took the picture late and it came to me late.I also attached my late father's burial picture.Please inform us on reciept of the pictures.

Mary Albert


13 January, 2004, Father Penna Trateme to Martins

Martins and Sister,

Oh man, You never told me your father was a musician. I really like Cool and the Gang. I bet the funeral was a CELEBRATION, if you know what I mean. I tell you what, Iíll make any arrangements you want, if you just send me a picture of yourself holding a sign that says my name on it (Father Penna Trateme). You just have to do this, and hook me up with the rest of the band, OK? Thanks and may God Bless.

Father Penna Trateme

Note: the next day he re-sent the previous message with the funeral picture, so I thought Iíd ignore him for a couple days. It worked.



15 January, 2004, Martins to Father Penna Trateme


I told my little sister to send the the picture with your name yesterday with my late father's burial ,hoping that today you will confirm it,but to my surprise no mail came from you so I decided to check from my send folder it really the attachment went But I saw that it was only my father's own that went so I deceded to resend it.

Please confirm to me of recieving them as soon as it gets to you.

Hoping to hear from you.



15 January, 2004, Father Penna Trateme to Martins


How are you? I'm OK, but we have to get this ball rolling. What exactly do you need from me? What can I do, and where should I go? I'd really like to go on a little "vacation", if you know what I mean. Is there any way we can do our business in a non-extraditing country? I'd sure make things easier. We should get started right away, because I have a few debts that need to be paid. Thank you for the picture, I truly appreciate it. May god Bless You.

Father Penna Trateme



16 January, 2004, Martins to Father Penna Trateme

Dear father thanks very much for your mail and honstey to assist me,GOD BE WITH US.

PLEASE after assuring me on your honest to assist me, i will like you to contacted the bank immedaitely to know from them the reqiurements needed from you so that they can be able to transfer the whole money to the account you will provide as i have applied to them.

please father this is the contact of the bank.




PLEASE father contact him and give him my reference because i have told him about you.that you are my fathers close friend out side my country that want to help us come over to your country to further our educations so that we will have a better finiancial education that will enable us not to make poor money decission later in life that might take year to overcome.they said that do to my age reason that will not be able to understand them very well regards to this transfer to your end account.

please father know that we have taken your word as words honour not to sit on the funds when it gets into your account.

please send us your photo so that we will have the chance of knowing your face.thanks and GOD bless.

awaits your urgent response to know the out come of your contact with the bank.

love and prayers.

yours martins and mary.



When I started this reply, I got him confused with another scammer. Then I figured what the heck, letís see what happens

16 January, 2004, Father Penna Trateme to Martins


How are you? I'm fine. Here is the picture of myself you requested. It's a picture of myself and a young man I have been trying to "Get in touch with" for quite some time. He's nice man, a little bony for my taste though. As I told you before, I am not having much luck contacting you by phone, besides the fact that it is not very safe. It is best to use email exclusively. I COULD have contacted the bank, but YOU did not include the email address of my contact person at the bank. So, did you come up with our travel plans? I really need to get away for a while. You never did tell me where we were going to meet, because no matter where we go, I will need to find a suitable doctor. I hope wherever we go, we can find penicillin or tetracycline. So, this is what I need from YOU, fast:

1) Some knowledge of were I will be required to travel.

2) The Email address of my contact person at the bank. Please let me know as soon as you get that info. May god blah, blah, yada yada and all that.

Father Penna Trateme



17 January, 2004, Martins to Father Penna Trateme






17 January, 2004, Father Penna Trateme to Martins

Martins, Here's my number. If I'm not there, just leave a message. XXX-XXX-XXXX

-Father Penna Trateme

I gave him the number for my voicemail, but he apparently didnít use it.


18 January, 2004, Martins to Father Penna Trateme


How you gave me a telephone number without country code, and tell me with to get you because i will not like to leave any message that to talk with you.I can't understand you any longer,because you told me to send any of our picture to dedicate this transaction and you will assist us,we did it and now you are reluctant to follow up.

If you are a reveren father,i strongly believe in the same GOD OF ISSAC,ABRAHAM AND JECOB.Do ypu still wish to help us.


My reply to his last email bounced, so I figured Iíd send it to the bank and ask them to forward it to him.

18 January, 2004, Father Penna Trateme to the Bank Director

Dear Sir,

I have been given this email address by Martins Albert. I have been in close contact with him, and he referred me to you. You and I may have some business in the near future, but I can not seem to be able to contact Matrins. His email address ([email protected]) seems to be no longer operational. If you could, please send him the following message:


Just hold your wad there bud, and don't take that tone with me. I'm trying to help you, and this is that kind of flak I have to deal with? The country code for north America is 1, ok, that's all there is to it. I am not waiting by the phone until you call, so if I do not answer, you're just going to have to leave a message. Do you really expect me to sit by the phone and wait for you to call? I have an entire church to run, Nuns to inspect, Boys to fondle, not to mention AA meetings to attend. Add that to the fact that I have told you that the telephone is not the safest means of communication in the first place. Yes, I do still want to help you, but you are not making it very easy. I will be by my phone for a while, but if I am not, Leave the stinking message. BYE

-Father Penna Trateme



19 January, 2004, Yapi Coulibaly (Bank Director) to Father Penna Trateme

ATTENTION:MR PENNA TRATEME Sir, I want you to read and take to this instruction/directives very carefully,the DEVON BANK PLC LONDON( is our correspondent payment agent responsible to effect the fund directly into your account and the reason why you have to take to there instruction and direstive was due to the situation of the said fund and also the political crises. For your information due to the political problem and the way it expound every blessed day it has been very difficult for us to transfer funds out of the country because it most go through the CENTRAL BANK OF COTE D'IVOIRE and the present Goverment is imposing strict condition on our foreign client make it impossible for them to receive there fund. The DEVON BANK PLC LONDON is assisting us paying our client as a loan package which we have to pay back immediately the conflict is over within the Goverment,my dear we are trying our best to serve you better not to involve you with the african Goverment problems ,the opening of account is included in the agreement we reached with Devon bank Plc London that every client responsible in receive of his/her fund must open a non-residential account with Devon bank Plc London ,which on you request the total of the whole fund will be transfered into your account,i think this must be handly by yourself through online banking,for us the PARISBAS branch here in abidjan we do not have a good secure networking to operate online. Consequently,you are advice to adhere to the directives from our correspondent bank DEVON BANK PLC for a sucessful transfer of the fund into your account as provided. Be advice to contact the Branch Manager Mr WOOD ([email protected]),and you will be directed accordingly YOURS FAITHFULLY YAPI COULIBALY



19 January, 2004, Father Penna Trateme to Mr. Wood

Dear Sir,

My name is Father Penna Trateme, and I have been given your email address from Yapi Coulibaly, who's email address was given to me by Martins Albert. We are in the process of conducting some business, and apparently Mr. Alberts seems to think we need help. Before we get started, I would like to say that I do not feel Martins is as dedicated to this business as I am, and with your help, I would like to transfer the money and split it between You and myself. I only have a few simple requirements that should be easy to fulfill.

1) Travel must be arranged very quickly, I can not stay where I am for long due to possible legal problems, and a few people I owe money to.

2) Give me specific details of where I will be traveling to, to facilitate my research of available services there (Cathouses, Casinos, Bars, Pimps, as well as the availability of various recreational substances), also let me know if there's a church around.

3) If needed, I can be contacted at X-XXX-XXX-XXXX, this also serves as my fax machine.

Upon fulfillment of these requests, I will provide the information you require. Thank You, and peace out Muthafuckah.



19 January, 2004, Martins to Father Penna Trateme

Fr, I had problem logging to my former email box,not untill the bank manger just called me this evening to tell me that probably you have been trying to send me mail and it can go so you decided to pass it through him.He was kind and even confirmed your email address to me so I open a new one.please confirm this letter so that we can continue. Martins.



19 January, 2004, Father Penna Trateme to Martins


What up, my brutha? Not much here, I contacted the bank manager, and he hooked me up with some cat named Mr. Wood. Seems like we may finally have this shit on the move. I want to get my ass to Africa and live the good life. I been thinking about leaving the church, it's becoming quite a drag. You know they don't allow sodomy? What kind of thinking is that? Them Muthafuckas just don't want ANYONE to have any fun. I'm tellin' ya, when I get to Africa, I'm gonna load up on viagra and extacy and tear up some guts! Anyways, I will be away from home for a couple days, but you will still be able to reach me by email. I'm going to the Vatican, got a good deal on a used Popemobile, and I figured it would be great for drive-bys. I'll get Mr. Wood the info he needs as soon as I can, I'm still waiting for him to get back to me. Peace out.

Father Penna Trateme, 10 in the clip and 1 in the pipe


20 January 2004, Martins to Father Penna Trateme

you don't talk like a catholic father,but you talks like a canaan man,just lie a street boy,sorry i am affraid of you,I CAN ONLY CONTINUE WITH YOU IF I SEE YOU IN AFRICA OR CALL ME. BYE.



20 January 2004, Penna Trateme to Martins,

What up, Cuz?, I'm sorry you don't like my new thang, but Imma gettin over all that church bullshit. The church been keepin' the Brutha DOWN. I gonna see you in Africa, gotsta get in wit my roots. I'm not sure who this canaan man is, but if He's down with Dre, Like A.C. is down with O.J., then he's cool with me. I just sent my main man Mr. Wood the account number, so we should be Stylin' and Profilin'. Gotta go, I'll rap wit you later.

Penna Trateme, 187 on the Pope.



20 January 2004, Mr. Wood to Father Penna Trateme]



It is our pleasure to confirm to the letter of authorization reference NO. BP/XX2/AMS/04 instructing us to credit into your account the said fund. Regarding the agreement both banks reached that every client involve must have a non-residential account with us,this will enable us to credit into the existing account the said fund as been instructed. The reason why you have to take to there instruction and direstive was due to the situation of the said fund and also the political crises. For your information due to the political problem were the said fund originated,it has been very difficult to credit funds out of COTE D'IVOIRE because it most go through there CENTRAL BANK OF COTE D'IVOIRE and the present Goverment is imposing strict condition on foreign client make it impossible for them to receive there fund,for this reason DEVON BANK LONDON BRANCH accepted to assist BANQUE PARISBAS COTE D'IVOIRE as a loan package to foot debit own by there on one condition that every client responsible must have or run a Domiciliary/Offshore Account with us. Therefore,you are adviced to fill in correctly( opening form,immediately you will receive a receipt confirmation advicing you to contact a legal firm here in london to assist you legally regards opening of the account(Domiciliary/Offshore Account. Fees notification( We anticipate you utmost response. Sincerely, MR WOOD.



20 January 2004, Penna Trateme to Mr. Wood

Mr. Wood,

How are you on this find day? I am OK, but I must confide in you, my loss of confidence in Martins Alberts. I am afraid he is not serious about this deal, and as a test of his dedication, I sent him the account number of where to deposit the money in question. Please contact him at [email protected] My own feelings are that you get the account number from Mr. Alberts, perform the required transactions, and we divide the money between ourselves. I do not believe Mr. Alberts has done enough to facilitate this transaction to warrant any payment. Do not worry about the legality of your receiving money, because I can pay you through the Church under the guise of missionary work. I appreciate the opportunity to work with such a professional as yourself. Thank You

Penna Trateme, The man with the Plan.



21 January 2004, Martins to Penna Trateme

listen let me tell you,i am suppose to be rather affraid of you this time because your behaviour does not show any sign of a catholiic preist sorry to say that even if you are plaing to quit the call.To be sincere to you i want to the bank here yesterday to stop them from any transaction with you because i will not live to lose this only hope for my furture to any unconcern person,but they told me that all transcation now bears your name and even the money is no longer within our shore here but in london. Look if let this sound to you and get right into your ear if any thing happen to my money it will not be good to you,i have not been to london before and do not know any person there,i came to you for assistance believung that you will accord it with tears,but now i don't really know what you are up to.better come to africa so we can sooth things out because if i lose my money consider yourself a murder, because i will die for your cause. Better follow up and find out where my money is hanging,because for now i can imagine what is happening and where my money is for christ sake.


21 January 2004, Penna Trateme to Martins

What happenin' Homie?,

Man, you gotta cut loose with all this "I'm Scared" shit, that ain't what a brotha be all about. I'm cool wit you and all, and I be glad you down with M.C. Pee Pants and all, but don't be a fool, sucka. And what the fuck you know about murder anyways? I know you ain't down like that, You still ripe from the tittie. I done got the greenbacks muthafucka, and I done spent it all on bitches, coke, a gold chain that is like Bling Bling, and a pair of nines like glock, glock you see. Yea, I said it, I spent all your money. Mr. Wood and Me split it, and he be partyin' like a mofo right now. I took a few of my homies, just some thugs from way back to the Barbra Streisand concert, man, that bitch be Gangsta like a muthafucka. I was thinkin' about smoothin' up on her, but she be packin' a Mac-10, so I laid low like a Mofo.

I see how you be all stressed, but just so we can still be tight, I attached a picture of the new Me. Check you later, Homie

P.T. the G




21 January 2004, Mr. Wood to Penna Trateme

Attn:Penna Trateme,

Sir, We are sorry,we have no idea about this person and can not deal with him,BANQUE PARISBAS ABIDJAN directed and instructed us to contact you regards the agreement both banks reached. We are ready to do as instructed but you have to open account with us first before we can proceed,fill the account opening form and you will receive an instant message instructing you on who to contact to assist legalwise regards opening the non-residential account on your behalf. Please do as directed,so that we can be able to service you better.

Yours Faithfully MR WOOD


21 January 2004, Penna Trateme to Mr. Wood (CC to Martins)

Mr. Wood,

I must inform you that myself and Mr. Martins Albert will no longer doing any business together. He has recently informed me that his plans for the money in question are quite immoral. From what he says, he is planning to use the money to finance an underground child pornography and child prostitution ring. He would not give me any idea of where his business is located other than it is somewhere in Africa. Mr. Albert is a suspected pedophile, a necrophiliac, and experiments with beastiality. He is often seen in seedy bisexual strip clubs, and frequently sells his body for drugs and/or alcohol. I suggest you refrain from any business he proposes to you. Thank You.

Penna Trateme



22 January 2004, Mr. Wood to Penna Trateme

Attn:Penna Trateme,

Sir, I believe you understand very well my initial message that we do not no who this person and has never come in contact with him or her in any of our documentation. Regards to the payment document with us all bears your name and we believe that this fund belongs to you which you are aware. Please all what we are concern now is to do as instructed by BANQUE PARISBAS COTE D'IVOIRE,and we need you to correspond as requested.

Regards MR WOOD



22 January 2004, Penna Trateme to Mortins

Mortans or martins, or whatever your name is,

Hey fuckface! I guess you already figured out I have been fucking with you from the beginning. I am amazed that you lasted this long. I do commend you on providing me with a certain amount of entertainment over the last few weeks. I'll let you in on a few secrets, "penna trateme" = "penetrate me", as in, "fuck me". So the slut holding the sign was really saying "father fuck me". Nice move, retard, but I am guessing that already has happened, because nobody could become as stupid as you without SOME inbreeding being involved. You did earn some points by changing your religion so quickly in the beginning, but lost them when you refused to call the phone number I gave you. I appreciate the pictures though, they will complete the ensemble when all of our emails are posted to so the whole world can read them, and laugh at your retarded ass. My advice to you is swing from a vine into the biggest, strongest tree you can find until you die, you stupid 419 scamming fucktard. Just to keep up with tradition, I will leave you with a song, dedicated to YOU, you Mugu Fuck.

Scorpion 6 proudly presents, that old classic "Mugu Scammer" (sung to the tune of Spongebob Squarepant's theme song)

Are you ready Baiters!
Aye Aye Scorpion
I can't hear you!
Aye Aye Scorpion
Nigerian scammers are all lying pricks
Mugu Scammers
They steal for a living, don't fall for their tricks
Mugu Scammers
Martin you asshole, you retarded Fuck!
Mugu Scammers
Go get a real job 'cause at scamming you Suck!
Mugu Scammer
Mugu Scammer, Mugu Scammer, Mugu Scammer
MUGU, Scaaaaammmmeerrrr!

Thank you all, I'll be here all week

Scorpion 6, Signing off