I have from the very beginning coined my name as Mr. Haywood Jablome in attempts to get him to play the classic submit picture game. I initially thought it would be fun to say my name was Iabad Tehrist and have him go to airport, then he would get arrested by the FBI and his scam would get National Attention,  but then also so might I just for being a part of it, so I chose the Jablome route instead. Following is the transcript with my comments in {curly brackets}.

---------- Initial Header -----------

{The scammer has edited my response to make it look like I accepted all of his demands, but really I had some fun with him from the very beginning. He edited those comments out. My notes get better as the transcript continues. Most of the time I misspell my test on purpose to make me look like a gullible dumb ass.}

From      : "Dakota Wota" [email protected]

Date      : Sun, 18 Jan 2004 17:55:33 -0800 (PST)

 Subject : Response to business offer

Dear Mr. martin,   I have recieved your letter that praise almighty has seemed to have arrived in times of great despair and so I would be willing to assist you with your business venture needs. As so indicated by your statement "To assist me claim this fund from the BANK as co beneficiary. To transfer this money in your name to your country.To make a good arrangement for a joint business investment on our behalf in your country and you, the caretaker." However, your second request "To secure a college for my little sister and my self in your country to further our education. And to make arrangement for our travel with you to your country after you have transferred this fund. Most importantly. The whole documents issued after deposit in my custody. For your assistance, I beg to concede 5 % of this money to you for your efforts assistance.   

{This scammer uses french yahoo and spells 'fastiduous' better than I ever could. He is a well literate monkey man. }

January 19th, 2004

 Dear Heywood,

Thanks for your reponse. We'll appreciate anything you can do for us to be able to get this money. We're not too fastidious about money, rather whatever can be done for us to get out of this our present situation which is so dilapitated and no more condusive for us. Since like you said, you're not too conversant with travelling and education area, we are going to take care of that once we have access to money. We'll begin now to make enquiries on how to go about it. Our major concern is to get this money transferred because we cannot continue to suffer while the money is lying in the bank. Even there're treat of wars by rebel each day, and nobody can predict, war might break out. We pray God to forbid that happening as we don't know what will be our fate this time around. So we need to do something as soon as possible. But the problem is your request for 45%, even though we know that 55% is better than nothing, but you know that we have alot of problems we'll have to take care of, and this is the only hope we have. It is not as if we are saying that the 5% is okay but we going to make it 20% for you. Also, as you are going to help us invest our share and manage, we'll share the proceeds from the investment 50/50. So, for us to commence with the transfer, we'll like you to send us your full contact details and the bank informations with the account where you want the money to be transferred. Once you send it, we'll forward it to bank with a letter notifying them of our intention to transfer the money to your designated account, presenting you as our benefactor and our late father's foreign business partner. When we do that, the bank will contact you on the transfer procedures. We'll also want you to give us your words as we're giving you ours and will stand by it as not going to betray the trust on you when the money is transferred to your account. We'll want you to send us your picture for recognition and we are going to send you ours if you want us to do so. Please we are taking you as father and are resting all our hope on you to see us through the ordeal and hope we'll not be disappointed. We'll be expecting to hear from you as soon as possible.

Best regards,

Martin Williams.

Do You Yahoo!? -- Une adresse gratuite et en franšais ! Yahoo! Mail :

{January 19th My reply to him. I try to appear as a person with ill intent just as himself}

Martin, well I guess 20% is acceptable. Now I am a businessman and accept your offer, contingent on my understanding in summary of the following: You want me to give you the bank account information to which to transfer the money to? You want my information and a picture of me? That sounds pretty simple, but one thing I am kinda clueless on is that after you transfer the money to my account, you will then contact me on the transfer procedures. I'd kinda like to know upfront what the transfer procedures are BEFORE I divulge such information to a total stranger over the internet. SO what I want from your party upfront is the following: Explanation upfron of transfer procedures. Your sending bank information ANd picture of you in return. I understand that you are from the ivory coast or some such place in West AFrica, so I wonder if we can kill two birds with one stone as they say here in America. I have never been  to Africa and have only seen pictures of naked topped women in villages in National Geographic. Is that what it is like there? Or is it more modern? Anyway, the picture I want is one of you or your associates with a sign that has my full name on it and you have 2 hot African women on each side of you (4 total) (topless if you can) taken in some downtown area or a beach in your country so that I can get the following achieved: authentic picture of you declared by sign with my name Mr. Heywood Yablome, Scenic picture of downtown West Coast Africa, and naked topped African women (ok, I'm am not all business but that will be our little secret ok?) (If you can't get them topless, then at least there has to be 4 of them two on each side, plus after you take the picture, they just might want to party with you and then you will have me to thank for the great opportunity I presented to you! Ha ha.

 - Heywood

 {Still January 21st - his reply}

--- martin williams <[email protected]  wrote:   Dear Heywood,   We didn't mean that we'll tell you the transfer  procedure after transferring the money but I said   that once we send you contact and bank information to the bank, they will contact you on the transfer  procedures. I don't have experience in the banking area so I don't know the procedure for international  transfer. I don't actually understand what you said about the kind of pictures you want us to send to  you. Are you saying that we should go getting naked women to snap pictures with so that we can send it  to you. I don't know how that will be posssible as that will mean going to some whorehouses to get such  pictures. I don't even think that there's any woman here who will want to take pictures naked with you  except prostitutes and you'll have to be into the same game with them. If you want our picture with   your name signed on them we will sent that to you but that of naked people will be difficult to get.  Remember that this africa and they still view such attitude to be immoral. If   that is the only thing that can make us go ahead with the transaction that means you are putting us  in the tight corner or maybe you don't want to help us. But if you want us to go ahead, do let us know  on how you'll want us continue. Till we hear from you.   Regards,   Martin.


{Same day. My reply}

No, it was kind of freelance, I party alot myself and understand if that is something frowned upon by your culture. I didnt say naked I just said topless, France women go topless al the time and it no big deal. I just hought it would make for a hot culture photograoh rahter than some dude holding a picture for me. Too bad your culture looks down on that sort of thing, no wonder there are riots and wars where you are, cause everybody is so damn FRUSTRATED!!! you'd think if everybody loosend up a little, thered be a lot more f*kn and alot less fighten! Course, there's alot of that going on in Somalia anyway right? I mean DUH! why dowyou think there are so many starving kids over there is because all the adults are f*kn and no momey to support the kids! Ok, now I gonna go see about getting a special bank account for this transaction because I wanna keep it secret from normal everyday stuff since this is a special request form you guys. I'll be right back while I walk down the street to the First National Bank. It's right down the street from me, actually, it's the only bank in town, but in every town thewy all say First Bank. I wonder, why is there never a Second Bank? DO ya ever wonder?? Well, I am also gonna get a picture of me to send to you, if you want it? But for sure, if you cant get a picture with no stinken goils in it then just you with my plakard should do well, that way I know if your transfer came through faster ok, ok?


{Realizing at this point I just spelled my own name wrong, so gonna have to cover for it on the next reply. I also try to come off as a dumb ass and use tactics learned from previous scam baiter techniques}

{Here is a second cover up email I sent right after the one above. I also sent a pic of 'me' picture I found on the net.)

Ok. its me, I am attaching a pic I just took of myself. I cant quite figure it out but its the best I can do. Hopefuully your will be better. I also got back from the bank and opened the account. I had to put $5000 dolars in to hold the balance since they said I have to have a combnimation balance with my other accoutns plus something about the international transfer taht I casually asked them about., DFopnt worry, our secret is still golden, I didnt mention anything about you guys,. So the account has all these numbers on it Iam njot sure which number is which, usually I never dont worry about that stuff. So do you have xample of what I should do? I notice in my last email, Iam complete idiot, I thought somalia was the same thing as Ethiopa and then I cant even spell my own name right. Oh well.its just typing. I didnt mention what kind of business I am in, but maybe it is netter that you dont know everything since you are from a continent of high morals too high to go get picture with prostitue. Do they have disease over there in the dirt?or are the prostitures clean eating? Ok, I am ready to transfer teh money baby! Whooo daddy! I am already beginning to think of all the ways I can spend, uh, I mean invest it! yeh, just kidding (a little joke there). Hope you like my pic and please send me yours, remember with my name on the sign is 'Mr. Heywood Jablome'. If you cant get with other gfirls, can you at least go downtown or something public so that I can see other girls around you (like in the background or off to the side or something? Could be real innocent like. natural. I am looking forward to seeing what you look like so I can enjoy talking to you even more and much less gettting rich together too! WHoo heee!

- Heywood  

{January 21st} He supplies a picture from a magazine with Heywood Jablome written ON the picture. It kinda looks like he makes his sister be asking to be blown.}

Dear Heywood,
I received your mail with the picture. like you requested, this picture we could take as there's no beach here in the town. We currently staying in a very timid location which is still developing so such exposed life is not obtainable here. I attached here the picture of myself and my sister for you. Since you have open the account you can forward the details to us so that we forward it to the bank. I appreciate your understanding to keep this very confidential and we trust you can handle it fine. We are also really looking forward to see you. Till we hear from you.


Best rergards,


{January 21st - my reply}
Martin. THat is close but no cigar. That is a picture that you wrote on. I said for verification purposes it
has to be a picture with you holding a sign in the picture. It has to be an actual picture of you holding
a sign. Anybody could do what you did.

Try again. In the mean time I have figured out from my bank that the three numbers are Account Number,
Transit Number and Routing Number, also a PIN, I'll just give you all 4 numbers, once you follow my
instructions exactly.

- Heywood.

P.S If you are in such a timid, high morals area, what the heck do you do for fun???

{January 23rd} He supplies yet more pictures from magazine. Still no CLASSIC picture objective.
Dear Heywood,
First of all you said you want a picture signed your name on it. I sent you exactly that, now I don't this is the best we can get and I think this is okay for you. I attached the picture here for you. I will be waiting for the details as you said you have already gotten all the information. We're not concerned about fun for now rather how to get out of this our present condition. There's no way anybody in our shoes will be having fun bescause there's nothing funny in the situation we found ourself. Are we having fun, when cannot have three square meal a day? Or we're having fun there's no education for us? Just tell what will be funny here. We really need you help that is only when can have fun when we get through with our ordeal. Till we hear from you.

Best regards,

{January 23rd - Now I am getting impatient with the carrying on of bullshit - so I decide to forcibly end it. I refer him to the earlier email about the National Geographic instructions}

Ok, Martin, now read through this attached email thatI originally sent you. You have misinterpreted the English language. When I said send a picture with sign with my name on it, I didnt mean sign as in write on the picture, I mean sign as in you are holding a sign with my name on it. It is a picture of you holding the sign. That, my friend is the only way I know that is a real picture of you and your sister rather than some picture you scanned out of a magazine. Now if you cant comply then I'm gonna forget the whole deal. I have been offered a much better deal from a Dr. Princess Makadu that says she will send me a crate full of money that she is not allowed to open. So unless you come though soon, I',m gonna go to big city train station to pick up the package. That I know is for sure better than what you are capable of doign, a mere picture of you holding a piece of cardboard with my name in thick black ink.  

{January 26th. I still have his interest somehow after telling him all bets are off. He really must think I am a dumbass worth catching. After all, I do have that special bank account set up with $5000 in it just a callin his name!}

--- martin williams <[email protected]  wrote:   Dear,   I don't know what to say here because it seems you  are  more interested in the business where you said  you're  asked to come and carry boxes; If that is where   you're  more interested in, you can go ahead rather than  suffering us by giving us all these trouble. Like I  earlier told you, we barely survive on alms we beg   from good samaritans here. We have to feed on that  also, so it doesn't go down well with us by spending  it irrelevantly snapping pictures. I don't see what   those pictures is going to prove, at it will not  have  prove the authenticity of the fund. Like I said we  have all the documents pertaining the deposit which   I  feel will be the only authentic something that you  can  use to ascertain the truth of the money. Though we  can  only give you copies of these documents for you to   verify with the bank but you'll have to assure us  that  you're going to handle them with utmost care and  very  confidential. We are supposed to be the person   asking  you for an authentic picture as it is our money that  is being transferred to you. So we needed to be sure  that we are actually dealing with you. So if you   still  wish to assist us do let us know so that we not be  having empty hopes, but know what else to do. All  these are just unneccessary delays, because you're   supposed to be more concerned on the athenticity of  the fund. We'll be expecting your response to know  decide our next line of action. Till I hear from  you.

   Best regards,   Martin.  

{My reply Same day. Willing to lay it all on the table at this point just to get THAT picture!}

My dear Martin, you must think I am an idiot. I have setup a special bank account with 5 thousand dollars in it to facilitate the transfer of your fund into my account. But once I give you the account numbers, what is to stop you from withdrawing every penny FROM my account? Therefore with total disregard to validity of your funds, I would like to be able to prove that I am dealing with trustworthy individuals by following my simple directions to which you have given me nothing but scans from a magazine and bullshit appeals to pity to make me feel that you & your sister are poor and have no fun and that money will make you happier and is your only recourse. However in the pictures you sent me so far, I doubt they are you, because the two people in the picture look vey happy, are having lots of fun, and are dressed nice, and the man even has a gold chain around his neck. THat doenst look like the poor life that you portray through your emails. Therefore I think you are fullashit. The only thing that will make me believe you, is to follow these instructions to the tee and then I will know I can trust you with my special bank account:

1. Get something to write on.

 2. Write in Big Bold Black Letters      Hey Mr. Heywood Jablome!

3. Hold it clearly in front of you

4. Smile for the camera

5. Have your associate take your picture

6. Send the picture to me.

I dont really have another deal going with your Nigerian counterpart, I just made that up to get you jealous, but I see you are still the one causing delays not me. You see, the way I see it is if you can't do this one simple thing, then how the hell am I to believe that you are gonna help me get your money?? No ficking way will that happen if you cant do something so simple as to take a fucking picture! Now, either quit wasting my time, or go fuckyerself!

Mr. Heywood Jablome  

{January 27th. I catch the scammer in his lies. Watch how he tries to explain those first pictures}

--- martin williams <[email protected]  wrote:   I didn't think your an idiot but I was explaining   our  situation to you. But you also got me wrong too. I  know that you want to help us but it seems you're   still doubting our sincerity. We're not interested  in  the money you used to open account for us. Even I  didn't see the possibility our withdrawing your   money.  Ther's no problem since you said that the picture is  the only way you'll be rest assured that we really  honest, we'll get the picture exactly as you said.   But  you'll understand that I don't have personal camera  to  snap the picture so I will find a public photo  studio  and snap the picture. So I assume you can give me   atleast today and tomorrow to do that, once I snap  the  picture and get it, I'll send it to you. But what  you  said was wrong, the picture I sent you before was   the  picture snapped before when things hasn't gone too  bad  like it is today. Like I told you, we never dream of  a  situation like this before in our life, but   everything  happened so fast that before anybody will realise it  we find ourselves is this ver difficult condition.  If  not for this money then our life is finished. I am   not  trying to paint any picture for you to start  pittying  us, but I just want you to know how serious we  needed  your help. You should know that however we carry our   problems on the face will never solve the problem  unless we find the actual solution which what we're  trying to do. I am also not saying that we'll not   have  fun if we want to, but what kind of fun will we have  when there is no basic things of life, no education,  no can't feed well, sickness and all. So what type   of  fun will we have. To solve our pressing problem is  more important to me, so whatever you can do for us  towards getting us out of this present condition   will  be appreciated. Anyway once I get the pictures I'll  send it to you. Till then, bye and take care.

  Regards,   Martin.

{Me still playing his game, I tease him with a bullshit bank PIN number...}

Martin, I'm glad we finally see eye to eye. I'll waitfor the picture, do whatever it takes. In return foryour good faith, my pin to the account for now is: H9KZ. It's the orginal one the bank gave me so I haven't changed it yet, that's why it makes no sense. Waitng till then...


(January 28th. With money on the way, the scammer figures its time to introduce the ol sick sister ploy. We all know she will die soon anyway. This is the scammers attempt at getting a little money for himself , apart from the kingpin scammer he works the network for. At this point since it is all bullshit, I was figuring the picture story was bullshit too}

Dear Heywood,   I was able to take the picture today. But I'll get  it  tomorrow. So once I get it I'll send it to you. But  I've little problem here, my little sister just fall  sick and has been taken to the hospital. She taken  on  admission for now. So I'll be keeping close to her  from time to time because there's no money else to  look after her. Even though she'll be given some  fees  medication but what is been given here will not be  enough to take care of her. So I'll need to rally  round to make some to suppliment whatever will be   needed. She'll also need to feed well for that  she'll  recover quick. By God's grace I'll do my best. So  I'll  be sending you the picture by tomorrow as I said  once   I get it. Till then.

  Best regards,   Martin.  

{I downplay his sister being sick and pretend like I dont see his monetary request}

Martin, sorry to hear abot your sister suddenly to hospital. Did she break her leg or soething? Drs can do amazing things at hospital and so I am sure she will be fine. From the pictures you sent me, it looks like she has a strong heart so all you can do is be sure to make visiting hours. I was in the hospital once myself and one thing will happen, sometimes we wish to be alone, so when you do go to visit, say your praise and be strong for her, but do not stay too long. She'll be home before you know it.  

{January 29th) (Oh my GOD I got the picture! The picture arrives! What was that only 10 days???} (This guy was fairly easy, but then I wasnt gonna put up with any of that love father uncle brother bullshit. Afterall, I am a business man, ha ha ha}

Dear Mr Heywood, I got the picture out today so I attach it here as your requested. Like I told you I had to close to my sister in the hospital. The doctors said she had typhiod fever with hypertitis so she has been on drip and just regained a little strength today. I hope and pray she gets better as quickly as possible. Thank you for your advise. I'll be expecting to hear from you as you said that once you get this picture we'll start with transaction. Once I get those informtion, I'll forward them to the bank so that they commence action on this. Till I hear from you.

Regards, Martin.  

{My reply. At this point now, I have forwarded the CLASSIC picture to my two friends, one which gave me this scammer as he was handling one from Dr. Princess Makadu already himself. But he pointed me to EbolaMonkeyMan website as well as another fine girl that led the monkey man to the webcam at the cafe in Amsterdam! Now Mr has the email and I am formulating this story for him to post on his site and join the ranks of IMA DILDO, MR. BUKKAE and IVANNASTIFFKOKINMYANUS! Ha ha ha.}

{I am for now, not ready to slam the scammer so I am stalling a little bit}. {Here is my reply so far}

Well you spelled my name wrong Yablome instead of Jablome but I guess that is good enough for the purpose it serves. I am at work right now and cant type for long, but let me know if there is anything I can do to help you with your seester.  

{His reply}

{January 30th}

Dear Mr Heywood,
Thank you for your kind concern. I appologise for the mistake in spelling your name. My sister improved a little bit today, though she is still on drip and has not started taking solid food but she had regain consciousness. I learnt that the Typiod Fever was caused by contamination from unhygenic food and environment. This is why I am most concerned about getting this money transferred so that we'll not be seeing all the kind of sickness. So I hope you'll send the detail so that we can forward it to the bank immediately because the earlier we start with it, the better. Though I am more concerned with transferring this money which is our major problem. Because I know that once the money is transferred we can take of every other problems. I wouldn't want to border you so much with our problem as I know that you have been kind enough to accept to assist us by easying our major burden. I also wish to express my appreciation for your kind concern. The only difficult I am having now is the little money to buy some of the drugs for sister because she needs some good drugs to enable her get well quick. Though we are entitled to fee medications here, but you find out that the drugs they give here is not adequate for the patient that are sick here. So they are rationing the drugs to be able to go around. So one just need to do whatever he can to help the situation. Now I have already spent the
little money I have initially when the sickness started before it got worst and was taken to the hospital. I has been very diificult for me sustaining ourselves these few days. So if there is anything you can do for us in this regard, I'll so much appreciate it even if it means paying you back once the money is transferred. No matter how small, I know it will go a long way in solving some problems for us here. We'll appreciate anything that comes from your heart. But that should not be our major focus as I know that God will always be with us. The most important is to get this money transferred. I'll be expecting to hear from you.

 {January 30th. I am setting him up for the almighty slam, now that I have his classic Hey wouldya blow me picture.

I can deal the bullshit just as mighty as the slammer}

Martin, I realize it will take time to transfer the money, in the mean time I being a religious man have
asked thy father at my church and allo ur followers to pray for your seester that she may recover as we all
know the money may not get there in time for medicine to get there in time to help her as what you have
listed is very serious disease. My God man, not too frighten you but she might not make it! What have you
thought you would do if that were to happen, I me, if it were me, would be devasted to loose my seeester!

Well, I got the numbers for the bank, I hope it assists you in getting the money to me. But one
question I have, is how after you send the money to me, do I send it back to you in time for your seester
to get better? I am so confused.

And another question, do they speak French where you are in West Coast africa because I notice you are
using which is Yahoo French? And also if you are so poor and in times of war and stuff, how do you
get access to computer to email me? Ok those just questions I confuse on.

Hey, a joke, a Nigerian named Buckwheat come up to a guy Alphafa and he said his teacher toll him to use
the word DICTATE in a sentence and he said that after Laquisha got done sucken the meat sausage, he axed
Laquisha if she like the way his DICTATE! Ok that funny joke but that is something my father Mulcahey
told me in confidence at the confessional. When I asked him for everyone to pray for your seester I told
him about you Martin but I didnt know your seester's name. So we need name to pray to her for.

My bank numbers are RT9076-0001-4987381#5714 then there is a little c with a circle around it??? I'm not
sure what it is but I hope it is what you know what to do with.

- Heywood
{January 30. Here is his his reply}
Dear Heywood,
Thank you for your prayers. Like you said I'll be so divastated if anything happen  to my sister. She is
the only person I have now. Please I need you to do me this favour, I need $200 from you. There is some
injection and drugs I need to buy for her. So I'll need this money possibly today so that I will buy
those things. We'll pay you back every penny once the money is transferred. You can sends me the money
through Western Union Money Transfer so that I can get it quickly. You can send it with my name: Martin
Williams; Destination: Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire. Once you send it, you email me the control number and test
question. My sister's name is Joy Williams. Meanwhile the number you send is not the complete details
required, we need your full name, contact address,phone number and fax number, the bank name, bank
address and account number. These are the details need for the transfer. I don't think it take all that long
once we provide every documents. Cote d'Ivoire is a french-speacking country. Although there's tension of
war here after some previous disagrement between the government and the opposition which caused crisis
before, they is some calm now. I go to business centre here to send mails, I used the money I got as alms
from people here. That's why I don't have money to take care of my sister's drug. I have made friend with
the attendant in the business centre so He was able to allow work on credit and atimes he let me work free.
Please do send me the complete details so that we can go ahead with the transfer. Once the money is
transferred, I'll tell you what we'll need to take care of our problems here so that you can send it to
us through Western Union also. I'll be expecting to hear from you as soon as possible.

{January 30th. I am so gonna slam him big time, right here and now. I be surprised if he answers back, although

I want to do it so that he tries to defend himself rather than just hang up}

Martin, I just came back from church and I received some very disturbing news. After I asked the congregation to pray for your sister Joy, I had to tell them all about our little goings on. Many of of the congregation including Father Mulcahey told me that you Martin, are a Nigerian MUGU 419 scammer and that you dont really have a sick sister and that there is no money to be transferred and that once I give you my bank account information and personal contact information, you will then hand control over to your Nigerian monkey man boss to proceed to sick the Nigerian mafia out on me, steal all my money and possibly hunt me down kill me and rape and pilfer all my women! Is that true Martin Scammer williams? That doesnt sound like the work of the lord but sounds like pure evil hedonism to me. I bet you not even have a sister who is sick and the $200 that you want is something personal for you that you get on the side that doesnt end up going to your king pin boss. Martin, I put my trust in you but now it seems you have done me an unjust. How do you explain all of this Mr. Martin? I tell you one thing I am grateful for is the truly CLASSIC picture you have sent me. It only took 10 days for me to get a picture from you where you are soliciting somebody to blow you! You can go look foryourself and other MUGU scammers like you at If this what the congreation tells me is true, then I will tell Mr Ebola to put your picture up there too and you can join the ranks of all the other Nigerian scammers that have seek to rob people of their hard earned money thanks to the bullshit that flows over the internet. If this is not all how it is, then do please explain, otherwise may you rot in rat infested pools of diareahh and be poor and riddled with disease and eat boogers out of your nose for meals.

- Heywood, as in Hey, Wouldya BLOW ME!

{ Feb 2nd - No reply from the scammer Martin. One last attempt to reach the scammer}
Hey Martin! Where did you go? If you don't answer back and explain yourself, the WHOLE WORLD will be laughing
at you! By not answering me and falling silent, you are incriminating yourself! You are admitting you are
a fake, a scammer by not defending yourself! Come on Martin Scammer, prove to me that I am mistaken.

- Heywood. as in Hey, Wouldya BLOW ME one more time!
{Still no further replies. The Scammer Martin has apparently contracted the same disease as his sister}.

{Feb. 6. Here is his his reply}

Dear Dakota,

I do not need your help and any of your informations any more because I notice that you are not serious to help but only fouling me so please i big you with name of God to not write me again.

Good bye for now.

Martin, please excuse. Dakotawota is my dead dogs' name. Only I am allowed to use the name Dakota,
however my first name really is Heywood and that is why I thought of that clever Hey wouldya Blow me,
because I have had my share of that all through young school child days. I am pleased that you have actually wrote back as I figure you scammers just get assigned arbitrary email boxes at will. So you can continue to call me Heywood. Heywood yer seeester blow me? or do you really not have a sister? Hey, Martin, explain to me out of honest injun interest, what is your take in the 419 scammer world? Like you live in a town and work for big honkey cheese dog say we call him Jamal. And there is a big room full of you lesser pond scum individuals trying to eke easy money from people that have an ass for a brain. How do you live with yourself everyday knowing that you do this to people? Ya gotta admit though, the emails are fun arent they?

Now, if you think that your secret shanty of operations is still a secret, think no more, for you have been located:

Also, go see your own personal entry at:

Good day to you sir,and I look forward to more entertainment from you and your cohorts.

- Heywood. ;)