After a few of the standard emails back and forth, I hit Dr. Bello (why are they so fond of the name Bello) up for a photograph. This mugu thinks heís sharp. He sends me an obviously altered photo.This is where we beginÖ.



From:†† omoh_bello01 [email protected]††††† ( Please feel free to write him)

Subject:†† Re: Re: Re: Re: Message urgentbusiness enquiry

Date:†† Wed 02/04/04 07:41 PM


Dear brother,

I send you the Picture now . Though I came early today I delayed sending

it for obvious flus in it. One the name I use is the name of your

company not as you requested and i took the picture in the village and

so not quite legible. We had no access to internet in my village and so

I mistook your company name for the instruction you gave. If however,you

do not like it, I will send my international passport as well. But I

sincerely think that this will serve a litte of our purpose. Just like

you said we are just getting to know each other. I also believe that God

hasa purpose for this union which we are concepting.

My regards and thanks for your patience.

You can call me on my phone now to show your interest and comitment too.

The Number is 234 80 230 966 74.


Dr Omoh Bello J.P




Dear Dr. Omoh,


What does that mean on the card youíre holding? I didnít ask for this writing, I asked for you to hold a sign that says my name,IMA KNOBSLOBBER.


I think you sent me someone elses picture. Are you doing a transaction with someone else? Whats going on here?





From:†† omoh_bello01 <[email protected]>

Subject:†† Re: Re: Message urgentbusiness enquiry

Date:†† Thu 02/05/04 08:19 AM


IDear brother,

I did not send you someonelse mail or photo. I explained that I made a

mistake in thename . I was at home and could not get internet to get the

real name of your company. I remebered it was something like a good

Chubby. You company name is A. Good Chubby Ltd. You said i should write


MANAGEMENT> YOu have this at te bottom of your first mail.

I have said if this does not satisfy you. I should take another picture

and send to you.

Regards and God Bless you.

Dr Omoh Bello


Iím sure that someone else was scam baiting him at the same time I was and asked for this picture. Maybe we need a central registry to make sure weíre not working the same mugu. J


Dear Omoh,


No!! You are confusing me with someone else. This is making me think that there is something wrong with all of what you are promising. You need to send me a photo with my name on it right away to show me you are a man of trust and honor.


Ima Knobslobber



From:†† omoh_bello01 <[email protected]>

Subject:†† Re: Re: Re: Message urgentbusiness enquiry

Date:†† Mon 02/09/04 03:18 AM


Dear brother,

How are you today?

I send the attached picture as specified by you. I hope this will

satisfy you now.

My regards




This photo is also pretty bad. Looks like a series of fill-in-the-blank photos for 419 scammers.


To:†† [email protected]

Subject:†† Re: Re: Re: Message urgentbusiness enquiry

Date:†† Mon 02/09/04 08:33 AM


Dear Homo Bello,


You are very funny. You think everyone is stupid like you. Your poor attempt at using Paint Shop for the 2nd time is too funny. I keep looking at your picture and laughing. Everyone laughs because you are not a good 419 scammer and you are not a good artist.


Maybe you should kill yourself. Iíd be more than happy to send you a few dollars by Western Union if you promise to shoot yourself in the head.


Take a look at this picture attached. THIS IS GOOD ARTWORK you asshole. Now crawl back under the rock where you live and fuck off.


Sad little mugu who sucks his mothers tit for food.