From Marian Abacha to Preston Abacha (Mar. 24)

Sent: Thursday, March 27, 2003 5:28 PM

Subject: Urgent mail


Dear Sir / Madam,

I write to introduce my self to your good person. I am Dr Mrs Marian Sani Abacha, wife of the late Nigerian Head of state, General Sani Abacha. Who died on 8th of june, 1998 while still in active service for our country. I am contacting you because you have been recommended by a confidant and sincerely hope that you will be of great assistance. Currently I have in my possession, the sum of 36.2million USD(Thirty six million,two hundred thousand)  which I intend to use for investment purposes outside Nigeria and hopefully in your country. This money I received from one of the various payback contract deals I arranged during my late husbands regime, this one in particular, from the Russian firm that handled our country's multibillion dollar Ajaokuta steel plant construction. As you might be aware, the present civilian government has intensified their probe into my late husbands financial resources, which have lead to freezing of all our accounts and grounding of most of our businesses and the arrest of my  son who is currently facing trial. In view of this, I withdrew this money from one of our finance houses before it was shut and got some safely  deposited to a security company in London with the help of some officials that are still  friendly to the family.

As you might be aware too there has been great surveillance on my movement which has been greatly restricted as currently, I am not allowed to leave the country, hence this proposal that you front for me and i will give direction for this money to be released to you in person in London. At this point, I have to make it clear that this transaction will be  absolutely risk free as i have tidied up all loose ends.I Will give you details when i get a response from you.

At the end of this transaction, you will get 25% of this sum while 70% will be for me. 5% of this sum will be set aside for any expenses that might be incurred by either party during the transaction, e.g. flight tickets,hotel bills etc. Please do make sure to keep all receipts intact. I will also be obliged if you can furnish me with possible options where i could invest my part of the money in your country for my consideration. For the purposes of this transaction, I have detailed my Lawyer, Ahmed Nosiru who is resident in London to act on my behalf because I can not reach you or be reached directly because of security reasons. Please should you decline this offer, I beg you to keep this a secret as my reputation and everything will be on the line. Also do not forget to include your telephone No and fax line for a more easy and direct reach.

All correspondence must be through my lawyer via the following means; Fax

+448701392485 or Email: [email protected] or [email protected], Attentioned to my attorney (ahmed nosiru). Please do not forget to include your direct tel/fax line for easy reach. I hope I can trust you with my family's last financial hope.

Best Regards

Dr. Mrs. Marian Sani Abacha.

C/o ahmed Nosiru (counsel)

From Preston Abacha to Marian Abacha (Mar. 25)

Attention Ahmed Nosiru,

I am in receipt of Dr. Mrs. Marian Abacha's letter and would like to help.  My name is Preston Abacha and I work in New York City.  If you are interested in my help, please contact me.  All correspondence must be through me via [email protected]  Please send Mrs. Abacha my regards.

Thank you and awaiting your prompt response,

EBOLA MONKEY NOTE:  Lets see if she says anything about the fact that we have the same last name.

Preston Abacha

From Marian Abacha to Preston Abacha (Mar. 31)

Dear Preston,

     Let me start by extending my gratitude for your mail and also mine too. I am very grateful for your willingness to cooperate and assist family. I personally sent it to you in other to do the business with you.  I am extremely happy that someone like you has come up to our aid. We are certain that you would understand the situation with us. We are prepared to work with you.  Please I will want you to understand that, in this moment we do not need an account now, what we actually want is for you to make trip to HOLLAND,where the funds is deposited.  It is very imperative to let you know that this is a highly SENSITIVE AND CONFIDENTIAL project and we demand that you treat it as such.

    Having brought you to the picture, may the almighty God continue to bless and reward you accordingly? I have given details to my lawyer on what to do and how we should go about this project to fruition. I hope and pray that you will understand my underground posture due to the assisination of my husband. I am very sure you know the total amount successfully stashed away is US $ 36.2 Million of $18.1m per box each package has a security tag number known only to me and my lawyer under instruction that all of the packages should be released to whosoever presents the security tag number in conjunction with a power of attorney/deposit certificate which will authorize your claim on the funds. The security company are not aware of the contents of the packages because they were moved as undeclared security packages with agreement to provide maximum assistance and cooperation when it is time to claim the boxes Honestly there is no risk involved as we have made a very good arrangement in protecting this business and my image.  I do not have funds to finance this project and as I will be looking up to you to assist me clear this funds and whatever you spend will be deducted from 5% of the total funds which has been set aside for general expenses to be incurred from this transaction, and this deduction will be done at the end of the transaction when the funds will be in your account.

    The plan is that the business will require that you travel on my behalf to HOLLAND,where the funds was lodged in a security company. it is basically because of this inconvenience/assistances that I offered you percentage in my initial letter. Should you desire a review of the percentage, you should indicate in your next reply. As soon as you indicate you're coming down to HOLLAND , We will be in a stronger frame of mind to give further details (power of attorney/deposit certificate and tag numbers) and more strategies as well as the modalities to be adopted.  THE NAME OF MY ATTORNEY IS Ahmed Nosiru. YOU CAN REACH HIM ON HIS TELEPHONE NUMBER: +873763226325--fax:+ 873763226326..EMAIL:[email protected] Please feel free to contact my lawyer on the above telephone number. I will also appreciate if you study this mail very well and come back to me ASAP. I promise you one thing that you will not regret this.   Once again, on behalf of my family and me, I wish you a very wonderful time. Please feel free to ask question, as my attorney is in a better position to answer your questions, since am very sure you must not have done such a business before.   Looking forward to a happy working relationship with you as soon as possible.


Dr. Mrs.Marian AbachaC/o Ahmed Nosiru (counsel)

From Preston Abacha to Marian Abacha (Mar. 31)

Dear Mrs. Abacha,

I was very happy to read your email today.  I would love to help you and your situation.  I want you to know that I am not just helping you for the money but also because I feel bad about your situation.  I understand that you don't have the money to finance this project.  Money is not an issue you for me as I am a very wealthy man.  I use to be in Real Estate but know I am a consultant.  Please tell me when to meet you in Holland and I will arrange a flight. I appreciate the fact that this is highly confidential and secretive.  I too am very secretive.  I wish to be contacted by email only, as my land lines are not always secure.  This is the best way to communicate with me.

I do not presently have questions for your lawyer but I do want to ask you something.  I noticed we have the same last name.  I grew up in the United States but was born in Africa.  I was brought to America by a woman named Sally Struthers, after being adopted by an American family.  I never knew my mother as she died of a rare disease Americans call Camel Toe.  My American family kept my last name but gave me a new first name (Preston).  I think my original name was Shaka but I have never been able to find any records that proved that.  Did you ever know a baby by the name of Shaka Abacha?  I have always wondered about my African heritage and one day wish to return to find my birth mother's relatives.  Where are you from in Africa?  What is your background?  Do you have any brothers or sisters?  You can imagine my surprise when I got your email.  I mean, what are the odds of their being another family with the last name Abacha?

Please email me back as soon as you can.



EBOLA MONKEY NOTE:  I'm soooo excited, I think I'm going to be reunited with my family.

From Marian Abacha to Preston Abacha (April 1)

Dear Preston,

Thank you for your mail, and contents well noted. Please your have to tell me when you think you can make it to Holland, you will have a meeting with my lawyer about securing the funds as the consignment is still in the Security Company. he will send you the agreement letter, certificate of deposit and the tag number to claim the consignment. I hope I can trust you in this business as this is the last hope of the family.

About the same surname, you know such things do happen because I am surprise myself. We will meet when we are through with this transaction. I am from Nigeria as written in my first letter and my husband was formally the president of the country. We could have the same name from different places.  once more thank you for your mail and looking forward to hear from you.

Best regards,

Dr Mrs. Marian AbachaC/o Ahmed Nosiru

EBOLA MONKEY NOTE:  You mean there is more than one Abacha family in Africa.  How is that possible?  NO SHIT FUCK FACE!

From Preston Abacha to Marian Abacha (Mar. 31)

Dear Marian,

Thank you for your quick response.  Let me start off by saying I can make it to Holland on a moments notice.  This will not be a problem.  Just tell me the date and I will arrange the flight.  I want to re-assure you that you can trust me with this situation of yours.  I know this is the last hope for your family (potentially my family too if I find out we are related) and I appreciate that.

This is going to really surprise you.  I hope you are sitting down when you are reading this.  I too am from Nigeria.  What was the city you were from in Nigeria?  I believe my father was from a village called Kano.  He apparently had many children so I guess I have brothers and sisters that I have never met.  Please answer me as soon as you can because I am dying to know.   If you can send a picture of you and your family, I would appreciate that.  I want to see if we look similar.


EBOLA MONKEY NOTE:  Never got a response.  This one's smarter than the average bear.  Lets see what happens if I just show up.

From Preston Abacha to Marian Abacha (April 20)

Dear Mr. Ahmed Nosiru and Dr. Marian Abacha,

I hope all is well and you have resolved your issue.  I take it you were able to accomplish your goal as I have not heard from you.  Congratulations.  I am writing you today to let you know that I will be traveling to Nigeria next week.  I have decided that the best way to answer all the questions I have about my heritage is to get a look from a first person perspective.  If you two are available, I would love to meet you.  If not, any advice you could give me would be great.  For example, the best sites and hot spots.  I am planning on staying two weeks and will have a rent-a-car so traveling will not be a problem.

Preston Abacha

From Preston Abacha to Marian Abacha (April 20)

Dear Mr. Ahmed Nosiru and Dr. Marian Abacha,

I will be in your country by Wednesday.  Please click on the link below to see my flight information.  Let me know what you think.

Fuck off and die.


EBOLA MONKEY NOTE:  Oh well, I hope they enjoy reading about themselves.