Dr. Ken Uba to Anita Cox - November 27th

From: Dr. Ken Uba (Jr.)

My name is Dr. ken uba (Jr.) the son of the elder brother to Chief (Mrs) Forday Sankoy wife of general Forday Sankoy the
Honourable Minister of Precious Solid Mineral Resources and Leader of the main opposition party The Revolutionary United
Front (R.U.F) of the war turn Republic of Sierra Leone.

I got your contact from a reliable source while hoping you can be of assistance in my most caution-able need of a trusted and Honest Personality to Transfer a good Sum of (USD 17Million) seventeen million united states Dollars into the cover of your Private Account making you the Beneficiary of these money.

All documents will be prepared in your name or Company name for easy transfer while I will come over to receive it . A
negotiable good sum would be set aside for your assistance at 15% to 20%. You will be interested to know that the Chief
Executive of the Bank which these money will be Transfered from have been taken care of , and be rest assured that you are risk free as per any implications.

At the moment I am taking exile in (a neighbouring African country) with my Family as my In-law was recently arrested
now under detention of (U.N.P.K.F) United Nations Peace Keeping Force over his leading roles in the Sierra Leone conflict.

I appeal to you to make this a confidential issue and contact me as a matter of urgency for detailed informations of this transfer which will be taking effect within 5(five) working days.

Please reply to my direct mail: [email protected])

Awaiting your urgent reply.

Best Regards

Dr. Ken Uba (Jr.)

Anita Cox to Dr. Ken Uba - November 29th

Hi, Ken!

I'd really like to help you - I've just opened a bar here in Toronto and could use the funds for promotion.

Could you send me more information?

Dr. Ken Uba to Anita Cox - November 30th


I have seen your mail and I am very happy for your willingness to assist me pull this deal for real. I need to let you understand that I can not carry out this alone as reasouses at my disposal now are limited. What I am trying to say is that, I would not be able to carry it all. And that was why I contacted you in the first place.

You will help me to provide an account number where you want this fund to be remited, your private telephone and fax number for easy communication and more explain.

I will initiate the moves by paying all the taxes here and making availiable all the documants needed in this transaction from by depertment as well as from other areas. All you need to do for will be to assist me when, I could not carry on, just a little assist which you will equally take back when this fund is finally transafared into your niminated account in your country before proper sharing. Remember that you will retine %20 of the total sum of 14.3m.

I am waiting now to read from you so that I will start making some applications.


Dr. Ken Uba.

Anita Cox to Dr. Ken Uba - December 1st

Hello, Ken.

I should have all the information you need at my private corporate website.

Homer J. Fong note: This was a tinyurl redirect that goes to a 404'd page.

Dr. Ken Uba to Anita Cox - December 1st

Dear Anita,

I can not find your telephone number which said that I will see it in your sit, I have try to cheak it out but couldn't find it.

Could you please write it out to me so that I will contact you and tell you more about this transaction.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Dr. Ken Uba

Anita Cox to Dr. Ken Uba - December 1st

I guess I should have asked you this sooner. Would you rather use the bar's business account or my personal account?

Dr. Ken Uba to Anita Cox - December 1st

Yes, you are right for your qestion, I need your personal account where this fund is going to be transfered in direct and it will be safe, that is what you are giong to promise me that you will keep this fund safe and help me to invest my own share of percentage without anything happens.

Please try to send to me your telephone and fax number for proper directive.

That you will help me to keep this business seceret because of my position in my ministry.


Anita Cox to Dr. Ken Uba - December 2nd

My phone and fax is 1-651-***-****.

I do understand the need for confidentiality, but I do have one concern. The government has forms that are required for dealing with residents from African countries.

Would you be able to fill those out and FAX them to me if I get them for you? They don't have to be seen by anybody, but I would need to keep them on file. If you can't do this, I can't do business with you.

I look forward to hearing from you!



Dr. Ken Uba to Anita Cox - December 2nd

Dear Friend,

Could you please send the form for me to read and sign as well as we progress.

Thank you for the mail you sent to me and the telephone number you sent to me, can you be reached with this number you gave to me?

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Dr. Ken Uba.

Anita Cox to Dr. Ken Uba - December 4th

Good to hear from you, Ken.

I will go to the government and get the disk with the forms on it. They are available in Microsoft Word format, so I'll send them as attachments.

The second is something that was just implemented by the new provincial government here in Ontario. They require a photograph of you, holding a sign with the name of your sponsor clearly written on it. I know this is annoying, but I will require it so I am not in violation of law here. I run an up front operation. The good news with this is that you can get right on it, since it is a separate requirement from the forms. The only rules are that it must be in colour, and that the name is clearly visible. Could you please send that as well?



Dr. Ken Uba to Anita Cox - December 5th

Dear Anita,

This is my number: 234-17758529 or 234-80-33046767, I tried calling you yesterday to conclude with you and get to another step of it but couldn't get through, please could you as a matter of fact give me a call, and tell me the correct time of getting you online so that I will be calling you and explain things to you as we progress.



Anita Cox to Dr. Ken Uba - December 5th

I'm at the bar from Wednesday to Saturday nights from 7pm to about 1am. That's the
best time to get me there. I'm thinking the problem with the phones is on your end,
as it seemed to work fine when I contacted an importer in Germany yesterday.

Just a reminder, I need everything that the government requires before I can accept
the money. It is a pain, I know. If you need help with anything on the form, just
let me know!

Homer J. Fong note: I just wanted the least convenient times for somebody in Nigeria to have to deal with. At this point, a voice mail arrived.

Anita Cox to Dr. Ken Uba - December 6th

I still have no luck in getting my calls through. We're better off leaving all this to e-mail, if you ask me.

Have you been able to get the forms filled out? And the photograph? I must have those on file because of the laws here.

Homer J. Fong note: He then calls me again, and naturally, gets the voice mail service. It arrived at aprox. 10 pm Eastern time, which given my knowledge of time zones, translates to REALLY FUCKING LATE in Nigeria time.

Anita Cox to Dr. Ken Uba - December 7th

Did you try and call me? I could kind of make out your name, but it was mainly static.

Dr. Ken Uba to Anita Cox - December 9th

Iam very sorry for the bad connection we do have over here and you should call again with this number 234-17758529 is direct line and can be through anytime you want to call.

Am sorry once more for not sending the form you gave to me is due to am have been very busy in the office and I found some of the question very funny.

Expect it today.

Homer J Fong note: And here they are! Looking at the photo, remember that sometimes a cell phone is just a cell phone.

Anita Cox to Dr. Ken Uba - December 10th

I got the fax, but there was a problem with one of the sheets. It was heavily smudged on the lower half and will have to be resent. This was the first page of the two, the one with the transaction value one it. Everything below that can't be read.

Now that I know what you look like, I feel I should return the favour. I've attached a photo of myself in the bar.

Once I get the first sheet, and it is in good shape, we can get going.I'm sorry for all these requirements, but the laws here are quite specific.

Homer J. Fong note: The woman is Canadian 80's metal babe, and now jazz singer Lee Aaron. Naturally, there was no smudging on the form, but I just want to continue to frustrate the puke. Over the next couple of days, 2 more voice mails arrive.

Anita Cox to Dr. Ken Uba - December 12th

Have you been trying to call me again? The phone calls are still impossible to hear. Use e-mail. These are clear.

I'm going to need the first page of the forms resent, because it is not legible due to smudging.

Dr. Ken Uba to Anita Cox - December 14th

Dear Anita

Please I am sick and tied of all this delay, the time to finalise this project is very limited because if nothing is done between today and tomorrow the offices that will issue all the documents that will enhance the release of this fund into your account will be closed down for the year and by next year the Government will come up with new policy that might not okey for us for the remittance.

Now I have finalised all the neccessary arrangement for the smooth transfer of fund into your account without delay.

Please I can only scann the second page of the document, call me and tell me if that will be okey for you. Send the account details immediately for me to secure all the contract documents.

I need your urgent call today.

Ken Uba

Anita Cox to Dr. Ken Uba - December 14th


I tell you, I keep trying to call you. The phones aren't working. All I get is static and I can't hear anything. Frankly, this is as frustrating for me as it is for you. It is breaking my heart to know of your troubles and to have my hands tied by the law here. I need that document to be sent or otherwise I will be BREAKING THE LAW OF CANADA. I won't do that. You don't need to scan anything, just FAX it. If you need to fill the first sheet out again, I've attached it.

As soon as I see it has arrived, I will get you all of my banking information, and book my flight so the final dealings can be handled in person, which is the only way I do business.

God bless,


Dr. Ken Uba to Anita Cox - December 15th

Dear Anita,

How are you today? I have not heard from you for sometime now why? I hope you are by now through with your hectic schedule? I shall send you the fax tomorrow, keep the account ready.

I tried your phone and fax but could not get through. Please call me now because we have a very short time to work on the project. My phones are really ok' dail 234-1-775-8529

Thanks and God bless you.


Dr. Ken Uba to Anita Cox - December 15th

Dear Anita,

Smith Newman is my partner in the office

Anita Cox to Dr. Ken Uba - December 16th

Ken! I got the form, and it looks perfect. I know this was annoying, so I will compensate you. One of the regular companies that uses the bar for meetings gave me a laptop computer as a thank you for opening early on occasion so they can use it for their meetings. Unfortunately, I just bought one a couple of weeks ago, so I didn't need that one. I'll give it to you as a thank oyu for being so understanding to all of the bureaucratic hassle that I put you through.

For security reasons, I set all of the information you require up on my private webspace. I coded it so it can only be accessed by someone who is reading the mail through 404'd PAGE)

There is all my bank information, and a scan of my passport. It isn't my international passport, since there is something technical that prevents it from being scanned. What there is a passport card for domestic travel, and that is what I scanned and uploaded at the site.

Please view it there, and confirm everything as acceptable.

God Bless,


Homer J. Fong note: Naturally, that wasn't what I wanted, but I figure three weeks before getting past the original modalities are more than enough.

Homer J. Fong note: Hee hee. After getting that, he resent both sheets. Without even demanding it.

Dr. Ken Uba to Anita Cox - December 17th

Dear Anita,

I really really appreciate you alot and I thank God for giving me someone so special and so thoughtful with a godly mind and faithfully. Your kind gesture had really filled me with excitment.

I really appreciate your kind thought and loving gesture Anita and am wishing you a very wonderful Xmas & a prosperous year in advance.

Please send the Laptop through DHL courier service in favour of my Confidential Secretary name; MR GODWIN OZIOMA DURUJI, Adress: #22 Animashaun street Ijesha Surulere, Lagos -Nigeria and please send the tracking number of the
shipment or the Airway bill receipt to me to enable me receive it.

Anita please am very sorry I couldn't view or retrive the information you sent as needed kindly send it again or send it through another package because it keep show error as i tried in viewing it.

I will appreciate if you can always add phone call communication cause am sure it will really help us to facilitate the swift conclusion of this transaction. 234 1 7758529

I will be expecting to hear from you soonest.

Thanks and God bless.

Best regard,

Ken Uba

Anita Cox to Dr. Ken Uba - December 17th

I won't send it by courier. I'm bringing it with me. I plan to conduct this transaction in person, since it is the only way I do business, especially with the magnitude of this. If that is not acceptable, I will donate the laptop to a shelter for battered women, since they could use it for training, resumes, and job hunting. Plus, I don't really trust couriers. I have had stuff stolen in the past. I sent a region-free DVD player to a friend over in Europe, with tracking numbers, and he when he received the package it was opened and it was empty. Since I plan to meet with you in person, I'll give it to you then.

But here is what you need for my financials:

Bank Name: Laurier Savings Trust Company
Bank Address: 3790 Industry Road, Brampton, ON
Bank Account: 91079230-LSL17
Branch Transit: 28
Account Holder: Anita Lynn Cox
Account Manager: Randy Bachman

Do you need anything else? Would you need to contact Randy?

Homer J. Fong note: Randy Bachman is one of the more famous Canadian musicians, best known for his work with The Guess Who and Bachman Turner Overdrive.

December 18th (Yet another voice mail from Ken)

Anita Cox to Dr. Ken Uba - December 18th

I got a voice mail from you, but it was quite garbled and I couldn't comprehend it. What were you saying in it?

Dr. Ken Uba to Anita Cox - December 18th

My Dear Anita,

Thank you for your urgent response to my massage, how are you today? I received your passport and your account information you sent, you are indeed a beautiful young lady. Iam happy for you please expect my own passport with my official ID card by Monday.

I thank you once more for your kind guesture, however I have a family brother that works with DHL courie service company who will always help me to receive the gift as you promised to offer to me, I am realy glad that you are a kind hearted person and am sure God will bless you more aboundantly. please I advice that you send it through the DHL it will get to me safely.

I have succeeded in receiving some of the approvals, all we need to do is to keep our fingers crossed for a while but I will be sending you the copies of the documents for reference purpose. Ensure that you open a file to save keep all the documents, also don't forget to record any expenses even your phone bills because who-so-ever that spends will be recompensated before
the final disbursment from that 10% that was mapped out for expenses.

I will be expecting your phone call for more information. I also want to alert you that whenever you receive any call or contact from any office don't hesitate to reach me immediately to update me also.

By tomorrow be expecting about five (5) documents from me, one will be certificate of ncorporation showing that your company has been registered as a legal entity with the Federal Government of Nigeria. The second one is the VAT (valued added tax) in the name of your company along with the receipt of the payment, third the contract completion certificate and the contract registration certificate which shows that the contract was awarded to you and was fully executed and inspected "OK". Remember that all these are for mere formality I am only trying to front you as a contractor who really executed contract and awaiting payment. At this point I still need you to assure me that you keep it secret until you confirm this money in your account.
I have perfected all the arrangement so there is no cause for fear on your part.

Brother, it is very important that you call me for full detail, so don't get bothered about the phone bill.

I expect your swift response.


Mr. Ken Uba

(Followed up by still, yet another voice mail from Ken)

Homer J. Fong note: Time to end this nonsense with his phone calls and his request.

Lisa Leonard to Dr. Ken Uba - December 18th

Hi. You don't know me, but I'm a good friend of Anita's. The two of us own the bar together. I have some bad news. She was involved in a multi-vehicle auto accident on the way in to our place over the lunch hour. But there is good news. For all intents and purposes, she's fine. So don't worry. All I know so far is that she suffered some bruising in the face and neck when the airbag went off. They hope that she'll be out of the hospital by Saturday at the latest.

I hope you are not put off by my contacting you. I just noticed your e-mail saved on the desktop of the bar's computer and thought you should know about this. Anita does more of the behind-the-scenes business than me, so she always has a few things going. I really don't know anything about her dealings with you, but it seemed important enough to let you know what happened. I just thought you should know why she may not be contacting you. I do have a couple of other folks to get to as well, so excuse this mail's brevity. Today has been chaotic, obviously.

If anything changes, I'll be sure to let you know.

Lisa Leonard
The Jester's Quarters

Dr. Ken Uba to Lisa Leonard - December 19th

My dear Lisa,

Thank you for your kindness, and for your apparent behaviour, you are a wonderfull person. May the almighty God bless your for the benevolence.

Please may I ask for one thing from you? Can i get to know you more? I thank God that she is alive despite the plan of the devil stike her dead but the alimighty God raised standerd against him.

Please I will love to ask for one thing, will it be possible to talk to her today right in the hospital through your cell phone so that I
hear her voice and know how she is feeling when you visit her today you call me or give me your direct number and the exact time to be there Exten my sincere sympathy to her, I pray for her quick recovery, I am truely sorry for the plans of devil has failed.

Thank you once more for the information, my glorious regards to your family and all your well wishers.

God bless,

Mr. Ken Uba
234-1-775-8529 or 234-80-33046767

Lisa Leonard to Dr. Ken Uba - December 19th

Nice to hear back from you. I have some good news, but some bad news about Anita's condition.

The good news is that she will be released from the hospital tomorrow.

The bad news is that her injuries that were suffered when her airbag deployed. There was apparently something faulty with it, and deployed at an angle, and only partially. The impact of the bag going off severely damaged her larynx. She was unable to speak when in the hospital, but the good news is that after the surgery and with therapy, she'll be able to talk within 6 months.

She should be able to e-mail you tomorrow with full information about this.

You want to know how sweet and nice she is? I had planned to go out east and visit my family for Christmas. No phones. No e-mails. No business. Just two weeks with my family, who I haven't seen in two years. I offered to stay back and watch the business, because of her condition. She told me to travel anyhow, and she'd be able to handle everything. She is so sweet, and such a great friend.

Anyhow, I leave first thing tomorrow morning at 7:00 Toronto time, so I don't think I'll be able to write you again. Sorry that I couldn't call you, but I've been quite busy with everything. I wanted to call you, but could barely find a minute. I've been back and forth from the computer 9 times already just getting this short message out.

Lisa Leonard
The Jester's Quarters

Anita Cox to Dr. Ken Uba - December 22nd

I was told that Lisa informed you about my accident. I'm sorry for the delay, she said I'd be out of the hospital on Saturday. I just got out a couple of hours ago. It is so hard to adapt to not speaking, even when saying a single word causes intense pain. I finally feel I've adapted, though it still feels strange trying to communicate through a marker and a pad of paper. Thankfully,
e-mail is available for my business dealings.

So, what's next with this deal? I hope my accident isn't going to be a problem.



Dr. Ken Uba to Anita Cox - December 23rd

Hello my darling,

I am very sorry for what happened to you, how devil tried to kill himself not you but the almighty God said no. I am happy for your life infact I do not know how to thank God for your life. Please accept my sincere sympathy over the incident, I give God glory for his mercy endureth forever.

My dear everything is still ok, I am praying for you day and night wishing you quick recovery. As it stands now I have some approval document ready to send to you, including my international passport and my official ID card but I need to hear your voice before sending, pls, tell me when to call and speak with you?

God bless you,
Ken Uba

Anita Cox to Dr. Ken Uba - December 24th

Please excuse if my mailings are less frequent for the next week or so. I'm on a heavy sleep prescription from the doctors, so between running the bar and that, I don't have a lot of time for that. When Lisa gets back on the 4th of January, things should be better for me.

I remind you that I absolutely cannot speak for the forseeable future. The damage to my larynx is so severe that the vibration of my vocal cords aggravates it to the point of intense pain, and I still am mute and unable to talk anyway. As I have written in the past, you have my word and trust with this. Considering that a young child who was also part of the accident will be spending the rest of his life in a wheelchair, my temporary injury is so minor in comparison. It will cost his poor parents so much to renovate their little house for his needs, that I would love to use my share of the money to help pay for all that they
will need.

Just let me know what I must do next. On the week of the 4th of january, I should be able to fly anywhere to put the final touches on this dealing.

God bless,


Homer J. Fong note: 3 days to get back? Slacking isn't good for scammers.

Dr. Ken Uba to Anita Cox - December 27th

Hello Anita,

Compliment of the season!! How are you today? Please the offices are now on Christmas holiday so you have to be patience till they will resume on January next year, be informed that they are going to contact you as soon as they open. However be expecting some documents from me in which I secured from the AUTHORITIES as an approval documents, these documents will enable you receive the fund as the actual beneficiary of the said sum.

Wishing you compliment of the season, remember that Jesus is the reason for the Christmas, always pray to God with your family. Mary Xmas & Happy New Year in advance.

God bless you,

Ken Uba

Anita Cox to Dr. Ken Uba - December 27th

I await the documents. They can be sent to my FAX #, which I think you have.

Also, please let me know where I must fly to in order to finalize this transaction.

Homer J. Fong: Did the cybercafes close over the holidays? Nudge. Nudge.

Anita Cox (from a new e-mail address) to Dr. Ken Uba - January 2nd

Ken! Please use this address from now on. I think my old one was hacked into by my scuzzbag ex-husband.

Look at this:

>You tramp! You fucking whore! After you get the $1,500 a month in spousal
support from me you're fucking around with some Sierra Leonian? Sending him
pictures! You FUCKING TRAMP! Perhaps your Dear Dr. Ken would want to see what

I'm sorry Ken. I really don't want to share more of this with you. It got incredibly racist and, in my opinion, threatening. Nobody knew about this except myself. Lisa knew I was dealing with you, but doesn't know the specifics she wouldn't tell him anything!

I have no idea if he is serious about flying to Sierra Leone, but in case he does, I've sent a picture along with this mail. I think he is just blustering.

Anyhow, back to business. What do you need from m?

Homer J. Fong note: If you're wondering about Anita's ex, it is this charmer.

I was going to send a picture of Gino Vannelli, but when I saw this guy's nickname, I just couldn't resist. Don't really want to know how he got it.

Dr. Ken Uba to Anita Cox - January 5th

My dear Anita,

How are you today? I hope you are getting better? Glory be to God. Please I would love to talk you today will it be possible?

I am truely sorry for the little delay in replying your mail, at the expected time. The problem is that I have been looking for money to complete the payment of some required documents that will enhance the release of this fund into your bank account like ANTI-TERRORIS CERTIFICATE and the DRUG FREE/CLEARANCE CERTIFICATES.

However I have paid some money and has got all the approval documents ready to be sent to you but I have to finish the payment of this two immportant documents so that I could send it along with the others. I have really spent so much in this transaction and now we are almost at the concluded part of this transaction. I just need little money I know despite the
probblem you had, I fill you would have assisted me but all the same if you can help me, you can have your money back or pay back to whom that may wish to lend to you even it means borrowing with interest no problem just promise to pay back in the next week.

I will be glad if you will assist at this time.

May the almighty God bless you and grant all your hart desire.

My regards to your friend.

Ken Uba

Anita Cox to Dr. Ken Uba - January 7th

What does this form look like? While I can imagine one existing, I've never heard of an official one.

Dr. Ken Uba to Anita Cox - January 9th

Dear Anita,

Please my darling I am sorry for all the delay the reason is because I have been busy with some official committment, based on that I was unable to send you all the approval documents I received which will enhance the release of this fund.

Please I would love to talk to you, how possible would that be? Please let me know when and how?

The documents are ready to be sent to you. I don't understand what you meant in your last email to me.

Thanks and God bless.

Ken Uba

Anita Cox to Dr. Ken Uba - January 11th

I was just wondering what they looked like, that's all. I'm afraid that I will be unable to speak until April at the earliest because of the accident.

Just let me know what I must do.

Anita Cox to Dr. Ken Uba - January 17th

Ken? Are you still there, darling?

Joseph Sanusi to Anita Cox - January 20th







Dr. Ken Uba to Anita Cox - January 20th

Dear Anita,

How are you today? Hope you are getting better. Please find an attachment of the APPROVAL DOCUMENTS, which will surely enhance the release, the fund into your nominated bank account.

I am please to inform you that God has done it for us, I have being working all this while to ensure I finalize everything successfully for the smooth receipt of this fund

It is a wonderful opportunity that the CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA CBN decided to pay all her foreign contractor through her offshore payment center where we have oil reserve account in Madrid Spain. This is to inform you that
your name happened to be one of the people to be paid as appeared in the local newspaper yesterday. This has really given us an ample opportunity to conclude this transaction without going through the other way, which would have cost much time and money.

All I need now is your assurance to corporate and receive this fund. As soon as you receive this money you will kindly assist me to travel to Madrid to receive the money, I would be grateful if you will still maintain the trust and confidence I have in you and help me by securing a good permanent stay in US there.

Anita that you travel with all this documents, which I will send to you. Please if the Authorities in charge of payment will contact you anytime from now. However be expecting two other documents tomorrow which include POWER OF ATTORNEY and the EXCHANGE CONTROL APPROVAL FROM NNPC my ministry.

The Officials are going to reach you as soon as possible

I await your prompt response for an update.

Thank you and God bless.

Ken Uba

Dr. Ken Uba to Anita Cox - January 22nd

Pease contact me as soon as you receive thisattachment.

Ken Uba

Anita Cox to Dr. Ken Uba - January 23rd

Good to hear from you again. I am relieved to know that everything is safe with you at this point. Especially after my scumbag ex-husband's mail. If it makes you feel safer, he is currently in jail for driving drunk and attacking a police officer when he was pulled over.

I can't imagine they'd let him out on bail, and if he did, he would have to turn over his passport. I don't think any trips to Africa are in his future. :)

Tell me what you need.

Dr. Ken Uba to Anita Cox - January 25th

Dear Anita,

Am glad to hear from you againn. You did not answer my question very well, Please I want to be sure of what is hapenning, have you been contacted by any office? how many documents did you receive from me or any other ministry?

Please do reach me immediately for more information,

God bless you.
Ken Uba

Anita Cox to Dr. Ken Uba - January 25th

Sorry about that. Must be my meds distorting my vision. I have yet to hear from any government agency. Just you. Is that good or bad?

Homer J. Fong note: I was hoping to have fun with the psycho ex husband card. Since he wants to play it straight, I'll do the same. Straight into lots and lots of time wasting. At this point, as shown above, I'm getting mails from a Joseph Sanusi. I'm pretending not to receive anything from him.

Dr. Ken Uba to Anita Cox - January 26th


Please how many document have received from me? Please mention them?

Thanks and God bless you.

Ken Uba

Anita Cox to Dr. Ken Uba - January 26th

I have 3.

"Contact Award Certificate" " Certificate of Incorporation" and a "Contract Completion Certificate"

Anita Cox to Dr. Ken Uba - January 29th

I haven't heard anything. Is everything OK?

Dr. Ken Uba to Anita Cox - February 2nd

Dear Anita,
Please the delay is getting too much. Let me tell you, the execution of this project cannot be perfected without phone conversation. I am a civil servant and have not got much time for emailing because of my official engagement so I suggest you look for a way through which we can talk.

Please every thing is ok? so if you can try and call me or arrange for someone that could talk to me on your behalf.

Please I am eagerly waiting to hear from you.

God bless you,

Ken Uba

Anita Cox to Dr. Ken Una - Feb 4th

I'll try to arrange something with my friend, Lisa.

Dr. Ken Uba to Anita Cox - Feb 6th

My Dear Anita,

Ok' no problem, that will be great then I will be expecting to hear from you soon.

God bless you,

Mr. Ken Uba

Anita Cox to Dr. Ken Uba - Feb 7th

I lost the number. What is it again?

I will be out of town for a portion of the time next week. I will be travelling to London, England and Madrid, Spain to
personally pick up some furniture for the bar and my condominium. Believe it or not is cheaper for me to fly over and take it back like that than to have it shipped.

Homer J. Fong note: All information I could find put the fool in either London or Madrid. I've already wasted 2 1/2 months of his time (still short of my personal 4 1/2 month record). At least I can get a trip to the airport out of it.

Dr. Ken Uba to Anita Cox - Feb 8th

Dear Anita,

Nice to hear from you, I am happy for you for what God has done in your life, glory be to his holly name.

Please we need to talk just as I told you, There is a very big proggress, I received an official gazzett in my office from the presidency and behold your name appear as one of the contractors to be paid trough our offshore payment center in Madrid Spain where we have oil resarve account.

This has really given us an ample opportunity to receive this fund with out going through long proccess. Please I have in my table here a copy of the gazzett and a copy of the CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria) payment and approval notice to send to you but am sure they would have tried to contact you in the past. Kindly get back to me and tell me if you have receive
such two documents from any office or not, then I can be able to send you copy of it.

This is very big opportunity for you to receive the fund from the Offshore office there in Madrid on your way to buy the funiture.

Get back to me urgently,

God bless you,
Ken Uba

Anita Cox to Dr. Ken Uba - Feb 8th

No I haven't received any documents.

Also, would you want my flight itinerary from London to Madrid?

Anita Cox to Dr. Ken Uba - Feb 10th

Do you need my flight plan from London to Madrid?

Homer J. Fong note: Fuck! Does this guy's mommy hold his hand when he scams on the Internet? This is one of the worst scammers I've ever baited!

Dr. Ken Uba to Anita Cox - Feb 11th

Dear Anita,
Please find an attached two documents from the authorities in charge of this payment. One is the GAZZETT and the CBN FINAL NOTIFICATION OF PAYMENT.

Confirm the receipt of the two attachment. Do not forget to send to me your flying Schedule and the arrangment to talk to your friend. Ensure you call the payment center and get back to me.

Await your urgent response.

Ken Uba

Anita Cox to Dr. Ken UBa - Feb 11th

Damn! I can't believe I forgot about having Lisa call you. I'm at the airport right now ready to fly over to Europe! Here's the flight info.

Flight: British Airways flight 462 on an Airbus Industrie Jet
Depart: London Heathrow, UK (LHR) Feb. 14 at 6:50pm
Arrive: Madrid, Spain (MAD) Feb. 14 at 10:15pm
Travel time: 2 hours and 25 minutes
Mileage: 785

You've seen my picture, but in case you've lost it and need to forward it to Madrid, I've attached it. I'll also have a bodyguard/interpreter travelling with me. He used to be a cop, but he got thrown off the Toronto Police Force
for using his service revolver to shoot at the homeless. It's not like he hit them or anything, but the lousy chief threw him off the force!

God bless,


Dr. Ken Uba to Anita Cox - Feb 12th

Dear Anita,

Please try as much as you can to call Dr. David Robert of the Offshore center on his direct number +34-6-19685653, do inform him about your arrival to receive your contract sum of US$14.3m, contract number: NNPC/PED/PHR/4700-97,
Exchange control approval number; FGN/0157/2004. Please you have the right of ownership as the rightful beneficiary of the said contract, it is only me and you that knows that you are not the beneficiary of this fund but I really fronted you as the beneficiary who really executed contract and awaiting payment and that is the reason your name appears as one of the
contractors to receice their contract payment in this first quarter of
the fiscal year.

Please You need to have these to documents with you (GAZZETT and CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA FINAL NOTIFICATION OF CONTRACT PAYMENT) or you can copy the above contract details as listed.

Please make sure you call David Robert and ask him how to reach with him for the clearance of your contract payment and it has to be today.

Please do that and get back to me.

God bless you,

Ken Uba.

Homer J. Fong note: This guy is unphased by all the psychos in Anita's life. Sheesh. If crazy folks can't get him all upset. How about someone stealing his maga?

Anita Cox to Dr. Ken Uba - Feb 15th

Hi, Ken!

I'm just home from Madrid, and am surprised to see this about a Mr. David Robert.

I met with someone at the airport and handed him 15000 Euros in order to facilitate the transaction. The person I met with was Dr. Collins Kenneth, and he was wonderfully polite. He said he still had a few things to work out, so it will still take a couple of days, but everything should be in my account by this time next week.

He had copies of the paperwork you filled out for the Canadian government and my passport scan, so he obviously checked out, and he satisfied my bodyguard.

I have Dr. Kenneth's business card, but my purse fell in a snowbank as I got out of the airport taxi and his phone number got smudged. I can still make out his e-mail address though. It is [email protected]

When I get the money, I will withdraw enough for you to have a first-class flight from Sierra Leone to Canada. I've got a good friend that got me a couple of courtside seats at a Raptors game. It's on March 5th. Once you reach Canada, you can apply for refugee status, and I'll sponsor you. Considering the circumstances in your homeland, it shouldn't be a problem and you
can live here.

God bless,


Dr. Ken Uba to Anita Cox - Feb 16th

Dear Anita,

I do not understand what you are saying? Please we need to talk, Whom did you say that you meet at the air port? I am sure you are not playing game?

Tell your friend to call me now just by all means because this money is my life, I have invested all my live savings into this business only to get all the needed approved documents which I have successfuly done.

I told you to call him on the number I gave to you on the email before you meet with him but you refused.

Ask someone to call me now.

Ken Uba

Homer J. Fong note: He's just not pissed off enough, yet.

Dr. Collins Kenneth to Dr. Ken Uba - Feb 16th

Look what I got wit da money da maga bring!

Homer J. Fong note: He read this mail 1/2 hour after sending it. What I wouldn't give to be a fly on a cybercafe wall.

Dr. Ken Uba to Dr. Collins Kenneth - Feb 17th

My brother,

How are you? I can see you are fine. Please I am the onwer of the job you attended. Please I want you to know something, 1 we will collect more money from the MAGA 2 I have a lot of things we are going to do together even as I am talking to you I still have maney jobs who will visit MADRID any time from this moment, I mean every bit of what I am saying, I have
decided to do more business with you only if you will beleive that more thigs will come our way.

I want you to do me a favour, this job is own by one of my boys and he is expecting to hear from me to give hime share of what I collected from his client that went to Madrid. However I know that what am about to tell you might be difficult for you to do but I am very sure that you are not going to regret every bit of what you are going to do.

Please send 30% of that money to me through western Union Money transfer in favour of Mr. Adam Solomon address; Lagos Nigeria. Call me on my direct phone 234-1-775-8529 or 234-80-33046767 or you can send me you number for me to call you so that we can talk better. If you have a brother here in Lagos please tell the person to call me on this number and have meeting with me.

Expect your urgent response to this mail.


Homer J. Fong note: Not pissed off enough yet. (Thanks to Shockwave for this dialogue)

Dr. Collins Kenneth to Dr. Ken Uba - Feb 17th




Homer J. Fong note: That translates to: "Hey Worm infested person, Hey you, how are you doing poor man? your maga answered my prayers. You think you're tough? Canibal!, Bushman!, soon me and my friends will come to get you and we will beat you so bad you'll remember the day you were born. My luck is in, now get out of my face."

And just put the icing on the cake. Note the transposed digits on Ken's phone.

Anita Cox to Dr. Ken Uba - Feb 17th

I tried to have Lisa call you at the number of 243-1-775-8259 but whoever answered didn't know who Ken Uba was.

You need not worry. Dr. Kenneth is a true professional. I'll have the money by the weekend in my account. I sent Dr. Kenneth an additional $7,500 US Dollars to cover the Spanish Import/Export fees. There's no need to worry.

I'll let you know as soon as the funds arrive.

Dr. Ken Uba to Anita Cox - Feb 18th


You has loosed all your money and do not blem me because you refused to take my Advice, Why did you have to send another money after all it told you. You are dealing with a wrong person.

He is not David Robert I gave you his number 34-619685653 you can call him now and confirm if he is the person you mate with. STOP the money you sent now or know how to recover your money from this unscruplus element who claim to be the David Robert while he is not. stop every communication with him now.

I do not know how he managed to talk to you atthe air port and you did not ask youself why he did not take you to the CBN office there in Madrid. The number you claimed that you called is not my number you called a wrong person, I usually give you my number in almost all my mails to you, My number is 234-1775-8529 not what you said you call. I am not sure of what you are saying because you refused to take advice from me before any step. You have disapointed me why?

Call me now on this number 234-1-775-8529. We need to taltk you cal use any body to interprit for you. Your money is gone to a wrong person not David Robert. Try and see if you can stop the last US7.000 you sent to that fool call Kenneth. but why did you release you information to that guy.

I am waiting for your call today.

Dr. Ken Uba to Dr. Collins Kenneth - Feb 18th


No problem, if you think is the best eat it alone but remember that there's too much thing to come.

With the lord I sarve remember tomorrow and perhaps we may share big money tommorrow.

Ok' thanks,


Dr. Ken Uba to Anita Cox - Feb 18th

Dear Anita,

How are you this afternoon? hope you are alright.

Anita could you please send to me the evidence of the payme3nt to Madrid so that we can trace the Guy.

My belove sister what kind of mistake is this, How could just see somebody are the airport and give the person money without any prove of tne person, how could a whole the Director of the Nigerian International Remmitance Depertment Offshore Centre Madrid Spain will see you at the airport and collect money from you without taking you to his Office so that you see
things by yourself and receive the money Cash payment.

Please just cheak out all our effort since to Achive something now you have made a great mistake which will set us back small, just call DAVID ROBERT ON THIS NUMBER +34-619685653, now and confirm weather he is the person you give the money to and get back to me Ok'' before things will go wrong.

Looking forward to hear from you.


kEN uBA.

Dr. Ken Uba to Dr. Collins Kenneth - Feb 18th


If you think that there is no God go ahead and eat that money only you for I know that I prayed and fasted for the success of this business and God heared me and the job dropped the money.

If you don't want the wraght of God eat the money and see if there is God or not. You have collected US$15.000 plus US$7.000.

All I ask is 30% of the money you retain 70% and we have many thing to do together, I know that you are a nice person just do it and you are not going to regreat it.

God bless you,

Ebola Monkey Note: This is fucking brilliant! Monkey Man APPROVED.

Dr. Collins Kenneth to Dr. Ken Uba - Feb 19th


Homer J. Fong note: Area Boy = Small-time scammer. And now, it is going to get really strange. But first, a little more worrying from Dr. Uba.

Dr. Ken Uba to Dr. Collins Kenneth - Feb 19th

My Guy,
You mean you don't have human sympathy. You mean 30% of the money for the job that is not your own is too much for you to give the owner of the job after I mention God for you?

Thank you God bless you eat the money.


Dr. Ken Uba to Anita Cox - Feb 19th

Subject: SWIFT ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What is going on? Did you not receive my mails yesterday? Please I am truely sorry in the name of God ask someone to call me today please the number you are calling me from is not my correct number, my number is 234-1-775-8529.

It is important I talk to yuo today.



Dr. Ken Uba to Anita Cox - Feb 20th


Do you mean you want to jeopardize all my effort and plans or you did not receive all my massage, I told you that the person you are dealing with is not the right person;

Please tell me when to call you I am worried you are westing your money
for evain.


Anita Cox to Dr. Ken Uba - Feb 20th

What have I been telling you all along? Don't worry. Dr. Collins Kenneth was professional. I checked my online banking this morning. All the money is in there!

It did get transferred into Canadian funds, so I hope that isn't going to be a problem. Over $22.3 million dollars! WE'RE RICH!

I'll arrange a flight for you so you can escape Sierra Leone! I'll meet with my travel agent tonight, and you should hear from me either tomorrow or Sunday.

Ta ta!

Dr. Ken Uba to Dr. Collins Kenneth - Feb 21st

My Friend,

You call me bush man because you got money from what you did not surffer for. I only ask for 30% of my business with the owners of the job and still promising to do more this with you since you can handle jobs well there but out of your greed, you refused, even when I call God name yet you ignore that name thinking you have power over every body, I left everything
for God to treat it in his own way according to how he treat strong men like you.

I sarve God of sharp sharp he is going to avenge for me, I am not a greedy, I ask for little percentage of my own very job, I mean people are heartless. You carried her to online banking good.


Dr. Collins Kenneth to Dr. Ken Uba - Feb 21st


Dr. Ken Uba to Anita Cox - Feb 21st


You are a stupid person since you don't want to listen to the me that intruduced this business to yoy, am very sure you will come back to beg when your eye clear and I will not listen to you instead to look for another beneficiary that will be able to obey me.

I am the originator of this fund and knows what to do to stop this payment from entering your account because of your disobidient, You will surely regret everything you are doing. Kenneth Collins is FRAUD you are trying to play on my inteligent so I am going to drft a stoppage order to all the authorities if you don't call me today. No wonder I gave you David Robert's
or even to call through your friend lisa but you would't hear now you keep given money to impersonator who is not the main official of the Offshore payment center.

After today do not call me again for your going to loss all the money you invested in the hands of the fraud star.

Do not call me today and see what will happen if you will be able to receive this fund without me or not.

Ken Uba

Dr. Ken Uba to Dr. Collins Kenneth - Feb 22nd

Boy let me tell you I know you very well I have your fool information through my guys there and they all know you,
listen to me you will see how wise man dies in the foolishman back yard. You keep calling me BUSHMAN because I said I don't want to ,spoil the job but you don't know that I have every information about you here and there, watch what is going to happen to you, I give you few weeks and you will see how wicked people like you end up.

Greedy fool, the money is not your own neither your father's money, That money will you want to eatalone will teach other people lesson.


Dr. Collins Kenneth to Dr. Ken Uba - Feb 22nd



Homer J. Fong note: Another scammer's phone number in Madrid. And back to Anita:

Anita Cox to Dr. Ken Uba - Feb 22nd

Ken! Why are you being so rude? What are you talking about? The money is in my bank account right now! I checked it myself yesterday. I did a little bit of shopping on Saturday. Look at this new outfit I bought! Nothing went wrong. There is no hold on the funds. All the money is here in my Canadian bank account right now!

And I've arranged for your flight to Canada. There's a lot of transfers, but you shouldn't mind. Don't worry about it. Everything is set and it is booked under the name of Dr. Ken Uba. All you should have to do is show up at the airport with some photo ID, and you'll be on your way to your new life over here in Canada. Don't worry, this money will come out of my share of the funds.

Flight: Afrinat Intl Airlines flight 750 operated by MILLION AIR on a McDonnell Douglas DC9 Jet
Depart: Freetown, Sierra Leone (FNA) Feb. 27 at 8:55am
Arrive: Bamako, Mali (BKO) Feb. 27 at 10:10am
Travel time: 1 hour and 15 minutes
Mileage: 506
Layover time in Bamako, Mali is 40 minutes

Flight: Afrinat Intl Airlines flight 750 operated by MILLION AIR on a McDonnell Douglas DC9 Jet
Depart: Bamako, Mali (BKO) Feb. 27 at 10:50am
Arrive: Accra, Ghana (ACC) Feb. 27 at 12:20pm
Travel time: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Mileage: 724

Flight: Bellview Airlines flight 257 on a Boeing 737 Jet
Depart: Accra, Ghana (ACC) Feb. 27 at 7:10pm
Arrive: Lagos, Nigeria (LOS) Feb. 27 at 9:10pm
Travel time: 1 hour
Mileage: 250

Flight: KLM Airlines flight 588 on a McDonnell Douglas MD11 Jet
Depart: Lagos, Nigeria (LOS) Feb. 27 at 10:35pm
Arrive: Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS) Feb. 28 at 5:15am
Travel time: 6 hours and 40 minutes
Mileage: 3161

Flight: British Midland Airways Limited flight 102 on an Airbus 321 Jet
Depart: Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS) Feb. 28 at 9:40am
Arrive: London Heathrow, UK (LHR) Feb. 28 at 10:00am
Travel time: 1 hour and 20 minutes
Mileage: 217

Flight: British Midland Airways Limited flight 4857 operated by Air Canada on a Boeing 747 Jet
Depart: London Heathrow, UK (LHR) Feb. 28 at 12:35pm
Arrive: Toronto, Canada (YYZ) Feb. 28 at 3:15pm
Travel time: 7 hours and 40 minutes
Mileage: 3553

God bless, and I'll see you on Saturday!


PS: You should really apologize to Dr. Kenneth. He mailed me telling me how rude you were to him after all the help he gave you in moving the money over here. I'm sending him an additonal $10,000 tomorrow as a thank you gift. I can't imagine all the work both of us had put into this, and you're being so rude to both of us.

Homer J. Fong note: He'd been forwarding my mails to Madrid, which is why I thought I would find him or his associates there. But everything else traced to Nigeria. Hence, that's why the flights I've arranged goes through Lagos. Meanwhile, Dr. Uba is less violent when he thinks that Dr. Collins Kenneth has hacked into Anita's account. The bankbook I dummied up in Excel.

Dr. Ken Uba to Dr. Collins Kenneth - Feb 22nd

My guy,

How come you intend to wicked your fellow guy and you don't know that I know you very well. You know what it takes to program one job up to that level. I told you that since you are good in handling job, let us work togather I have some good jobs which we have to collect more money from even Anita sice you can do online banking very well, I have some boys working with me.

What am asking for is not too much you know that to me because i DON'T want to go to shrine or for you because I know you very well. Am sorry what happend in the past plase help me with that 30% I ask for before the owner of the job will kill me.

Please call me on my number 234-1-775-8529 or 234-80-33046767

Thank you for your understanding,


Dr. Ken Uba to Anita Cox - Feb 22nd

Dear Anita,

I am not rude it is because you refused to take my words. Please my Sister in the name of God do not send any money again to him again until I arrived your country, so all you need to do is to ask him to hold on till Thursday. Kindly send to me US$2.000 today for me to pay for my air ticket to your country, Please do not buy for me there I want to buy it here.

Send the money through Western Union Money transfer in favor of our receiving cashier Mr. Chidi Matthew, Address Lagos Nigeria , then send the transfer information like the control number, the senders name, text question and answer if any, this will enable me to pick up my ticket to your country immediately before you will make more mistake. Do not send the US$10.000
tomorrow please! Please! Please!!!!!!!!!!

Please AD-HERE to my instruction I want to show you something when I arrived there.

God bless you as you take my advice. Ask your friend to call me on 234-1-775-8529.

Ken Uba

Dr. Ken Uba to Anita Cox - Feb 23rd


Send me the money for the ticket, then I will be there on Friday so that you can hear me, this is important.


Homer J. Fong note: To quote Bart Simpson - "Cool, I broke his brain."

Dr. Ken Uba to Anita Cox - Feb 23rd

Have you send the money for my air ticket to your country? I am sure you did not disobey me this time cause I told you not to send money to so called Kenneth. Ensure you send me the transfer infomation to the payment of US$2000 to enable me receive it imediately and secure the ticket for my trip to Canada.

However I know that you did not disobey me this time? Do not forget to ask your friend Lisa to call me today.

I have finalised my arrangement to fly down there, then I should be able
to tell you the reason why.

Ken Uba

Anita Cox to Dr. Ken Uba - Feb 24th

Don't be worried. I'm not going to send any money via Western Union. It is notoriously untrustworthy. I use the PayRapide service, which is exclusive to Canada and Europe, but they will expand to Africa in the near future.

And who is Chidi Matthew? Is he some sort of gangster type? You won't have to worry about Chidi anymore! Just show up at the airport in Sierra Leone with your passport or some sort of photo ID and you'll be on your way to Toronto.

I don't need to send you any money - the ticket is already paid for in your name!

I'd get packing if I were you!

See you Saturday. I'll be at the airport waiting for you! Ta ta!



Dr. Ken Uba to Anita Cox - Feb 25th


What is really between us? Why do you find it difficult to understand me? I told you that you should send me US$2000 for me to get the ticket for myself and have little balance for my (PTA). And I also told you that you should send it through Western Union Money transfer so that I can pick it up the Day and you are still you are sending the ticket.

Please Send the money today, you don't have to so difficult o me because you are my partner, I also told you not to pay the Kenneth the last US$10,000 and I don't know if you have done that or not, lastly I told you to ask your friend to call me and you refused, I ask you to call David Robert before going to Madrid and you refused I asked you to tell me what type of
eveidence that was shown to you at the air port when you mate them, I asked you to send to me the evidence of payment of all the money you send to so called Kenneth.

Why are you so difficult to understand? Please send the moey today in the name of CHIDI MATTHEW, Address Lagos Nigeria. Please do expect me in your country Friday. I still want to talk to you through your friend.

God bless you,

Dr. ken Uba to Anita Cox - Feb 26th


Please do not send any ticket to serria loene because Iam not presently in serria leone because of the people that lend me money to secure some documents which I also send some to you and on my coming to your country I will make sure that the other remining documents also will be made avalible by me when I am coming.

So, the money should be send for me to have money for the ticket and for (BTA).

Please it important you send the money with the name I gave to you because he is working under the government, the WESTERN UNION,will be safe,fast and reliable.

Please try as much as you can to ANSWER the hole queston I asked you on my last mail to you.


Ken Uba.

Anita Cox to Dr. Ken Uba - Feb 26th

I am quite uncomfortable sending the money. It is not because of you - it is because I am worried the money could get stolen! All I am going to do is arrange for a flight to get you out of wherever you are and get you here to Canada and your family's fortune, which is safely in my account.

I've recalled the funds from the first flight, now where are you so that I can have my travel agent book your flight to Canada?

Dr. Ken Uba to Anita Cox - Feb 27th


Why are uncomfortable sending the money to me? I told you that noting will happen to the money, Mr. Chidi Matthew is a top Goverment functionary and will have a security check over the money. I said nothing will happen to the money, just trust me he is a nice person. This will enable me to pick up the money the same hour.

Please send it today and stop delaying. I am expecting to hear from you unfailingly todad. Why do you ignore all my questions?

Send the control information imedediately.

Ken Uba

Dr. Ken Uba to Anita Cox - Feb 28th


What kind of human being are for Christ sake? Do you want to sit on my money? What is the problem with you? You have my money with you why do you find it difficult to send me US$2,000 for me to buy air ticket and fly down to your country and share the money with you according to the agreed percentage.

I am only giving you just today to send that money or else I will know your plans that made you not to follow my instructions all this while, and that is the reason why you refused to talk to me even to ask your friend to call me.

You have All me personal data with you why then are you behaving funny.

If you dont want me to report to FBI, INTERPOL, and CIA about your plans or to flash you on the internet on monday, do not send this money and see what will happen since you are sturbone. I have every information about you.


Homer J. Fong note: Time to bring this to a close.

Anita Cox to Dr. Ken Uba - Feb 28th

Fine. I've sent the Western Union money. It can only be claimed in person at the Western Union office. I will state again that I don't trust Western Union one bit so don't blame me if the money gets stolen!

Test Question: What colour is my new Ferrari?
Answer: Black

The number is 3041957196

Dr. Ken Uba to Anita Cox - March 1st (sent 4 times)

Is like you want to see what I will do? You want to know if I will do as I said or not. why are you finding it difficult to send $2000 to me for me to get air ticket to your country? Are you trying to sit on the money? My money is with you and you know that, how come you are trying to be difficult. Why do you derive joy in making things difficult for me?

What have i done to offend you? am I not the owner of the money? All the mails I sent and the questions I asked you ignored all why?

Please I want to fly down to your Country, and the arrangement has been concluded, Please send the money today.

Ken Uba

Anita Cox to Dr. Ken Uba - March 1st

What's the problem?

Dr. Ken Uba to Anita Cox - March 3rd

Do you want ti sit on my money?

Anita Cox to Dr. Ken Uba - March 3rd

What in the hell are you talking about?

Anita Cox to Dr. Ken Uba - March 6th

What the hell is the problem? I sent you the Western Union money for the plane ticket. All your money is in my bank account here in Canada. The least you could do is tell me your flight plan so I can meet you at the airport in Toronto.

Homer J. Fong note: I've had it with this clown. Time to close up the tent and find a new guy to play with.

Anita Cox to Dr. Ken Uba - March 8th

Dearest Dumbest Mugu Ken,

We would like to thank you. As part of our creative writing classes, we were assigned into a group and had to initiate communication with someone of much lesser intelligence. While most people talked with the kids who rode the short
yellow bus to school, we decided that we should converse with one of those idiot 419 scam artists. We hit the jackpot when your barely literate missive ended up in our e-mailbox.

Our teacher, Mr. Ferguson, was so impressed he gave as an A+ for this assignment. He was amazed we were able to put up with your idiotic e-mails without sticking our heads into a gas oven. We laughed as you filled out those forms for us, sent us those obviously fake documents, and begged for us to send the money. We laughed at the phone bill you racked up trying to contact Anita Cox. He couldn't believe you thought that I sent you a real Canadian passport. Did you seriously think that a real passport has a Wayne Gretzky watermark on it? And the beaver!?

And then Mr. Ferguson saw how much fun it was to torment one of you scumfucks, that he decided to join in the fun and play Dr. Collins Kenneth just to get you even more furious. You didn't disappoint. Thanks for the laughs. Your threat to report us to the FBI was classic, considering you would be turning in a completely fictional person. I would love to take the call at Interpol when you'd have to admit to pulling a 419 scam. But that wouldn't be problem, since we both knew there was never any sort of money in Sierra Leone or Madrid. Don't worry. There's no money in an account at Laurier Savings & Trust. In fact, there is no such bank by that name at all. It is as real as Anita Cox.

I hope you had a fucking blast the last three months, because we sure did.


Jessica Holmes and Roger Abbott (aka Anita Cox)
Luba Goy (aka Lisa Leonard)
Mr. Don Ferguson (aka Dr. Collins Kenneth)

PS: Thousands of people every day are laughing at your pitiful scamming skills.


As of March 12th, no response.