Ebola Monkey Note: I received an email from a fan named Kimmy recently that included this short correspondence with a picture of a scammer. She had no real intention of getting into a long correspondence with this clown but managed to get us a photo of him before she retired from our sport. Being that she got the picture on her first try, hopefully she will decide to come out of retirement as she is always welcome at Here is an excerpt from her email:

I used to reply to all these scammers and just tell them how fucking annoying they were, but since I found your
site I realized that there's a much more sophisticated way of pissing them off, and getting them to do a few useless trips to the airport in the process. Recently I received a mail from a Mr. Jack Mensa, and I replied to it. I wasn't going to start a long correspondence or anything (I don't know where you find the energy for these elaborate and seriously hilarious schemes, stories and names-you guys are brilliant), I just wanted to see if he replied. Well he did, but he certainly took his time. Therefore I had deleted his original mail already, which is a shame(I received the original mail on the same day that I replied to it, Aug. 2nd). But I have enclosed my original reply, and his (surprisingly) elaborate reply to my mail. Picture and all, and everything on the first date. Wow, we're talking third base here, and clearly Jack's last name hasn't got anything to do with the Latin expression "Nomen est omen".

- Kimmy


From Ben Dover to Jack Mensa on Sat, 2 Aug 2003 07:31:49 +0300

Dear Jack,

I am very sorry to hear about your father's death. May his soul indeed rest in peace. My name is Ben Dover, and I am very much interested in your offer. I can't believe you have chosen me for this transaction! Wow. I will do whatever I have to, but I'm still a little bit suspicious. Why me? So in order for me to believe this amazing story, all you need to do is write to me and tell me the name of my country. I mean, you are considering moving here permanently, so I would assume you know which country it is, right? And where did you get this e-mail address? And if we are going to go through with this transaction, I will at some point need you to send a picture of yourself holding a sign with my name on it. Hoping to hear from you soon,


p.s. my father has made a lot of money selling female hygiene products, I'm sure you have heard of Tampax? He could surely help you invest some money, he is a very successful businessman.

From Jack Mensa to Ben Dover on Thu, 07 Aug 2003 17:15:11 -0400

Dear Ben Dover,

I hope that you are doing great today, i am very pleased for your acceptance to assist me in this transaction,moreso accept my apologies for my late reply, this is due to the fact that the photograph that you requested has to take a few days to be processed due to unregular power supply here in the country for sometime now.Togo is experiencing drought in one of its dam that supplies power to the entire country.

Attached herewith is the requested photo of me with your name written on a cadboard hanging on my chest, i hope that this will serve your purpose , as i am happy to have come along a reliable person like, i know that a smile can be on my lips once again as i have been saddened since the death of my dear father.

My dear father died out of heart attack and left me all alone in a country where i cannot even speak or hear their language,i hope that my partnership/frienship with you will bring a hope and prospect once again to my bleaked future .

My late father deposited this trunk box in the security company as "D CLASSIFIED CATEGORY TRUNK/CONSIGNMENT" and declared it as ivory and family belongings thereby not exposing the contents of the trunk box to the security company, so in your correspondence to the security company DO NOT mention to them that there is money in the trunk box.

The condition that my late father deposited this consignment with the security company was that i have to search for a reliable business partner who will then apply to the security company to release the trunk box informing them of our relationship as partners, he thought that i am too young to handle a transaction of this magnitude.

In response to your question as how i got your email address, i got your email address through the International Business search Directory whilst searching for a reliable person who can assist me release this fund from the security company and in my first mail to you i told you that i intend to leave here and come to leave permanently in you country,this does not mean that i know where you come from, that is after this fund might has been released from the security company,so i do not know where you come from and will expect you to tell more about yourself in your next reply.

Nevertheless, i, want you to contact immediately the security company where this trunk box was deposited by my late father, here is the contact of the security company:

EMAIL:[email protected]
TEL: 00228-919-1974
FAX; 00228- 2217821
CONTACT PERSON;Mr.Goddy Lukman( Director in charge of operations)

It is important that you contact them immediately to effect the release of this consignment.I am also in support of your ideas of investing in the hygenic products like that of your family.

More importantly, please pray for me always as i will do the same for you and your family.

God bless and protect you indeed.

Yours sincerely.

Jack Mensa.