My name is Kou Zowolo, I am the accountant to former President Charles

Taylor (Former president of Liberia) who you everybody knows that is

in asylum now in Calabar, Nigeria and was forced to leave his presidency

in Liberia. I am helping him to move Forty Million dollars in cash, I

need your help in moving the money out of the country.

This money is legal and I will give you 10% for your effort and

assistance. "You would have to travel to get this done".

If you are interested contact me and I will give you all the full


1- The security Company Where the Money Is

2- Phone Number for confirmation,

3- All documents needed for easy collection .

A Trust agreement will be written and signed before any funds are

moved. Please leave your private telephone and fax number and I will get

back to you as soon as possible.

All further contacts should be directed to my private

mailbox:[email protected]

I look forward to hearing from you.


Kou Zowolo.



21 Feb, 2004, Toobie Phisted to Kou Zowolo


How are you? My Name is Toobie Phisted, and I am a Woman living in Texas, USA. I am quite interested in you offer of business, and am willing to do whatever is needed to help out. I must warn you that I am Prostitute, but please do not let that interfere in our business. I don't know much about business, except that I will need to know a little more about you before we get too involved. Please get back with me as soon as you can, Thanks.

-Toobie Phisted



22 Feb, 2004, Kou Zowolo to Toobie Phisted

Dear Toobie Phisted,

Good evening to you, your mail was received well read and

understood, and I am happy that you are ready to assist, I need you to get

something straight, I am not the owner of the Money, I am just an accountant,

and by helping Mr. Charles Taylor secure his money I will be rewarded,

so this leave the two of us as the principle custodian of the Money,

what I am trying to say is that we shall both work together as a

TEAM(PARTNER), so I want TRUST AND HONESTY to be the Key to our partnership.

Now before we can proceed, I want you to send to me your full

contact details,




These information would be use to draft a standard "Trust Agreement"

which will state clearly your position and how the funds will be

invested under your care in your home Country. This Trust Agreement will be

drafted by a Lawyer, so do send the information so that we can proceed

on time.

I am sure you read my first mail and understood it's content very

well, "You will have to travel" to pick up the Money in the Security

Company where it's been Deposited by the Original owner, in person of(

MR.CHARLES TAYLOR), the above information which I asked for above would

also be used, to prepare a "Power of Attorney" and "Change of Ownership"

from Mr. Charles Taylor to your Name, this now gives you the right to

act on behalf of Mr. Charles Taylor.

Upon the receive of the above information, the Original Copy of the

"Certificate of Deposit" would be sent to you either by fax or Courier,

also the Contact of the Security Company would be given to you so that

you can contact them for your Personal verification if you need to.

I hope I have been clear with this detail Email, I am waiting for

the Information I have requested for so that we can proceed.

Thank you very much and have a blessed day.

Thank You.



22 Feb, 2004, Toobie Phisted to Kou Zowolo


Thanks for getting back with me so quickly. I understand all that you need, and I may be willing to work with you, but I need to know more about you first. I noticed you did not say anything about my being a prostitute, but I am assuming you do not have a problem with it. If you need to fax me anything, you can either scan it and email it, or fax it to 1-206-203-0013. As for the information you requested, I will provide it, but I must have some answers first. Are you a Man or a Woman? I ask this only because I find Women very hard to work with, as they are often jealous of me because of my looks. Are You Married? Do you have Children? Where exactly are you, and where will I need to travel to? What is your Race and Religion? I only ask this because I like to meet all sorts of people from different parts of the World. When I travel, will we meet somewhere? I looked on the internet and saw that Charles Taylor is a large, handsome Black Man, are you A black Man also? I have never been with a Black Man, is it true what they say about a Black Man's Penis? Please answer these questions, and feel free to ask me anything you would like. I feel this way we can get to know each other very well and it will help us work together. Please write back to me as soon as you get this message. Thank You

Toobie Phisted

23 Feb, 2004, Kou Zowolo to Toobie Phisted

Dear Toobie,

Happy Sunday to you, hope you went to Church? I received your mail

it was well read and understood and all your point Noted,

I must confess to you that you must be a very plain person, and I want

to assure you of one thing that you will never regret knowing me.

Now back to your Questions, I will make sure I answer everyone of it

to the best of my Knowledge.

1- Being a Prostitute, There is not wrong in one doing what he or she

likes, it just depend on how one carries his or her self so being a


Is no big deal, but the problem is that would you be able to invest the

money? Do you have any business in mind?

2- As in My Sex,I am a Male and a very okay looking man and I love

Beautiful looking Ladies, once married but at the moment single.

3- Yes I have 2 Kids and they are with there Mother.

4- I am in Africa, West Africa, Accra Ghana, and that is where we shall

both meet and transact this business and explore both our

The other part of our life’s.

5- I am a Christian, and when we meet we can stay together in a

Standard Hotel or My House in Ghana if you want to.

6- I am a black man with everything that can make you happy for the

rest of your life I hope you understand, hahahahahahahaha

Now is my time to ask you Question,

1- How long have you been in this trade you chose to do?

2- Are you able to save a lot of money or you just get a little to keep

you going?

3- Are you married too?

4- Can you really handle this transaction? This is a lot of Money

involve, if you deposit a lot of money into your Bank account won't

Your bank ask you question?

5- Can you keep this transaction to your self until the success of it?

Please I need an answer to this, question and before I forget,

I need the following,

1- Your Full Name

2- Your Direct Phone Line (I want to talk with you)

3- Your Address, so that Mr. Charles Taylor's lawyer can Draft a Trust

Agreement which you would have to read and sign and send it back.

Thank you and stay Bless.

Happy Sunday.



Please I need your Direct Phone Line.



23 Feb, 2004, Toobie Phisted to Kou Zowolo

Dear Zuo,

I am sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I am glad you are a man and single. I think it will make business easier. If I may ask, why are you no longer married? Is there something your wife did (or wouldn't do) that drove you two apart? I've never had that problem with a Man, mainly because there's nothing I won't do.

I've been a prostitute for several years now, and have never been married. I can handle this transaction easily, and have enough money in investments to cover whatever expenses come up. Many of them are oversees investments, so some time may be required to turn them into cash. My bank will not question me in any way, because the entire board of directors of the bank are customers at my Club. My full name is Toobie Phisted, and my address is PO box 111+308, Temple Texas, 76501. I do not have a telephone right now, but my messaging service can handle Fax and Voice Messages (1-206-203-0013). I do not check my mailbox very often, so faxing the documents will be the easiest way.

I am looking forward to meeting you in Ghana. Just a quick question: are Sex Toys legal in Ghana? I was thinking of bringing some when I go there, but won't if they are forbidden. I always try to bring some with me wherever I go. A Girl never know when they could come in Handy. Is there anything I can bring you from the States? Please write back as soon as you get this, OK? Bye

-Toobie Phisted



24 Feb, 2004, Kou Zowolo to Toobie Phisted

Dear Toobie,

Thank you for your reply again I think we are getting to know each other, and I promise you that we shall both have a wonderful time in Ghana together.

1- What is the Name of your Club?

2- Have you started making arrangement to secure a Visa to Ghana? And please do apply for a Tourist Visa it is easier and faster, if they ask you Questions just say you are going to visit Africa, and not on Business.

3- When ever you are ready I can arrange for a Hotel reservation for you.

4- Are you a Beautiful Lady?

Back to business, see attached form for a Certificate of Deposit, and I have forwarded your full detail to Mr. Charles Taylor, and we would send it to his lawyer so that he can Draft the Trust agreement. Toobie I need to know when you will be ready to come to Ghana, as this is very important, when we meet face to face then you will know that this is not a Joke, please hurry and come down as I can not wait to meet you and give it to you from front and back, hahahahahahaha, but I promise you will like it, enjoy it and ask for more as it's very hard. Toobie you move fast on your end so that we can meet soon if there is any Question please feel free to ask me. You talked about Sex toy you would not need it I promise you that, you will have me to the fullest okay just come with your beautiful dresses, so that I can show you around come with a Camera so that we can take pictures, The only thing I want you to bring for me when coming is nothing but, Trust and Honesty and One mind and one Love so that we can be happy together while carrying out the business and when we are back in our Hotel Room. There is Nothing like an honest and Straight forward relationship it goes a long way in life. Thanks. Kou



Scorpion’s Note: He’s going to “Give it to me front and back”, wait until He finds out why things don’t work that way with Toobie. You’ll understand what I mean a little later.


25 Feb, 2004, Kou Zowolo to Toobie Phisted

Hello Toobies, How are you? Hope you are fine. I was just wondering why you have not reply my last mail is everything okay? Do get back to me so that I can know that you are fine and everything is alright with you. Take care now. Kou



25 Feb, 2004, Toobie Phisted to Kou Zowolo

Dear Zou,

How are you? I'm doing Great. I will start on getting my Visa tomorrow, your plan for telling them I'm just visiting seems like it will help. I only have one picture of myself, so I sent part of it so you can decide for yourself if I am a beautiful women or not. I only sent part of the picture because I didn't know if you would be offended by a nude picture.

I am very serious about this deal, and will work as fast as I can so we can meet. I hope to be ready for Ghana early next week, so if all goes well, we can be finished with our business before next weekend.

The name of my Club is "Club Chlamydia", and it's the best club around. We've got something for everybody, we've got White women, Black women, Asian women, tall women, short women, fat, skinny, dwarves, double amputees, epileptics, you name it, and if we don't have it, we can get it from the zoo down the street. From your message, it sounds like you do not think we will need any Sex Toys. You're talking to a girl that can crotch-launch a baseball at 72 miles per hour. No matter how much of a Man you are, you're GOING to need to bring in some re-enforcements, or rather, I will need you to bring in some re-enforcements. The last time I checked I have three holes, and every man I've met only has one cock. Can you do the math there and see where I'm coming from? Besides, I'm not the one they'll be used on. Have you ever Cornholed a Colt 45 beer bottle? I can, and you will be able to also by the time we're done, blunt end first.
Other than that, is there anything else I will need? Is Ghana an expensive place to stay? Please let me know what else needs to be done. Thank You.

-Toobie Phisted


Hello Toobie, I must confess that you have a lovely face, and would love to see the whole of the picture okay, You do not need any other thing rather than be present in Ghana go to the security Company clear the Boxes and we head to the bank. Before I forget we would have to open the account upon your arrival, so that there would be no delay of any kind, and also I would advice you hold with you some amount of money as you would have to pay for hotel and may want to buy things, and the amount to open the Bank Account, since the account would be in your name, and you would be the sole signatory to the account. I will ask Mr. Taylor to contact the Security Company and find out if we would have to incurred any expensive before picking up the boxes, as I would not want us to spend too much time on this business. Baby please send the whole picture I want to admire you the more. Thanks. Take care now. Kou

26 Feb, 2004, Toobie Phisted to Kou Zowolo


How are you? I am fine. I'm glad you liked the picture, but I'm not sure if I am ready to show you more of me. If you want to see more of me, send me a picture of yourself holding a sign that says "I LOVE TOOBIE PHISTED". I just want to know you are serious, both about me and our deal before I send it.

As for our plans, I went to the courthouse to get my Visa, and got most of the paperwork done, and will get my Visa in the morning. As soon as I do that, I will get my plane tickets. What airport will I need to go to, and have you calculated how much money I will need in all?

I was digging through my things, looking for some special toys to bring for you when I come to Ghana, and came across a few that will do rather nicely. The first thing I found is "Big Lou", a life-size latex replica of Lou Ferrigno's left arm with a Clenched fist. If I bring that, I might as well bring "Bigger Lou", which is the right arm, only it is made of plaster of Paris and chicken wire. Just remember: Lead with the left, follow with the right. I'm talking Roto-Rooter here, and the best part is you can add whatever jewelry you want to either one, a Rolex watch, a class ring, brass knuckles, lee press-on nails, a studded leather biker glove, or anything else you can think of. I hope your pelvis is good and strong, or at least a little flexible. I suggest you drink a lot of water, you're going to want your kidneys to be as flushed out as possible. If that's not enough, we can always handcuff them both together.

Other than that, not much else going on. As I said, I hope to have my Visa tomorrow, and will get the plane tickets as soon as I can. Please let me know what airport to fly to, and send me the picture I asked for (The one of you holding a "I LOVE TOOBIE PHISTED" sign), and I'll send you the picture you asked for. Thanks, and write back as soon as you can, Bye.

Toobie Phisted

27 Feb, 2004, Kou Zowolo to Toobie Phisted

Okay baby I will do just that Okay, you are to fly to ACCRA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT GHANA, but you need to let me know before you move so that I can help with hotel reservation, and pick you up at the airport. baby Do not bring any toy just and see the African man in action like you have ever seen before. take care baby. Kou

28 Feb, 2004, Kou Zowolo to Toobie Phisted

Hello Baby, Good Day To you how far did you go with your Visa procedure? please do get back to me and let me know. see attached is this okay? Thanks. Kou

28 Feb, 2004, Toobie Phisted to Kou Zowolo


How are you? I am fine. My Visa is done and I am ready to get my tickets. I'll let you know more as soon as I get them.

As for the attached message you sent, I don't think you understand what I want. I want you to make a sign that says "I LOVE TOOBIE PHISTED", and have someone TAKE A PICTURE OF YOU WHILE YOU ARE HOLDING THE SIGN. Then, I want you to scan the picture into your computer, and attach it to an email and send it to me, OK? This is the only way I will send you a picture of myself NUDE, because I am Shy. Trust me in that you won't be disappointed.

Well, I am disappointed that you do not want me to bring any sex toys to Ghana. I think we could have lots of fun with them. You aren't like Mr. Religious, Missionary position only are you? I think that a big ol' sex toy and KY jelly orgy is what you need, even if you don't know it. Are you going to introduce me to your friends, and do any of them enjoy the use of Sex Toys?

You never did tell me how much money I will need to bring with me. I need to know this right away, because all of my money is in investments and such, so I need a day or so to turn them into cash. I would hate to show up at Ghana without enough money. Just let me know how much we will need, OK?

Please write back as soon as you can, and send the picture of yourself holding the sign, OK? Bye

-Toobie Phisted

29 Feb, 2004 Kou Zowolo to Toobie Phisted

Okay Toobie you have asked for it come with any toy you want But I will make sure that I give it to you any how you want it Trust me you would not be disappointed. Back to business, we would need to clear the boxes from the Security Company, I'll be going there tomorrow to find out how much it will cost us, due to demurrage over a period of time, and would let you know. I want you to have a wonderful time here in Africa when you come down, so I will advice you Come down with about $3,000 for your self, so that you can eat at the best restaurant and stay in a Five Star Hotel, which a standard room would not be more than $150 a night, baby I want you to feel at home while you are here but trust me I will take you around show you wonderful places, if you are not strong you would not want to go back home, you would just ask us to get married and make babies, Do you like babies? Please say yes because I love little Children. I hope the amount is not too much for you, this is for your personal use you may not finish it and go back with it, but as for the Security Company I would let you know, but one thing is certain as soon as we clear the Boxes from the Security Company we are already in Money, so do not be afraid, I will stand by you all the way baby, if you like you can even buy a House in the Gold Coast there we have Colored People doing there business and have been staying there for Years. Baby when next I read your mail say nice things to me, call me your Honey, Darling and so on, I promise to give you Froggy Style and doggy and do some crazy thing that will make you forget your name, hey, I am getting to like you so much, hope you are just what I am imagining from your messages. Take care and remain blessed baby. Kou.

Scorpion’s Note: “Froggy Style”? I think it’s time kick it up a notch.

29 Feb, 2004 Toobie Phisted to Kou Zowolo


How are you? I'm OK. The amount of money you said to bring sounds good, but like i said, it will take a couple days for me to cash in on my investments to get it. I'll get things started on Monday.

I'm kind of upset you didn't send me the picture you said you were going to. You know, the one of you holding the "I LOVE TOOBIE PHISTED" sign. What's the matter, Don't you want to see the picture of me Nude? Please send it as soon as you can, OK.

I'm glad you agree to my bringing some Sex Toys with me, We'll have a grand ol' time. That "froggy style" stuff is for teenagers that are just amazed that they are getting laid in the first place. It sounds like you NEED a woman like me to show you a good time. I'm talking about fun stuff, like the Cleveland Steamer, The pearl necklace, Sword Swallower, Tea bagging, Hide the gerbil, The Mississippi-Mud-Pie, The three-handed-Alabama-slap-ratchet, and all kinds of other tricks. After that, we'll get serious, and you don't know how serious. We'll take a few turns on "The Pelvic Annihilator", It's the size of a fire hydrant, and takes 2-12 Volt batteries to operate, the big ones, like they use in trucks. The result is always an orgasm bigger than the recipient ever knew was possible, followed by a trip to the dentist to have the fillings put back in their teeth. I always bring along with it, a crotch-less wheelchair, because the fun doesn't stop just because someone can't walk anymore. Don't worry, it's usually not permanent, nothing that a little oxycontin and blow won't take care of.

I've attached another picture of myself, it's a little more revealing, but like I said, if you want to see all of me, you have to send the picture I asked for, the one of yourself holding an "I LOVE TOOBIE PHISTED" sign. Believe me, you won't regret it. Well, I have to go now, Write back soon. Bye.

-Toobie Phisted

1 Mar, 2004 Kou Zowolo to Toobie Phisted

My darling, I am so happy to see the picture a little better than the First time, you will get the Photo by tomorrow trust me on this okay. I was at the Security Company this Morning, and the say that the boxes have accrued demurrage to the tone of $7,500, for the month of January and February 2004, so they advise we hurry up and clear it on time, other wise we would have to pay more. They also said the receiver should come with a Change of Ownership Certificate, which I have given then your Name and they shall get that done, From Mr. Charles Taylor Name to your Name. Baby I am ready for you, you are making too much Mouth, believe me the battle Ground is in our hotel room in Ghana, Hey you did not say anything about me getting to like you so much why? Are you committed to some one? Reply back. When would you be coming to Ghana? As time is running fast and how long will it take you to get the needed funds? Take care baby reserve every part of you for me okay, keep in Touch. Stay Blessed. Kou

1 Mar, 2004 Toobie Phisted to Kou Zowolo


How are you? I am fine. I am glad you decided to send the picture, and look forward to receiving it. I started making arrangements to get the money we need, but the added $7500 will take a little more time. This morning I went and got my plane tickets, but I may have to trade them in for later ones if I can't get all the money in time. The tickets I have now have me arriving at Accra on Sunday, the 7th or March, but I leave on Tuesday the 9th. Does that give us enough time to do our business? I'm hoping I get the money that I need soon, but as you know, these things take time.

When we are in Ghana, will we be able to visit a Zoo or a Pet Store? I really love animals, and would like to see some while I am there. I especially like Hamsters, Gerbils, Great Danes, Shetland Ponies, and Sheep. They're so soft and cuddly. I keep many as pets, you never know when they could come in handy, and I even have my own trouser trout.

I just want to tell you, I am committed to nobody, so do not worry about that. We are going to have so much fun in Ghana you will be begging me to stay. You really should start taking some vitamins and maybe get a colonic irrigation. It probably wouldn't hurt to get a speculum and start getting things ready.

I am looking forward to seeing the picture you send me and to seeing you in Ghana. Please write back as soon as you can. Thank you.

-Toobie Phisted

2 Mar, 2004 Kou Zowolo to Toobie Phisted

Dear Toobi, How are you today? Hope you are doing Fine? I have the photo for you now, but I need to know if you have receive the Visa Or Not. Well this is My Picture Take care do not play around with it. Take care Toobie.

2 Mar, 2004 Toobie Phisted to Kou Zowolo

Dear Zuesie,

Thank you for the picture, although it was a little dark and I can't read the sign very well, I can tell you are an attractive man. What did you mean by "Here is my picture, don't play around with it"? I can't wait until we get to meet in Accra. I am still waiting for the money I have been expecting, and I hope it gets here before I fly out on Saturday. If it doesn't get here by then, do you still want me to fly to Ghana with the few dollars I have now, or should I delay my flight until after I have the money? Also, you never did tell me if the 2 days I have scheduled to be there is enough time for our business? I already have my Visa, so we are OK there.

I've attached the picture of myself you wanted, and I know you'll like it. Are you going to play with yourself when you look at my picture? I’m guessing that’s what you wanted the picture for. Please write back as soon as you can, and let me know about the money and the plane tickets. I can re-schedule if the money doesn't come soon enough. Please let me know. Thank You

-Toobie Phisted


Scorpion’s Note: Don’t look at this too hard guys, You’ll regret it in a few minutes if you do, Trust me on this.

3 Mar, 2004 Kou Zowolo to Toobie Phisted

Baby, I am happy to see the picture, but It was not full I did not see the Lower part of your Body, any way I am happy you have my photo now. Baby the 2days can not be enough please at list a week 7 Working days, secondly we would need money to clear the boxes from the security company, so I would advice you wait and get the other money before you start coming down. Baby I can not wait to see you baby please do everything within your reach and make sure you get the needed funds and come down on time. Thanks. Your Baby. Kou

3 Mar, 2004 Toobie Phisted to Kou Zowolo


How's it going? It wouldn't be so bad here, except the money I have been expecting has not arrived yet. It's very frustrating because it is a lot of money, and it is nearly a week late. Also, the email account of Mariam (the person that is sending me the money), does not seem to be working. Hopefully she will notice it and tell me how to contact her. I hope she gets me the money soon, because I really don't want to delay my flight.

So, are you getting ready for Accra? I know I am, I've been taking large quantities of Enzyte, Vimax, Viagra, and Steroids. Those should make sure the party lasts a long, long time. When we get done you are going to be a magician, because if you sit on a barstool, it WILL disappear. I'm thinking something like putting a Catcher's Mitt on "Big Lou" and making you a hand puppet. Your proctologist is going to need rock-climbing gear when we get done, if you know what I mean. I have this little toy that the Ladies here at the Club call "The Climax Cannon", it's an all-purpose Pneumatic launcher that will fire anything from a marble to a marble statue with deadly accuracy. We mainly use it for friendly games of "guess the vegetable", because it is perfect for firing avocado, carrots, potatoes, zucchini, or many other similarly sized objects up to 85 yards. It has a laser sight system that ensures perfect alignment with your sphincter, as long as you don't flinch, and believe me, after the first one, you WILL flinch, if you're still conscious. The reason we mainly use vegetables is that there is often no way of getting whatever was launched back, plus they're biodegradable. That and Astroglide sticks to them rather well. While We’re on the subject, what's your favorite flavor of Astroglide? This is important because some of the smaller vegetables get SERIOUS penetration.

Well, I should go now, hopefully my money will be here tomorrow, or at least maybe Mariam will get back with me and let me know what is going on with it. I will let you know what happens. Thank you, and please write back soon.

-Toobie Phisted

4 Mar, 2004 Kou Zowolo to Toobie Phisted

Dear Toobie, Thanks for your reply I pray that all works fine so that we can be together soon, please take it easy on me baby, with all this Viagra and the Steroids. Baby I just want to be with you make you happy and do you my own way, please keep reaching the Lady you mention so that you can get the funds on time. Take care Love. Kou

5 Mar, 2004 Kou Zowolo to Toobie Phisted

Toobie, How are you? Hope all is well with you. I am worried as to your silences, kindly write back to me so that I can know that we are still in this together. Take care Baby. Kou

Scorpion’s Note: Time to throw a wrench in the works.

5 Mar, 2004 Aborshun Thadlived to Kou Zowolo

Dear Sir,

I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but a friend of yours, who is also a client of mine, Toobie Phisted has been in an accident. My Name is Aborshun Thadlived, and I am her lawyer and a long time friend. I am writing to you from her bedside in Walter Reed Medical Center. She is semi-conscious but heavily medicated, but the outlook is somewhat grim. She did tell me that I should read her emails, which I have done, and to resume the project you and her were working on. From what I have followed so far, the two of you were needing some money, $10,500 to be exact, which was the last hurdle in your venture. I have agreed to provide that money from my own pocket to facilitate Toobie's wishes that this deal gets finished. From you I will need the address of where to send the money, and a small sign of trust between us. Toobie told me you were a very handsome man, and I would like a picture of yourself holding a sign with My Name on it. Please let me know if there is anything else you need. Please send your address and a picture of yourself holding a sign with my name on it "ABORSHUN THADLIVED", and I will send the money to you right away. Also, please let me know if you need the funds in a bank check, money order, or corporate check. I will keep you informed as well as I can on her condition. Again, I would like to apologize for having to break the news of your friend to you, but I believe it is what Ms. Phisted wants. Thank You, Aborshun Thadlived

6 Mar, 2004 Kou Zowolo to Toobie Phisted

Thank you very much for your Detail Email, I am very sad as I Write this mail please do send my greeting to her that I wish her speedy recovery. Aborshun Thatlived, I would not be sending you any Picture forget about that if she has instructed you to do something for her then do so okay, if I have to wait for her to get better I will and if it's Good will that we shall do the business together we would and if otherwise so be it. Please Tell her I would be Traveling to Nigeria To meet with Mr. Charles Taylor and let him know what is happening, what ever he say I will get back to her via you. Then I will tell you where to send the Money, and I would Prefer Western Union Money Transfer, it’s easier and faster. Thank you. Kou

7 Mar, 2004 Aborshun Thadlived to Kou Zowolo

Mr. Zoowooloo,

Thank you for getting back with me so quickly. in response to your message, I fear you do not fully understand. Toobie has only a small chance of surviving the injuries, and in now considered comatose. I am going with her wishes to conduct this project, but you must work with me for any success. It is at HER request that I proceed ONLY AFTER receiving the picture I asked you to send, this way I can match it to the one you sent HER (Which i have retrieved from her computer). I myself have not ruled out the possibility that the project you and her were working on may be what brought on the attack.

I will send you the money, provided you send the picture, otherwise, I will have to wait until Toobie recovers, which sadly to say does not look likely. She did mention a picture of herself I am supposed to send you upon completion of the transaction. Please send the picture and your Western Union Information, and I will promptly send you the money. Thank You, Aborshun Thadlived.

8 Mar, 2004 Kou Zowolo to Toobie Phisted

I think the same Picture I send to Toobie is okay for You And as I write I am in Nigeria with Mr. Charles Taylor, so please I think it will be better we understand each other before we move forward. Thanks.

9 Mar, 2004 Aborshun Thadlived to Kou Zowolo

Mr. Zollie

I am very disturbed by your last message. I have gone through all the trouble of getting the money ready for you, the least you can do is to Obey Toobie's wishes and provide the picture. I am sorry to say, that Toobie did not survive her trauma. I am in the middle of making the Funeral arrangments, as well as trying to contact her family. I am not prepared to discuss this any further. There are only two ways I can go with this, either you furnish the Picture, one of yourself holding a sign with my name on it (ABORSHUN THADLIVED) and I will send you the $10,500 and the picture of her, Or we forget about this project all together. The choice is yours, and I suggest you adhere to the dying whishes of your friend Toobie if you expect anything in return. Either send the picture, or forget about the money and the picture of Toobie. Thank You. Aborshun Thadlived.

10 Mar, 2004 Aborshun Thadlived to Kou Zowolo

Mr. Zulu,

How are you? I was hoping you would write to me today, as I am still dedicated to our late friend's wishes. I would also like to let you know that we are having her funeral this Sunday (the 14th), and of course you are invited. I know this is a lot to bear, but if you CAN make it, Let me know when you will be in and I will pick you up. The closest major airport nearby is Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS). I do hope you can attend, as I know you will enjoy meeting all the Ladies Toobie worked with. She had many Lady Friends, but Yourself and I are the only male friends she had, and we should both consider that an honor.

I know I we do not know each other as well as yourself and Toobie did, but I want you to know I have no hard feelings against you. I know you do not like the requests Toobie made for us to finish this transaction, but I MUST comply with them. I do hope you understand that those requests (The sign, ect), and not mine, but Toobie's, and Neither of us would be much of a friend to her if we were not to follow them. I am truely dedicated to Toobie, and thus, the deal you and I have in front of us. In your last message, you stated that I should find the picture of you sent to Toobie of yourself. I have not been able to find that picture, but still, that is NOT what Toobie wanted. If you simply send me the picture of yourself holding a sign with my name on it, as Toobie Requested (ABORSHUN THADLIVED), I will send you the money involved ($10,500). I will even go as far as to send you additional money to cover your airfare, should you decide to attend her funeral. I think it is what she would have wanted. I have, however, attached the picture she wanted you to have, with the understanding that you will follow her wishes and send the picture so I can send you the money. Thank You, and Have a good Day.

Aborshun Thadlived

Scorpion’s Note: I thought I’d send him a “Broken” version of “THE” picture. He’s getting the axe soon, but hopefully He’ll send the second picture first.

11 Mar, 2004 Kou Zowolo to Aborshun Thadlived

Hello Aborshun, Thank you very much for your mail, I am so sorry for not believing you, but now I do, and I promise we would both be Good Friend just be honest and straight as Toobie was, she is a friend a true friend. I would love to come over, but I need to be hear to handle things properly, Aborshun I will send you the Photo tomorrow. Take care. A True Friend Is Gone and I would miss her so much. Kou

15 Mar, 2004 Aborshun Thadlived to Kou Zowolo

Mr. Zollie,

How are you? I am fine, and I am sorry I did not write back sooner. Now that Toobie's funeral is over and she is laid to rest, I hope to be able to dedicate more time to our project. I look forward to receiving your picture your picture, and with working with you more closely so I can get you the money you need. Please let me know how things are going, and again, please forgive me for taking so long to write back. Aborshun Thadlived

16 Mar, 2004 Aborshun Thadlived to Kou Zowolo

Well, Slapnuts, because of how long it has been since you last emailed me, I'm guessing you FINALLY figured it out. If not, let me tell it to you in plain English: There is no "Toobie Phisted, neither is there anyone named "Aborshun Thadlived". It was me as both, plainly and simply wasting your time. Lets look at exactly how stupid you are: You sent me a picture of yourself holding a sign that says "I Love Toobie Phisted". In English, that reads "I Love To Be Fisted", as in, you allow people to insert their FIST into your ANUS. Let me give you a word of advice: If anyone ever offers to fire vegetables into your ass, don't walk, but RUN away as fast as you can.

I've attached two pictures, one is the full picture of "Toobie Phisted". Yes, that's right, You've been beating off to a picture of a "Chick with a Dick". The second is just to show you how much fun a person can have with some decent photo-editing software and a couple of the pictures from some Mugu Scammers. As you can tell, You are NOT my first victim, and I doubt you'll be my last.

As for your efforts, quite simply, you SUCK. You have the most UN-original lines I have ever heard in a scam, and your attempt to be cool were totally lame. I am very disappointed that you did not use the number I gave you for my messaging service, because I was looking forward to hearing how retarded you sound in real life. I do however commend you in bringing Anal Sex into conversation in just four emails. Anal Sex and Scamming must be the only things anybody thinks about in that Ebola-Infested Shithole you call a country. If you are interested in a full transcript of our emails, just look on There you will learn, that you are not the only Scammer to fall for the bait, although you may be the Dumbest. My advice to you is to find the largest male gorilla you can find try to mount it, as you say, "Front and Back". That should either put a quick end to your miserable life, or find you a mate that will NOT result in procreation. Either way, I'm sure you will be the wife. Fuck off and Die, You Mugu scammer piece of shit.

Scorpion 6