1. How does it work?

How it works,is that,we have local and international way of this game,it's a game,either u loss or u gain. International way is this they send Fax,email and phone.

2. What's the most money you've seen someone make in one scam?

The most money they make is unpredicttable, because this money deosn't come in one or two instalment.But i have heared some making #5 to #10 000,000 dollars at blow.

3. Who writes the emails? They seem to be very similar.

The format are similar because they are composed by different people.This people are well educated and of different field. I believe before some one can compose any letter,he or she might have known how to respond to his clients.To my own understanding,this leters are composed by well educated men,such as Good lawyers,bankers that are no longer in service, journalists etc.

4. Is there a teacher who shows people who want to do this for some extra cash the tricks? How does someone become a 419 scammer?

This business required cash,there are people that knows job very well and they dont have cash to start up,so the rich once sponsor them financially.Some of them that nows the job from local way,because u have to start from some where b/fore u proceed.You work for this rich once ,the rich once sponsor as chairman.You work for the chairmen,if theres any thing that comes out,the chairman will know how to pay you,it's just like a firm,where they have Manager and Directors.

5. Who creates those documents for the scams?

I have answered this question b/fore now so look up.

6. What is the purpose of asking people for their bank information?

The purpose of bank informations is just for formality sake,they dont do anything with it,they just want to pull your legs for you to believe what they are doing is real.Where they opperates in banks is when they lay hands on your cheques book and your signature,that is why i was telling you guys some time that fourigners are involved,one can not pull out someones money in his account without an insider in the bank.

7. Why do the scammers want to talk on the phone so much?

They talk on phone so much for security reasons,you know its not everybody that knows about scammers,we still have people that doesn't know how it works rght,so that's it.

8. How many people actually fly over to your country and what happens to them when they meet up with the scammer?

That is to tell you that there are somany of them in the street out there,i may not know how many b/cos everybody knows where he or she belongs to,they have different offices where they opperates.


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