During the Maryam and Sule saga, the Profanator and I were introduced to Mohamed Abacha. These two scams were unrelated apart from the Abacha name. Mohamed wrote Dirk Toolhardy a business proposal that was too good to be true. WINK! WINK! I ran this scam solo, and as the correspondance waned, I admitted to Mohamed that I was the Ebola Monkey Man. I even went as far as to tell him, in detail, what I was doing. Alas, Mohamed's innability to grasp the fundamental concepts of scambaiting allowed him to carry on the ruse of business partner. He would never admit he was a scammer and even kept writing to me in a friendly way. Well, his persistance and 419 scam knowledge led me to ask him if he would write a column for ebolamonkeyman.com. He still continued to play the serious businessman role, so I had my friend, the Profanator, get involved. With much goading, urging, and otherwise fruitful dialogue between us, Mohamed finally accepted the terms. Mohamed has even grown on me as a person, and YES dear readers, he will get paid. So, from the horses mouth, I present Mohamed's intimate knowledge of the 419 Scam in this weekly column, beginning with his summary of the cyber cafe from which he operates. Enjoy, this is fascinating and unprecidented material.

~The Ebola Monkey Man

UPDATE: Apparently, $50 a month was not enough for Mohamed to continue writing for his column. Oh well, I think we got enough info anyway. I've got good news though. Someone named the PROFILER has contributed to Mohamed's column by breaking down what he was saying in perfect english. What makes him qualified, check out what he wrote in column 1, 7, and 9. Good stuff.

"Ive been working my way through the scammers on your site, and they're all great, but i just got to Mohammed, and his 'column,' and i am stunned. This is the icing on the cake. Keep up the good work!"

- Brian

Click on the links below to read Mohamed's take on each subject.

Column 1 - What goes on in the Nigerian Cyber Cafes?

Column 2 - About the Nigerian Scam.

Column 3 - Most common questions from readers.

Column 4 - The luggage full of money - real or fake?

Column 5 - Mohamed tells a story?!