Another tale of greed.In this episode, I was able to turn the tables on the mugu by changing
the original scam on him.Seeing him try to retake control was fun.
The Cast:
The Bad Guys:
Prince Kobe (perhaps a relative of Kobe Bryant) 
Barrister Joseph Ashwood Bello
Anthony Obokoh
The Good Guys:
Spuds McKenzie (arf arf)
Chuck Norris
Narration in red by yours truly, DK
In a message dated 11/29/2003 10:49:18 AM Eastern
Standard Time, [email protected] writes:
Dear Sir,
You may be surprised to recieve this letter from me
since you do not know me personally, the purpose ofmy
introduction is that, I am Prince Kobe molberny the
first son of HRH.Alexandra Molberny Dibilo who was
recently murdered in the land dispute in Zimbabwe. I
got your contact through network online hence decided
to write you.
Before the death of my father, he had taken me to
Johannesburg to deposit the sum of US$30 Milllion
(Thirty Million United States Dollars), in one of the
private security company in Europe, as if he foresaw
the looming danger in Zimbabwe. This money was
deposited in a box as FAMILY VALUABLES of
Gold,Trinckets and Ornamentsto avoid suspicion from
security company. This amount was meant for the
purchase of new machines and chemicals for the farms
and established of new farm in Swaziland.
This land problem came when Zimbabwean President
Mr.Robert Mugabe introduce a new Land Act reform which
wholly affected the rich white farmers and some few
blacks farmers. And this resulted to the killing and
mob action by Zimbabwean war veterans and some lunatics
in the society. In fact,a lot of people were killed
because of this land Reformed Act for which my father
was one of the victims.
It is against this background that, I and my family who
are currently staying in South Africa as REFUGEES
decided to seek a foreign partner to make claims of
this money and assist us in investing it in a lucrative
 since the law of South Africa prohibit a refugee(
asylum seeker) to open any bank account or to be
involved in any financial transaction throughout the
territorial zone of South Africa. As the eldest son of
my father, I am saddled with the responsibility of
seeking a genuine foreign partner who could claim this
funds without the priorknowledge of my government who
are bent on taking everything we have got. The South
African Government seems to be playing along with them.
I am faced with the dilemma of investing this amount of
money in South Africa for fear of going through the
same experience in future since both countries have
similar political history.
As a business man, who I have to entrust my future
since both my future and of my family are in his
hands,I must let you know that this transaction is risk
free.If you accept to assist me and my family all I
want you to do for me is to contact my fathers lawyer
on this email address:[email protected]He is of
the known of all that is required for the claims of
this deposit and also all the documents.His name is
Barrister Joseph Bello from Senegal.
I have two options for you, firstly you can choose to
have certain percentage of the money for the
assistance. OR you can go into partnership with me for
proper profitable investment of the money in your
country. Whichever the options you want, feel free to
notify me. I have set aside 5% ofthis money for all
kinds of expenses incurred in theprocess of this
transaction. If you do not preferpartnership I am
willing to give you 20% of the money while the
remaining 75% will be for me and my family.
Best Regards,
Dear Prince,
Iím never surprised at what kind of shit hits my
Email these days. When I started reading your email
I though to myself that it was another bullshit story
If you pardon my language but then as I read on I 
realized how serious this was and that you were not
some asshole trying to rob me. What a relief J Are
you related to Kobe Bryant? Is Kobe Beef named after
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mr. Salicious
"Spuds" McKenzie. You may call me Spuds as do all my
friends. I am a part-time TV actor (you may have seen
some of my commercials on TV for Budwieser Beer) and I
am the owner of High Desert Industries. We are
fabricators of cages for zoological societies
throughout the world. As you can imagine, I am a man of
means and serious about business, life, and hold truth
and honor above all else. I also like the ladies :)
I am happy to hear from you and fully understand your
plan. I am also happy to help but I fear that a mere
20% is not much incentive to help you since there is so
much money. I figure 40% is a more realistic figure.
I await your email to confirm my offer of help in
exchange for 40%.
If this is to your satisfaction, then let me know as
soon as possible. 
Waiting to hear from you,
Suds McKenzie
Attn:Suds McKenzie,
My client told me to contact you in respect of the assistance which you want to
assist him, As a matter of fact, he forward your mail to me, well concerning the
40% there is no problem about that at all, since you are willy to help I has talk
to him last night to accept your condiction of the 40% which he agree with me
because I have been his late father lawyer for the past twenty-five years now so
they so much believe in me.
What I want from you now is your full name, address and private telephone/fax
number so that we can discuss on phone, I want you to understand that the year is
going to an end, hence we have to conclude this transaction between now and two
weeks time. I am from Senegal but marry to Nigerian woman with four kids, This is
my number: +234 8033818903 in Nigeria you can call me as soon as you get this
mail so that we can speak further. 
Hope to hear from you.
Barrister Joseph Ashwood. 
Dear Joe,
I'm so pleased to hear that your client has decided to
agree with my request for 40%.
By the way, My name is SPUDS not SUDS.
As you were probably told, I am a business man and
quite successful I might add with a reputation for
being most cautious above all.
What tickles my ass with a feather is that your email 
says Joseph Bello and you sign your email Joseph Ashwood.
Remember that I am cautious. So please explain this to
EMAIL ACCOUNT because that will make me ever more
What I did not mention to your client is that along
with my fame as a business man, I am equally known for
my disability which is that I am deaf and have been so
since birth. If you have a TTY machine, I would be more
than glad to "converse" with you. Failing that, email
is the only medium that I use to conduct business.
Sorry, FAX machines are old and outdated.
Here is my information as you requested:
419 Bohica Terrace
Chupa Bicho, AZ
Please answer my questions in your next email. Thank
you and good luck.

A day later, look whatís in the mail!! Along with pretty and colorful attachments.What heís also

done is change back to using Prince Kobeís ISP.` I am to write to Anthony Obokoh now.



Please view the documents which I just sent to you by attachment, do confirm
the receipt of the documents.
However, I advice you to contact the security company on this email address:
[email protected], the name of the official in charge of the fund
is: MR. ANTHONY OBOKOH (Director of Operations),
Note, when contacting him tell him that your consignment has been deposited
in their custody for safe keeping that you want the fund to be transfer
to you through online banking system because the company working in collaboration
with online banking.
Please hope to hear from you after contacting the security company.
Best regards

Barrister Joseph Ashwood Bello.







Dear Joe..


This will confirm my reciept of your email and the court papers attached. I have reviewed them

and they appear to be in order and have the correct information for me.


You are a Bannister and almost like a lawyer in my country so I expect you to me smart and a cunning linguist.

What you are suggesting here his fool hardy and I counsel you to rethink what you want me to do.


The Global Security people have a TRUNK BOX in their possession. They do not know what's in the box.

They should not know. If they knew it was money... BIG money, it would get stolen and at best we would

have to settle on the insurance for a box with unknown property inside of it. Capice???


We are telling Anthony that it's a fund and we want it transfered to a bank. Why the fuck are we telling this guy what's

inside the box? Man have you taken leave of your senses??


We should have the box transfered somewhere and then I can pick it up in person. Then deposit it in a

bank account that I open, perhaps in your country.


Then my brother, it will be OURS with no one being bud weiser as we say here in Arizona.


Think about this and let me know with great haste. As you can see, I am a very cautious man

and do not want to be taken.


Spuds McKenzie



I received your mail and the contents are quite understood, regards the
consignment, I think we have to tell the security company to deliver it
to you but you should bear it in mind that if the security company want
to deliver it then they will ask you to pay for cost of shipment. In fact,
it will even better this way because the security company will not know
the details of the consignment, so everything will be confidential.
However, send me the following information, your telephone and fax numbers
including your address.
Best regards.

Barrister Joseph Ashwood bello.


So he decides that he can switch the ďfunds scamĒ to the ďtreasure box scamĒ. Just what I wanted

him to do but he messed up again. Too much cutting and pasting going on there. I just sent him

my address and such. I even told him I was deaf. Could he be suffering from alzheimers?Lets

see how he handles this one.


Dear Joe.


Please take this email in the manner in which it was written. I am a very cautious man and I donít

understand some things that you have said which lead me to think that perhaps you are not the same

person that I originally started corresponding with.


Why are you asking me for my telephone and Fax number and address? You went to court and

filed papers on my behalf already and sent them to me. The papers have all my information on them.

If you are the REAL Bannister Joseph Ashwood Bello you would have this already. Who are you?


I am sending this email to the person that I believe is the real Bannister. If you get this email, then I want

you to send me back email. The subject of the email should be: Military Unity Grows Uniformly. (MUGU)


That will be the code that verifies who you are.


In that email, to prove you are the real Bannister, tell ME why I canít use the telephone. If you know

The answer, we can proceed and I know you are the real guy. Also tell me why you donít have

my address.


Joe, I told you from the beginning that I was a cautious man. Great things are about to happen with the

business between us both. Do not fail me my brother.


Spuds McKenzie



Subject: Military Unity Grows Uniformly


Thanks very much for your mail, actually what I mean by the information I
requested for, I want to know if really you want the consignment to be send to
that address because I don't want a sitaution whereby the consignment is been
send to wrong address, so that was the reason why I want you to confirm it again
but now that you have write in that effect, I don't have any problem, so brother
you have to understand what I mean not that I don't know what am saying, I also
understand that you are a very cautious man and also me I am cautious man as
well. I am just trying to protect our transaction and also for the sake of my
client prince kobe Dibilo, feel free with me I am the right person, I have be his
lawyer for many years, they so much trust me.
However, concerning the telephone and fax number I have forgoting that you told
me that we should be communicating through email, for you to believe am the real
person here is the statement you mentioned to that effect "If you have a TTY
machine, I would be more
than glad to "converse" with you. Failing that, email
is the only medium that I use to conduct business.
Sorry, FAX machines are old and outdated" so brother please don't be offended,
forgive me.
Now lets talk about the progress of the transaction, as a matter of fact, since
the ship of the consignment is the best and more confidential solution, you have
to act as a matter of urgency by contacting the security company on their email
address: [email protected] , you know you are the beneficiary of the
consignment because your name appears in all the documents covering the fund at
the security company. I advise you to write the security company and tell Mr.
Anthony Obokoh that you want your consignment to be send by courier service to
your address and that you want to know the procedure involved to receive it in
your country and that you want this to be done with immediate infect.
Please as soon as you do that kindly write me as well to know the next step of
action, cause I want everything about the transaction to be concluded this week
by the special grace of God.
Hope to hear from you.
Barrister Joseph Ashwood Bello.



Dear Joe,


I am hopeful that we can continue now with one mind and since I now know that you are the correct

person. I was concerned that our security had been compromised. I still donít understand why you

keep switching email addresses when you write me but I suspect it is also for security and that is a

good thing.


Later today I will write to Anthony Obokoh and I will send you a copy of the email I send him. Today

is a most sad day for me my brother. As you may recall, my company fabricates and installs cages for

zoological societies all over the world. Yesterday, during a very routine installation at the famous

Felcher Zoo in St. Paul, our lead engineer Mr. Iwil Cutchacokoffwas tragically killed when a zoo

employee erroneously allowed a female silver back gorilla into the newly installed cage while poor Iwil

was still inside. The gorilla broke his back and then held zoo keepers and her handlers at bay while she

pounded Iwils head on the cage floor until it cracked open.


This morning I will be with the widow Cutchacokoffand the 3 small children he left behind. What a sad

thing to happen.

I am overcome with grief now.




Sent later that day and a copy sent to the good Barrister


Dear Anthony Obokoh,


My name is Spuds McKenzie, a citizen of the United States and the legal, righteous, legitimate and official

beneficiary of a consignment in your custody, to wit number: PCS/MA/5445AB/CTSC. Verified and acknowleged

in open court as filed on the 4th day of December, 2003 in Johanasburg.


I am represented by the Honorable Barrister Joseph Ashwood Bello who is available to answer any questions

you may have relevant to this transaction.


By this email, I am authorizing the transfer of said consignment to my immediate custody.


My Shipping address is: 
419 Bohica Terrace
Chupa Bicho, AZ


Please confirm and acknowledge your receipt of this email and a schedule for shipment.


Spuds McKenzie


Hereís the Security Companyís email to me.





 (1) COST OF SHIPMENT (COS)------------- $3,500.00

(2) DEMURAGE††††††††† -------------------------$ 8750.00

TOTAL------------------------- $ 12250







A/C NO: 295-9-709714




 ANTHONY OBOKOH (Director of Operations),

DIRECT EMAIL: [email protected]

COMPANY EMAIL: [email protected]

OK.. we twisted them to change the scam to the ďtreasure boxĒ, now we twist again.

I sent the email below to Barrister Joe at both is email address. Howís that for sounding serious?

Dear Joe,

I heard from the Security Company today. See the attached email from them. Upon receipt of the email, I immediately called my banker and asked them to proceed to do a wire transfer as indicated by Mr. Obokoh. I was informed by the bank representative that all wire transfers now are being reported to the Federal Government here under the Patriot Act, under the anti-terrorism laws and to prevent money laundering. The bank is now mandated to report the following:


  1. All transfers of 10,000 or more
  2. All transfers of 9999.00 when immediately followed by a transfer of additional funds within 30 days to the same account
  3. All transfers to targeted nations regardless of dollar amount.


I instructed my bank to hold off on the transfer until I get some additional information. What I need to know from you dear brother, is if there is another way that we can do this.


I was thinking that if the Security Company has accounts in various parts of the world I can transfer funds to each of them. Or.. since I plan on being in Europe this coming Friday on business, perhaps I can have the consignment shipped there and pick it up there. I can carry the money with me and pay the courier in person.


Let me know your thoughts so we can do this the right way.


Spuds McKenzie


Weíre back to wiring it by Western UnionÖ or so he thinks. <wink>


Dear Spuds McKenzie
Thanks a lot for your mail and the effort you are puting toward this transaction,
may God continue to bless you all the time, As a matter of fact, regarding the
bank, I want you to understand one thing that the money is your money the bank
don't have to tell you how you spend your money, you can easly tell the bank that
you want to pay some contractors that they should made the transfer. The best
solution we are going to use now is like this, since the security company have
affilliate office in Nigeria and Mr. Anthony Obokoh is the new Director of
Operation, so what I want us to do now because I want the consignment to be get
to you latest Thursday this week, I advice you to send the money thorugh Western
Union Money Transfer on his name, because I called him and told him about this
issue and he suggested to me that you should do it this way that is even more
faster way to receive the money, he also forward to me this informations which
you will use in sending the money through Western Union Money Transfer: 
So this is how anthony advise me that is best way to do it brother.I advise you
to pay it in two places to many question in your bank, like this $6,125.00 each
and the two pay has to be on the same informations (Anthony Obokoh) please send
all the informatons (sender name, control number, amount) of the payment after
paying the money including the amount you paid to his email address and also send
it to me so that I can filed the information of the payment in my file because
after you receive the consignment in your country, we are going to deduct all the
expenses you incur on your side before we talk on how we invest the rest of the
Best regards
Barrister Joseph Ashwood Bello.
Dear Joe,
It is good fortune that shines on us today. It must be a sign from god that our plans
are blessed. As you may remember I am to visit London on Friday on business. Just this 
morning I received a missive from the permanent secretary of Nigeria's Ministry of Environment
in regards to a bid we submitted some time ago for reconstructive work at the University
of Ibadan . I have emailed him and confirmed a meeting with him on Wednesday next. Here 
are my flight details and information.
Flight : BA0075 Non Smoking††† 
††Operated By : British Airways†† 
††Departing From : Heathrow (London)
Sun 14 December 2003, 12:05†† 
††Arriving At : Lagos
I will come to Lagos, complete our business in person and then proceed to my meeting. 
This will give me an opportunity to meet you my brother, and take you out for a fine 
meal to celebrate our venture.
I will advise Mr. Obokoh of this and have him make the necessary arrangements for my arrival.
It is my intention to bring him cash in person since there will be no government tracking of
my money, and then once I get the consignment, deposit it in my off-shore account so that we
can easily access the money again with no government tracking. I am a cautious man as you can
see. Especially in matters pertaining to money.
Iím wondering if you can make arrangements for someone who can be trusted, or yourself if at
all possible to meet me at the airport. That way I can be assured of my safety. As you might
imagine, being deaf and traveling around the world is extremely difficult for me.
Please get back to me as soon as possible. This is exciting.
Spuds McKenzie
Dear Mr. Obokoh,
I have advised my legal counsel Mr. Bello that I will be arriving in Lagos to handle our transaction
in person. Please be assured that I will have in my possession the total demurrage due on the 
consignment that awaits me. Please make all necessary arrangements for the immediate release of my
property upon my arrival.
Bannister Bello has all the details of my flight.
I am told by Mr. Bello that you are the new Director of the company. I wish to offer my heartfelt
congratulations to you and pray for your continued success. I look forward to meeting you soon. 
until then, god speed.
Spuds McKenzie
Within 3 hours of my sending these 2 messages, I got back the following messages from ďBelloĒ and ďObokohĒ
Looks like my ďcomingĒ to Nigeria has them spinning since they have not been able to pin down a scam plan
For me. Here we goÖ
Dear Spuds,
Thanks very much for your response.
Regarding the point you raised in the mail you sent to Mr. Anthony I am not agree
with you because he called me after he receive your mail telling that he has all
the power to deliver your consignment to you that he was suggesting the best way
for you and that is like you are daoubting him, so please for your sake and for
the sake of my client I want you to obey whatever the Mr. Anthony Obokoh told you
because he is the Director of Operations, so we don't have to disobey whatever
instruction he gave you, if you have other business in Nigeria I am not stoping
you but one thing I want you to know is that this transaction I want you to treat
it according to the instruction giving to you.In fact I like the way you are
puting effort as regard this transaction God will surely be with you, my client
is really happy with the way you are complying. but he also advise me to tell you
to do what the security company official told you to do, he also said you should
not worry about the money you are going to spend that he will pay you back all
the expenses you made after you receive the consignment in your possession, so
you can go ahead to made to pay right away cause I want you to receive the
consignment at least Thursday this week, please I want to also advise you if
possible you can post pone your trip to Nigeria for other business you have over
there, you should the amount we are talking about is a very huge amount of money
Hope to hear from you after you made the payment, please don't forget the
instruction on how you are to pay the $12250, that you pay it in two places, or
in three places, don't worry you bank will not question you cause God is with us.
Like this, $4,000.00 in two places and the remaining $4,250, so if you are
sending the information you have to send everything, sender name(Anthony
Obokoh) will be thesame for the three payment and text question and answers same,
but the control number will be three diferent numbers because you are going to
fill three form.
May God continue to bless you as you have choose to help my client in this
endeavor, God almighty will help you.
Barrister Joseph Ashwood Bello.
Dear Joe,
Iíve read both your email and the one that Anthony Obokoh sent to me concerning this matter. Let me
first say that I must be in Nigeria next week to conclude the initial phase of the planning for the
work at the University. I have an appointment at the Ministry and it is confirmed. Its good that it
happened now as I will save money by not having to make 2 transatlantic crossings. Hotel and other
expenses are incurred by my company.
I would like to share something with you and I trust that the confidential understanding between a client
and his attorney in the United States is one that you are also bound to for this is a matter needing 
great trust.
To the point, as you know I am an international business man. My work has me travel all over the world
and payment arrangements for the work we do vary from country to country and from individual to individual.
Quite often is the case where we are paid in cash and to be honest with you dear brother, I do not report
this cash to the United States government for they will tax the money. I do not like them as my partner
if you understand what I mean.
I plan on paying Mr. Okoboh with monies that have never seen the inside of a bank and whose origins are
not recorded anywheres. Should I transfer them by wire, there will be a record made, and I could not
stand the tax mans questions about the money. It is fortuitous that I am to travel to your fine country
in the middle of our plan. Carrying the cash is much easier for me and leaves no trace at all.
It is for this reason that I continue to make my plans to see you soon. I will rely on your best judgement
as how to communicate this to Mr. Obokoh since I feel you have more expertise in these matters. I do not
want him to think that I doubt him. This is not about him as you now must plainly see.I am not
the least bit concerned about shipment being made from Holland while I am in your country. I have great 
trust in Mr. Obokoh doing a fine and honest service for me. When it is received at my offices my daughter,
who is also my assistant, will sign for it. She has Power of Attorney filed in the state where we live.
Thanks so much for all of your assistance in the matter. I know you are actually the lawyer for Prince Kobe
but I feel compelled to bring you a gift as a token of my esteem and appreciation for all that you have done
so far. Would you feel that I am out of line for offering a fine watch to you as a gesture of my thanks?
Please do not be offended by that and I hope I did not offend you.
Thanks again
Spuds McKenzie


Atten: Spuds McKenzie,

I received your mail and the content are quite understood, as regards your trip to Lagos, As far as I am concern being the Director of Operations I will advise you to pay only the fees which we requested from you for the shippment and demurage to enable me give an Instruction for the release of the consignment because the consignment is with our office in Holland but I am the over all General which in charge of the affiliated office, so I have the final say to every consignment, I am doing this for you because I am a Christian which I believe you are too, coming to Nigeria will be more expenses for you because you have to pay for hotel and other things, so I am assuring after you pay the charges with 48hours I will pass an instructions immediately for the office in Holland to deliver the consignment to you. I know you are doing transaction with me for the first time but just take my word, I want you to understand that I am a new person in Nigeria so you have to follow my instruction, it is my job I promise to give you best service. Therefor I has send my informations on how you are going to made the pay to me through Western Union Money Transfer:

These are the informations:



Then after the payment you have to send all the information to me through email, upon the receipt of the payment I shall start my job immediately, so you don't have to be worry. I will also forward this mail to your Lawyer, barrister Joseph.

Best regards


Anthony Obokoh.

Director of Opeartions.

The ďboysĒ are really spinning now. Seems that they both are insisting that I wire the
money to them. Bello even says ďfor god sake let him do his jobĒ. What a mess J
Now itís time to set them in their places. First the 2 emails double teaming me, and 
my response.
Dear Spuds McKenzie,
You have spoken well in your mail but I want you to understand that Mr. Anthony
Obokoh knows his job best, why are you making things difficult in fact I don't
know what you expect me to tell him regarding this issue, I called him and told
him about this he told me that he will get back to meI was surprise when he
droped phone on me after a while he called me back I told me that I am not the
one that will teach him his job and that his nature of his job and personality in
the company did not permit him to stay permanent in one office and that is was
the reason they made him the over all General Of Operations, he also told me that
in the compamy they have Director of operation in each of the branch but he was
the senior among them. After that he told me that he was angry with me cause that
I and you are making him to repeat samething all the time and that he like to
work for you from his heart jsut for the fact the from the way you sound that you
must be a good man with reput
Please we don't to make this man angry with us, I want you know to write him and
apologise to him and aslo made the payment don't worry about the tax in as far
you are sending it through western union money transfer you will only pay charges
not tax brother, I will even advise you to withdraw the money from you bank and
go to western union shop and made to pay, is very simple they will only ask you
to pay for charges for God sake let him do his job.
Best regards
Barrister Joseph Ashwood Bello


Atten:Spuds McKenzie

How are you today, hope you are fine.
I have not heard from you, I want to quickly inform you that I will be going back to our Head office in South Africa tomorrow Thursday, you have to send the money today so that I can able to collect it before I leave for South Africa tomorrow because I have some official assignment which I have to do right there in our office in South Africa for two weeks, however my flight is 10 P.M. Nigeria time, it even more better as am going back to the head office to clear other contractors issue.


This is a big opportunity to speeding up your own transaction, if not for the fact you are delaying on your side you could have receive the consignment by now, if I'm talking I know what I'm saying the nature of my job is moving around despite I'm the Director of Operations, that is how I moved from one office to another I don't surpose to tell you this but just for the fact that I love your kind of person that is while I'm telling you.


 I have told you many times that as soon as you pay this charges I will make sure you get your consignment within two days which I know I must full feel the promise cause I always try my best to make sure I satisfy my customers and that is the reason while they like my own kind of person in the company. I will copy Barrister Joseph Ashwood Bello this mail to enable him know my plans.


Best regards
Anthony Obokoh.



Dear Joe,


Iím almost at a loss for words after reading my email this morning and finding emails from you and

Mr. Obokoh.I need to be frank with you. I am not at all happy with the way things have suddenly

changed here. We were proceeding well to get this business of ours concluded and suddenly I feel

pressure from both you and Mr. Obokoh to send money now. The Security Company should never

set deadlines to release theconsignment.Mr. Obokoh has no interest in this matter whatsoever. He is

only an employee of the company. Itís almost as though he wantsthe money for himself. Didnít you

get this impression when he sent you a copy of the email he sent to me?


My brother, I am not a greedy man. Good fortune and the lord have both given me all that I desire

over the years. I am considered a wealthy man and Iím very respected here in the states and around the

world by my business partners. Iíve indicated to you that it is unwise for me to transfer money by Western

Union as the government will see that I have money that I have not declared. Surely you can understand that.


I am proceeding with my plans as stated earlier. I am sure that I can pay the demurrage and claim the

consignment in person without Mr. Obokohís assistance as it is merely a simple business transaction.

That is my intention. That is my plan,Should Mr. Obokoh decide that he will assist me, I will welcome him

with open arms. I choose not to communicate with him until such a time as he stops demanding me to do

things. I do not like to be ordered or pressured.


Do you truly trust Mr. Obokohís intentions?


Spuds McKenzie


No email from the ďladsĒ this morning. Maybe he got his ass kicked for not making that deadline with

the money. Lets see if I can smoke him out.


Dear Joe,


Each morning I await your email and today there is none. I am packed and will be leaving tomorrow

morning so I need to send you my intinerary so that we can meet and conclude our business.


I need to know if you or someone in your firm will be meeting me at the airport or if I should arrange

some other transportation.


I know you are upset about my not sending Anthony the money but it is past that now. Let us get

together and succeed.


I should mention that despite the fact that you did not comment about it when I suggested a gift for

you, I have purchased and will be bringing you a fine Rolex Perpetual Oyster Day Date watch. I

trust you will love it as much as I love the one I wear every day.


Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Spuds McKenzie


Received Friday nite, I am on the way to Nigeria. This a-hole is holding me up for 2 laptops.



Dear Spuds McKenzie,
I received your mail and I still not happy with the way you are handling this
transaction likewise my client is not happy wih it at all. I told you that the
official has travel which I did not know when he will be return, I know you will
still make your trip to Nigeria. As a matter of fact I don't know how you get the
security company official cause is not there, if I may ask are you coming with
somebody? you know you are deaf how did you going to communicate with the people
over there. Well I want to hear from you to enable me advise you on what to do
when you arrive the airport. If only you follow my instructions you would've
receive the consignment by now.Please include two laptop computer among the gift
you want to but me and the watch should 4 cause I will share it among my Lawyers
as their Christimas gift.Anyway I will prefer if you can contact Mr. Anthony
obokoh that you want to send the money to advise you on how to do it. Like I do
told you that you can withdraw the money from you bank and go to Western Union
Money Transfer Shop and made the payment there will not be trace that you send
money out of your country, you can still do it before traveling to Nigeria that
if you arrive there all what they will ask you to do is to sign only the papers.
Thanks and remain blessed.
Barrister Joseph Ashwood Bello
Dear Joe,
Iím sorry that you are not pleased with the way this is running but I canít help that
now. Right now we are in the airport and I am sending this message to you from my 
wireless laptop. Let me clear a few things up so there is no misunderstanding. As you know
bad communication can ruin things quickly.
I am not traveling alone. I never travel alone for exactly the reason you pointed out. My
escort is Charles Norris my companyís Director or Security.Chuck is also my personal
bodyguard. Chuck is a former US Navy Seal and well trained in his job. He is also a skilled
sign language expert.
It is my hopes that you or a representative will meet us at the airport so we can discuss what
we need to do. Failing that, we will proceed to the Security Company, make contact with the 
directorate there and attempt to complete the transaction. I am confident that we will be 
I actually prefer dealing with you at this point since I am not pleased with way Mr. Obokoh
has ordered me around in his last messages.
I am not sure how we will recognize you since we never exchanged pictures. I am in the airport and
have no way to send you mine unfortunately. My bodyguard made the following suggestion:Chuck
says that you should take a picture of yourself holding a paper with my name written on it. He 
says that using a digital camera you can easily do this. By taking the photo and sending it to us,
Chuck says that we will know who you are so no one can impersonate you. We are carrying a large sum
of money so he wants to be careful.
Joe, if you cannot make it and are sending a representative then have that person take the picture.
I will be in London on my 1st stop and will log in then and expect to see your plans and the photo.
Dear brother Joe, this will all work out I assure you. Did you have any specific laptop brand in mind?
I do so hate flying. I look forward to hearing from you.
Spuds McKenzie
With the subject line: URGENT!! URGENT!! URGENT!! I got the message below. Looks like they are now
In full ďtreasure box scamĒ mode. This is a good thing. Sure Iíll go to Holland, but first I need
To complete my business in Nigeria, get a chance to meet you and give you the gifts. Since the
scam will take place in Holland, this mugu is sure to make every effort to meet me and my bodyguard
Chuck Norris.
Dear Spuds McKenzie,
Thank very much for your response, I will make arrangement on how to meet you up
and finalise the transaction, as a matter of fact, since you are going to London
can you go to the security company affiliated office in Holland so that it will
be easy for you to claim the consignment, like I do mentioned in my mail that the
consignment is lodged with the affiliate office in Holland, so please I want to
hear from you urgently so that I give you the telephone number that your company
Director (Charles Norris) can speak to the Director in charges right there in
Holland. Dear brother you know I have always want to the best for both you and my
client in this transaction.
Concerning the Laptop computer, Just but good computer you should know model type
and portable.
Please I will be waiting to hear from you urgently as regards the contact
informations of the security company office in Holland.
Best regards
Barrister Joseph Ashwood Bello.
Dear Joe,
Glad to see that you are working so hard to make things easy for me. I am very fortunate
that you are on my side. Perhaps I can use your firmís services later when I begin work
at the University. Well perhaps you are too busy for that, we can chat about that later.
We are in London now finally. The trip was comfortable but too long for my liking. I will
be shopping for the laptops today after I take a shower and relax for a bit.
Yes Joe, I can travel to Holland AFTER I make my meeting in Nigeria. This is a good thing 
since I can deliver your gifts in person while I am there. Then, head off to Holland and
complete the business. This actually works out better that I had ever hoped.
Chuck asked me to remind you that for security purposes he requires you to send him a photo
of the person you delegate to meet us at the airport, or yourself Joe, holding a paper or
card with my name written on it so we know who to expect so that we will not be scammed by
an imposter. Chuck is a very cautious man too. That I why I hired him many years ago, after
he retired from the Texas Rangers.
Well I am off to the showers, hope to hear from you very soon my brother.
Spuds McKenzie
1 Day later, no emails from our Nigerian bud, so I send off a little bait for the greedy

Greetings to you Joe,


I'm pleased to say that I was able to purchase not 1 but 2 Sony Vaio laptops. They are the same that I use and

I am very pleased with them. I am sure you will enjoy them. I got a very good price.


I anxiously await your reply to my last email as I need to make the necessary arrangements to travel from your

country to Holland. This is urgent as I would rather deal with a London based travel agent.


Also, remember I leave soon for Nigeria so I need to hear from you before I board the plan. Chuck my bodyguard

insists on this. He is very cautious, sometimes too much so I think but safety first and always.



Spuds McKenzie



Literally hours later, I get this email and the consignment is magically back in Nigeria!!


Dear Spuds McKenzie,
I received your mail and I am very glad about the way you are handling this
transaction, As a matter of fact I had discuss with the security company head
office here in Nigeria to release the consignment to you but you will have to
come along with their charges before they can release the consignment to you.
Please Kindly ask your bodyguard to call this telehpone number: +08033818903 when
you arrive nigeria aiport so that we can come to pick you up and tell them that
you are a business man here in nigeria that your colleague is coming to pick you
up but you have to tell me the kind of the cloths you will put on and you can ask
your bodyguardto do the calling, please I will be most glad to receive you at
the aiport, you have to make sure you get through to me on phone so that we can
pick you up. The security company here will give you the consignment so you have
to come with their charges. I will be waiting for you brother.
I will be anxiously waiting to hear from you.
Barrister joseph Ashwood Bello.
Note, if you are already in Nigeria then you have to tell me the hotel you are so
that I can come to meet you up.


Dear Joe,


Once again dear brother, you have told me some things that cause me great concern. I went over our past

emails very carefully before sending this one to you. You told me that the consignment was in Holland. That

is why you asked me to go to Holland. Now, you tell me the consignment is in Nigeria and it can be released

from there, How is this possible??


Chuck absolutely refuses to allow me to describe the clothing we will be traveling in until and unless you comply

with his original request and that was the photo of you or your designee holding the card that bears my name

for identification and security purposes. I have been advised by Chuck, that for my personal safety, he will not

make the call you request until you comply with his security concerns.


Please dear brother, we are so close to bringing this deal to a successful conclusion. You have to understand that

on more than one occasion Chuck has actually saved my life and I will always follow his suggestions.


Iíve invested so much now, the 2 laptops and the Rolex watch, that I do not want this to not be successful.


Please advise as soon as possible. We are packing now and need to know before we leave.


Spuds McKenzie



Dear Spuds McKenzie,
Thanks for your mail and the point you raised, as a matter of fact, I want you to
understand that the consignment is in Holland but at thesame time they will order
their in Holland to bringing down to Nigeria cause you are coming that was the
reason why I said that the consignment can be release to you over here, but I
want you to also let me know if you prefer to go to Holland and claim it over
there you have to let me know immediately so that I can send you the official
telephone number to enable your bodyguard call the official in charge of the
consignment over there but if you still prefer to receive it in Nigeria then you
have to also let me know so that I can tell security company and they will ask
their office to deliver it, they ship their consignment through diplomatic means
so it will take time for the consignment to arrive here.
I hope you can understand me clearly now, I know you've spend money in geting
those gift I will always want us to conclude this transaction successfuly and
build up a strong relationship, I so much like the way you write I think that
shows your kind of person, I really like that, I understand your concern I am
assuring you everything is in other.
Once again I still in London, if you are then going to Holland will be more
easier, please asnwers these to enable me advise you on whaty to do immediately.
I want you to have in mind that your bodyguard will be caling the official in
Holland cause they will have to speak with somebody. You should also know that we
have to conclude everything about this transaction this week please cause my
client called me yesterday after I came back from church about the progress of
the transaction I told him that he shouldn't worried that everything is in
Hope to hear from you urgently.
Barrister Joseph Ashwood Bello.


Dear Joe,
We are in London. We soon leave for Nigeria. I want to
do the transaction in Nigeria. If the consignment is to
be released after I am there, and shipped to the United
States that is fine with me as I trust that it will be
handled properly with your supervision.
Chuck pointed out to me that this is the 3rd email in
which you failed to comment on the security picture. I
am now starting to worry as well.
Unfortunately, as I have been telling you all along, I
trust Chuck like my own brother in matters of my
personal safety. 
Joe, Should you not send me the picture in your next
email I'm afraid that when we land in Nigeria, you will
never hear from me. We will do our business at the
Ministry and return to the United States.
Yours in Christ,
Spuds McKenzie
I get this email about 2 hours after I sent mine. Seems like heís sitting there waiting.
My insomnia helps to make this whole deal look quite real including the time differences.
Dear brother,
Thanks for your mail, as regards my picture I will send it to you and you should
please send me your own picture now and discribe the dress you are going to put
on, please what time will you be leaving London? I want to know to enable me know
the exalt time to come to airport. I will be expecting your mail as regards your
picture, it's good we have each other piture to be easier for us to indentify
ourselves at the airport. And will send mine to you soonest. You don't have to be
worry everything is in other.
Barrister Joseph Ashwood Bello.


20 Minutes later I get this one. Apparently they are so confused that they donít know what to do.


Dear Spuds McKenzie,
Thanks for your mail, I try to scan my picture to send to you is not possible
because our ISP is too low that the picture cannot scaned to attach, even before
this mail I am in the computer to make sure I send it but it cannot go, so I now
suggest because there's a surdden dimention that just came up from the security
company that the managing Director of security company want to see me because I
told them that we will evacuate the consignment before friday and the time I have
with the director of the security company 6:30 p.m Nigeria time and that time
might not be conducive for me to be at the airport that time and I suggest not to
make a teribble mistake if fail to meet with the director of the security company
to avoid his arrival without collecting the consignment because the time is out
they want to close for the year, so it will be better as soon as you arrive you
just pick a car hire, tell him that you are going to Exccellence Hotel at Ogba
Ikeja Lagos with his direction you are safe without any hurt as soon as you
arrive the Hotellodge in and give me a call, so that I will know you are there
already because I might be a the security company at that time you arrive or be
on my way coming back to wait for your call, so please don't make any mistake by
arriving Nigeria and going to the mInistry without seeing me because this is one
time opportunity that is while I'm making every arrangement to make sure your
coming to Nigeria is to collect this consignment, call me on this numbers:
08033818903, 08023024041 immediately you check into the room.
I wish you safe arrival and wecome to Nigeria and my regards to Mr. chuck, upon
the receipt of this message get back to me within the next Twenty Minutes.
Barrister Joseph Ashwood Bello.


Dear Joe,


I received both of your emails and I understand the problem you are having. It is quite difficult to make all these

plans and I truly appreciate the efforts. Yes.. we will see you before we go to the Ministry unless of course our

meeting is scheduled before we can meet you.


Chuck is not pleased with the problem you are having with the picture. He says not to scan a picture, take one with a

digital camera and hold up the paper like the one I am sending you now. Dear brother, surely a man of your talents and

importance can find someone to take this picture for you. Please donít let us down. Even if we are secure in the hotel,

Chuck says that since we donít know you, anyone can impersonate you. That is true.


Here is my picture, Sorry it is not a great one but I had to use my web camera on my laptop.

I await yours. We must do this Joe.


Yours in Christ with blessings,

Spuds McKenzie



Dear Spuds,
Thanks very much for your mail and the piture as well is very good. I have
instructed my son to scan his picture and send it to you while I am busy
attending to the security company director which is very difficult to have a
meeting with him and I want you to be specific of your date of arrival and time
exalctly because I have been expecting you 14th Dec, 2003 but not yet, I don't
know the truth there, you have to send the full details of your flight schedule
time of arrival, airline so that we have a date. Thank you for your understanding
and cooperation towarsd this transaction because time is not on our side and I
remind you that no body is aware of our discussions and is not possible for
somebody else to impersonate as me or my son because this is higly secret between
you amd I. Once again, I will want you to see me first before ministry so that we
can conclude the transaction before any other thing you have to do in Nigeria.
Get back to me as soon as you receive this mes
Best regards
Barrister Joseph Ashwood Bello.
NOTE:If my son piture cannot go I will hold my personal Identity card which
nobody can impersonate and I also want you to rule out that impersonation issue
because our discussion is private.
Nice picture cut from a magazine.



Dear Joe,


Your son is a fine looking chap. Iím sure you are quite proud of him. Chuck will be emailing you shortly. Iím

afraid that he is not pleased and he feels that you have broken our trust since you did promise the picture he

has been requesting for some time now and didnít deliver it.


I sent you my picture and in a sense I have shown you what I look like and you already know what I am traveling



Please communicate directly with Chuck. I told you that this was non-negotioable. What part of that was not



Spuds McKenzie


This next email is from Chuck Norris to Joe.


Dear Mr. Bello,


I am sure that Spuds has already told you who I am and in what capacity I am employed by his firm so

there is really no reason to formally introduce myself.


At my request, Spuds has asked you repeatedly to send us a photograph of either you or your designee

who will meet us holding a sign with Spuds name on it so we know its not just any picture.


In good faith, I allowed Spuds to send you one. It was really against my better judgement. When I saw

the picture you sent Spuds I knew that I would have to take over here.


The picture you sent is from a magazine. The print lines can easily be seen in the scan you sent us. Even

if that is your sons picture, from a magazine he was in, it is not sufficient to meet our request.


I think Spuds told you that this request was not negotiable. It still is open but since we are leaving soon,

the door will close on it forever.


At my advice, Spuds will not divulge the flight number or hotel we will be staying at to protect us while

we are in your country. I cannot feel that Spuds is safe knowing that you did not comply with a simple

and routine request.


Please contact me from this point on since I no longer think its prudent to contact Spuds.


Chuck Norris


Dear Mr. chuck,
Thanks a lot for your understanding, I quite apprecaite your concern. 
However, is not as if I don't want to send you my picture is just that I am
finding it difficult to scan it but since you don't want to believe me I will try
all my best to make sure I scan it and send to you, what I will do now is to go
to where my son scan his own and do it there. Please I want you to understand one
thing about me, I hate if am telling the truth and start daoubting me, well don't
worry when you arrive here you will see my son and I will also show you the
picture you claim that is from the magazine. I know you are protecting mr. spuds
which is very good, I have always telling Mr. spuds that I am a man of
reputation, so my brother Mr. spuds has told me much about you, I am assuring you
that there is no problem and you don't have to worry about anything you are very
Hope to hear from you.
Barrister Joseph Ashwood bello



Dear Mr. Bello,


Please be advised that I read your message and understand your intent. Please also be advised that

Mr. McKenzies personal protection is my number 1 responsibility at all times.


For your information, we are in Lagos and have been here since Monday. We declined to alert you

as I was waiting for you to comply with my request.We have completed our business here and plan on

returning to the United States on Thursday.


Mr. McKenzie awaits your photo as do I. Once received,I will call you by telephone and we shall make

plans to meet you. Mr. K. is anxious to give you some items that I know he discussed with you previously.


I await your email


Chuck Norris


Apparently he didnít read my last message and fired off a new one. Greed can be blinding!


Dear Spuds,
I have finalise with the security company Director, so I can now come to the
airport myself to pick you up, so brother be rest assure that I personally will
come to airport you don't to take a car hire and go to the Hotel again, as
regards the picture please I want you to understand me very clearly I still can
scan the piture I went to where my son scan his own and the merchine was bad,
please I'm still working on it, please let me know your flight schedule as to
know the actual time you are leaving London. 
Mr. spuds I will also forward this mail to Mr. Chuck that he should understand my
plight as regards the picture, if I can send my son piture why want I send mine
could you believe I have been going around cause of this piture to make sure I
send it you but the effort in scanning it has not be fruitful I understand this
country very well, you cannot use it to compare u.s.a or U.k. in terms of
communication, so communication is very bad over here, sometimes I find it
diffult just to access my mail box cause the ISP is slow and if you know about
computer very well, you wiill know that the moment the ISP is slow it will be
difficult for picture will attach, as far you have my son piture you should be
confidence of your security on my side, what I will do is when I got to airport I
will difinately write your name and hold your picture which I will also hold my
I.D CARD bearing my name: Barrister Joseph Ashwood Bello as well for you to
indentify me properly.
Hope to hear from you soon. 
Barrister Joseph Ashwood Bello.


2 hours later, I guess he read the 1st one I sent him. Seems a tad miffed if you ask me. Iím wondering

how much longer I can play him out. Looks like Iíll never get a picture out of him. I really tried my best



Dear Chuck,
I know Mr. Spuds safety is important to you but well you decide to lier to me
which is not fair, right from the begining of this transaction I have been always
be truthful to you. Anyway where are you in Lagos and how did you intend to see
me as regards our transaction we have to meet and conclude our transaction at the
security company Please this is my number again 08033818903 I will be expecting
your call so that we can take how to meet, my regards to Mr. spuds tell him I
really want to meet with him and you also before you go back to united states,
please are you in Hotel? or where?
Barrister Joseph Ashwood.


Letís RollÖ..


Dear Joseph Ashwood Bello,


I think itís time to pull the cork out of the monkeys ass as we say here in the US. Now pay careful

attention so that you fully understand what is being told to you.


Did you think for 1 second that I thought that you were Prince Kobe? Barrister Bello ? Anthony-whatever- t

the-fuck-his-name-was? Are you that fucking stupid? I know for sure you are that fucking greedy.


Allow me to introduce myself, Chuck Norris, internationally known Actor and Martial Artist. Spuds McKenzie

is a famous DOG known for beer commercials you asshole. Iíve attached pictures to show you how

lame you are.


The whole world is reading this and laughing at you. Scurrying around like a little tree monkey, trying to

figure out how youíre gonna get the laptops , get the Rolex, get the money. Meet me here, send money

there, call him, call me, what a fucking joke.


I made you dance!! Hahahahahahhahahahahaha!! I made the little monkey dance!!!!!!!




Iím home in Arizona, youíre in some fucking mud hut in Africa. I never left my home, Youíve been a busy little

mugu havenít you? You must be tired.


Iíll bet that you had some of your chimp pals lined up to try and separate me from my money. What are you

going to tell them now? How are you going to explain that you have been FUCKED by an AMERICAN??


Well I have to go now, the next monkey is only an email away. Go fuck yourself.


Chuck Norris.

Call me crazy, I dunno, but I kinda like this guy. After emailing
him over the course of 2 weeks while he was trying to scam me in the
Prince Kobe deal, I started to feel bad about what I was doing (NOT!!!!)
I decided to see how greedy this a-hole really was. So I send him an
email apologizing for how I treated him, baiting the trap with the 
promise of 100 bucks and he snaps it upÖ
Here we go withRound 2Ö
Take Note: Simeon (pronounced simian as in MONKEY). 
Dear Joe,
Geez.. I feel real bad about all of this now that I
think about it.
I'd like to send you $100.00 dollars USC for all your
troubles. Can I do that for you please?
Please let me know the Western Union Information and I
will dispatch the funds quickly.
I apologize for what I did. It was not a christian
thing to do.
A Simeon Hunter


Dear Chuck,
Well, if you really want to help me out send me $1000.00 because I am going to get to the end of this transaction myself since you feel that I'm leir I have to go to the security company myself so if you really want to help me as brother of which I will never forget you just send me that amount $1000.00 and I will appeal to you to help me look for a way I can travel to meet you in united sates of america. Hope to hear from you.
Barrister Joseph Ashwood Bello.
Dear Joe,
My real christian name is Albert Simeon Hunter.
I can go half on what you need. If $500 works for you
then let me know where to send it along with the
details. Do me one small favor, please donít go on
with the scam since it pisses me off that you still
make reference to the security company.
I'm always,
Dear Albert Simeon Hunter,
I will so much apreciate if you $500.00, in fact I
will continue to pray for you and your family all the time,
that money will serve many purpose in my life now
because my family I have not buy anything for them for
the xmas, so brother may be this is the way God want
us to be life partner and as well be brothers. God will
continue to bless you and your family all the time and
money send to me God will always provide more for you
in all your doings. Please send the $500.00 this name:
through western union money transfer.
†††††† †††††††††††††††††††††††††††
So brother after the payment kindly send me the full
informations i.e senders name, control number and
amount paid, may God you as you choose to help me God
will never forget you, his glory will continue to be
with you all the time. I look forward to receive the
informations of the payment.
Remain bless in the Lord.

Barrister Joseph Ashwood.


Dear Anthony,
I am assuming that Anthony is in fact your real name
since Anthony Obokoh was the name of the "security
director". Please stop calling yourself Joseph since
it really pisses me off.
It is good to see that you have come out of the closet
and are being forthright and upfront as to who you are.
Here in the US lots of folks come out of the closet and 
admit who they are. Donít you feel better now?
It is night here in Arizona and too late to find any
Western Union that is open now. I will try to find one
tomorow. As you probably know, Arizona is a part of the
United States that is famous for all the mountains
hilly areas. I will load up the jeep and head down into
town to find a place.
Take heart Anthony, soon you and your family will be
able to celebrate the birth of the baby jesus in fine
Until tomorow, remember.. I'm always
A Simeon Hunter 




Dear A Simeon Hunter,
Thanks a lot for your kindness sincerity over my life, I will expecting to hear from you as you've promise, God bless you brother simeon and don't forget to always pray for me as brother in Christ.
Hope to hear from you.
Anthony obokoh


Dear Anthony,


I am pleased to inform you that I went to Western Union and sent you $500.00 USC. The information on the transfer follows:


Control Number: 91234 87126

Senders Name is: A SIMEON HUNTER


Let me know when you get it. Iím happy to help and always will be,




Does this email look like a ďcanned messageĒ? You betchyerass it is.

Where is the love?


Dear brother SIMEON,
Many thanks for your kindness, I pray that God should continue to provide for you all the time and be with you in your working place, I really appreciate your concern so much, is already night over here as at the time I aacess my mail, please kindly do me a favour by send all the full informations of the payment, e.g the senders name, receiver name, text question: answers: if any and also I will want you to provide me your telephone number where I can call you
immediately I collect the money I will call you to say thank you.
May be with you brother



Dear Anthony,


Perhaps you didnít get my last email. This is what I sent you yesterday:


Dear Anthony,
I am pleased to inform you that I went to Western Union
and sent you $500.00 USC. The information on the
transfer follows:
Control Number: 91234 87126 
Senders Name is: A SIMEON HUNTER
Let me know when you get it. Iím happy to help and
always will be,


My phone number is: 206-xxx-xxxx.


Enjoy Anthony. I am always,

A Simeon Hunter


2 days pass and no contact so I squirt this one out..


Dear Anthony,


It seems like days have passed and I have not heard from you. I would love to hear in your words that the money did help you and your family. If you find the time please let me know so I can share in your joys.


Until then, I am always,


A Simeon Hunter


Thatís 1 time!!


Dear brother,
How are you today? hope you are fine? I went to the bank this morning to collect the $500.00 they told me the money is not there. Please I know you've try a lot for me God will continue to bless you, I want you reconfirm the payment informations to me please because I am worry here. I want you to go to where you made the payment and confirm if the money has leave and please send all the details of the payment. Immediately I came back from the bank I called your number and it was on answering machine, so please call me on my number as soon as
you get this mail (Tel: +234 8033818903). I have some africa dresses which I will send to you as my chrismas gift for you through DHL Courier service there are beautifull, 
What the fuck am I gonna do with African dresses you asswipe?
This is the informations again,
NAME: Anthony Obokoh
text questions: joseph
answers: joseph
Designation: Nigeria.
Anthony Obokoh





Dear Anthony..


There must be a mistake!!! I am sure that I sent you the correct control number. I am looking at the receipt here right now as I send this email to you.


Iíll go back there as you suggest today and make sure they really sent it. It would be very bad if there was a problem and they didnít alert me.


Perhaps itís not in the system as of yet, or does it take a long time to get to Nigeria?

Iíve never sent money by them before so I am not familiar with the way they operate.


You might want to check again. If its not available then please call me at 206-xxx-xxxx at your first opportunity so we can figure this out.


Itís not my fault I am sure but I feel badly about this



Rest assured, I am always

A Simeon Hunter


My dear brother,
I received your mail, well I have not be able to collect the money they told me it has not be there, I don't know I guess tomorrow it will be there, Please I want you to scan the whole of the payment slip and send it to me by email, so that tomorrow if I'm going I will take it along with me. I know you've try a lot,still called your number and stll on answering merchine anyway I left a message. (liar!!!)
I hope n you brother simeon, may God bless you.
Remain blessed.
Anthony Obokoh.


Dear Anthony..
I went to the Chat 'n Spew Diner where they do Western 
Union transfers and spoke with Joey Vee the Director of 
Office Management about my transfer. I showed him the 
receipt which he agreed came from his location and 
advised him that you had not gotten it yet. He checked 
the system but it went down and he wasn't able to check
on why it didn't get to you. I paid $30.00 to Western
Union to transfer the money as a fee and I demanded that
they fix the problem.
Joey Vee promised me that he would get it done. So, the
only thing I can suggest is that you check once more
and hopefully everything will be fine.
I didn't get your message on my answering machine and I
wonder why?
I remain, 
A Simeon Hunter
My dear brother,
Well, thanks for your message, I will check again as you've said, but for now I have not getten the money and that was the reason while I said you should scan the payment slip and send it to me by email. Anyway I will take your advise by checking back and as soon as I got it I will let you know and if you have any other information about the payment kindly let me know. May our almighty God continue to bless you and your family. I really appreciated your kindness.
Remain blessed.
Anthony Obokoh.
I guess itís still not there. L (LOL) 
Every hour? Letís give him 5 attempts, that makes 6!!!
Dear simeon,
I never knew you are a such lier person, you made me to waste my time going to the bank every hour (Iíd have loved to see that) to check you payment you claim that you paid, I told you to scan the payment slip and send it to me you refuse and I told to go to where you made the payment to let them know that I have not receive the payment. 
I am disarpointed in you brother, I thought you are treating me as brother I never knew you are deceiving me but is not fear, for the fact that I need you help that doesn't mean you start deceiving me. Western union is the fastest means to receive money, even when I called your line is always on answering merchine that is to show that you know what you are doing.I want you to think about it.
Anthony obokoh.
Can he find forgiveness in the true spirit of Christmas?
Dear Anthony,
Words can not ever express the embarrassment I feel
right now and the sadness from your accusation.
I do not have a scanner so scanning anything is not
I did send the money. As I told you, I asked the
Director of Management Operations here to check on the
money I sent.
I got a call from him and he found the problem. I sent
you this control number: 91234 87126 This number is in
error. I typed it wrong, and gave it to Mr. Joey Vee
the same wrong way. The correct number is91284 87126
You see I mistakenly sent you a 3 instead of a 8 in the
I am truly sorry about that. Now you need to tell me if
I should cancel the transfer or will you still accept
it in the holiday spirit.
I wish I could have fixed this earlier. I never thought
the error was mine.
What do you think?
I remain,
A Simeon Hunter


In the true spirit of Christmas I am forgiven, and he asks for 1000 bucks. Imagine, a barrister that has no money!! He went again.. that makes 7 times!!!!


Dear brother,
I received your mail, regarding the mistake you made well nobody above mistake. As a matter of fact, I have gone to the bank to collect the money they still tell me the same thing so I am confuse about the whole thing, I so much hope on this money because I don't have anything to give to my wife to buy things for the Xmas, you know I am a lawyer by profession of which I have my own chambers but for the past some months now I have been finding it difficult to feed my family, so that was the reason while I am so much concern about this momey you send.
Please I want us to do it like this, just go the place you send money and tell them you want to collect the money and re-pay it again to obtain another control number, and after the payment just send me the new control number. Please try your best to make it $1000.00 please please please so that it will be okay for me.


Dear Anthony,
Your idea is a great one and I am on it directly. I
don't know why I didn't think of that before. I guess
its because I am not familiar with Western Union as you
Tonight is Christmas eve and I will be attending
Christmas Mass at midnite. I will pray for you and your
I'll email you later when I have completed this new
transaction. As far as the the thousand dollars goes, I
don't think I can do that, ya see I do have family of
my own that needs to be taken care of.
I'll do what I can.
I am always



Later, I send him this very promising email.


Dear Anthony,


I hope this email finds you and your family in good health and brimming with holiday cheer. It is snowing here in Arizona and the children are outside having snow ball fights, building snowmen, and making angels in the snow. It looks just like a classic painting of American life by the great painter Benjamin Moore.


Luckily, before it snowed I was able to get back down to the Western Union at the Chew Ďn Spew store. I did exactly as you said and I must tell you that it took along time due to security procedures they have to make sure the money is safe. Anyways they let me try it again and here is the new information.


Control Number is 61520 90210
Anthony, there may be a slight delay as they are experiencing network troubles here but they assured me that it did go through and will be available. I do so hope so for your sake and the sake of your children.
Call me if there is a problem. Leave a message so I know to call you back if you get my machine.
Walk with God and know that I am always



Donít thank me yet (hehehehehe)


Subject: Thanks and happy new year in advance
Dear Simeon,
In fact, I don't know how I will thank you, you've so much proof to me that you are really my brother. My regards to your family as well.
Please write the whole information of the payment e.g. text question and answers if at all you use any, then amount paid.
Hope to hear from you urgently.
Anthony Obokoh.



Dear Anthony,


Sorry for the delay in responding to your very kind and heart warming wishes.


Here is all the information I have:


I sent you $500.00 USC

Name: Anthony Obokoh
Text Question: Knock Knock 
Answer: Whoís Deer
Designation: Lagos
After you snap it up, drop me a line or better yet call me.
Remember, I am always


Surprisingly, no email from my pen pal in 24 hours. Could this be the abrupt end of our correspondence without so much as a farewell wave? Hoping not, I send of this little ditty.


Dear Anthony,


I trust this missive finds you and your lovely family in great spirits. I am pleased beyond words that such a small token of my goodwill can have such a dramatic impact on your lives.


I was so hoping to hear from you. I decided that you were so busy making the holidays for your family that you didnít have time to write me. Just thinking about it makes me filled with pride.


When you get a chance drop me a line.


I will always be



Still no email. Its now obvious that weíve played this one out as far as it will go. Iím figuring that we had this greedy mugu at the bank, trying to get money never sent to him at least 7 times. In doing so, I officially claim the record!!!!! (hahahhaha). Oh.. I sent this one off to him, closing the story of Prince Kobe for good.


Dear Anthony,


This will be the last email that I send to you. I wanted to see just how greedy you really were and I take great joy in knowing that you are truly a piece of shit. I only wish that I could have been sitting outside the bank every time you went inside to try and get the money. The look on your face would have been priceless.


If youíd like to read the whole story of how sad you are, I welcome you to go to . The 2nd part of the story will probably be posted in a few days asswiple. Would you like an autographed copy?