EBOLA MONKEY NOTE: For this assignment, I made the mistake of letting Mohamed think up his own questions and answer them. I'm very sorry. From this point on, I won't let him answer his own questions.

I think he tried to write about what a victim actually sees when he or she goes over to Africa to pick up the money. Maybe you, the reader, will be able to take something from this.

1. What did they saw.
2. Did they showed him or her the luggages that contains the sum they told him or her about.
3. Did they told him or her on how to go about they consignment or the luggages,i mean on how they can transfer it to any place,anywhere you know.
4. Did they requiested any money to enable them transfer the luggages and how.
5. Did they opened the luggages for him or her.

Yea, you see the said luggages,contains real American Dollars just ontop of the crate,i mean the boxes just to decorate where you can see,but under neat is some other things you can think of.They can give you one or two of those Dollars to go and spend it just to convince you as their MUGU,I HOPE YOU GET WHAT I MEAN.

And they can not allow you go with any of those boxes,except they are satisfied with the cash they had collected from the MUGU,may due to how the MUGU has pest them then they can allow you go with the boxes,and again they will still set you up with some body that will come and claim to a police officer just to get the boxes back from you,even if they see how sturbone the MUGU are they still hand you over to the police nearby,accusing you to be carring counterfit along,you may not understand what i am talking about but i am just giving you little story about the game you know.


He was trying to explain to you a very popular scam still used here in Nigeria today. The scammer(s) take you to see some crates with “dollars” filling them. Usually the story is that the crates were confisticated from or abandoned by criminals on the run in an airport or shipyard. They then open one of these crates for you which actually contains genuine American dollars (only on the first layer though) and they even go a step further as to give you a few notes to spend, after you successfully done so, greed takes charge of you and you offer to give them the money needed to retrieve these crates from the security company or airport or shipyard where they are currently kept. After the scammers collect the desired sum, they give you some of the crates which now contain fake notes and set you up with the police so that you get arrested for the possession of fake currency and any story you tell the police to explain the situation will obviously sound like a cooked up one, hence the scammers are safe.


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