you see i always go to cafe to do one or two things and go back home and relax,waite when God will get me a job of mine right, so i always see different faces i don't know what they are doing because every body mined his or her own business,except those i know that are scammers you understand what i mean.As i was saiying,some of them are browsing,chatting, watching movies,send mail to there well wishers etc!  Sometimes when you come in to an internet cafe,you will find it difficult to get a place to sit you know.Again,there are some internet cafe that sells snacks soft drinks etc people buy to step down there systems.

In the cafe,as i told you last time,every body mined his or her own business,as per alcolic,notthing like that,they only sell soft drinks,like coca cola,ice cream,bugga,meat pies etc.  For games,they play vedio games,those who can play for me i don't no how to play.  Friend,i am not a gamler,anything game count me out.Infact i don't no how to play games such as cards etc.  For fun,i spirits,what i mean is that i takes alkohols such as beer,i like going to clubs you know,just because i have not gotten married for now.


Unlike other more technologically advanced countries, internet connections are beyond the reach of the average man’s home, so he has to use the numerous “cyber cafés” which take advantage of that fact. Sometimes these “cyber cafés are no more than a little room with a couple of computers linked to the net. Those Nigerians who can afford internet at home usually have other better paying jobs and do not have time to scam. Also what better place to scam on the web than a commercial place that has hundreds of customers daily, hence even if the location of the scammer is identified it will be nearly impossible to trace him amongst the customers. Most cafes have a pasted sign warning 419ers but this is merely a formality for legal reasons. I also noticed you didn’t know what a “bugga” was, well this is a corruption of the word “burger” that is used in the south eastern (mainly Igbo speaking) part of the country. Some of the larger cafes sell snacks, drinks and fast food.


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