EBOLA MONKEY NOTE: Mohamed emailed this to me out of the blue. I never asked him to talk about this. I've read it 10 times and I still have no clue what he is trying to say. I figure I'd post it in his column. Maybe you can take something from this. Enjoy!


I want to furnish you with new stories on how this scammers opperates right there in your country which you might not know because with the experience i have on this game since 1992,right from when i was opperating in a local level to this international stage before now that i have decided to quit because of my position in my community which i wouldn't like to dent?

You see this scammers,they also go along the street like cap drivers with their luggages right inside the booth of their car,they will stop to pick you on the way they now be telling you the stories on how a wealthy man kept his money and they have stolen his money,but they will be telling you that they can not spend the money,because the owner had charmed it.They will then request for money for rituals after they have displayed the money to the victim,what ever amount brougth by the victim for the rituals will be spent by them,while the victim will be left in the cold.

They used fake currency as their treasury.They will lie to their prospective victim that to get rid of the charm may be after the first payment,that they will travel to India to consult a Guru that can handle the situation,on this processes some of the wise victim will disengage from the deal,then some of the greed onece will continue paying more money to facilitate the deal after which they will be left in the cold?

Dirk,there are alot of stories to tell,it's just one after the other?
Thank's and God bless?


I was reading "the mind of a scammer" part of your website and came across Mohamed's last contribution. Apparently he was trying to tell you that 'in your country' some people try the scam in person, disguised as taxi drivers. What I got is that when you get on a cab and the driver might start telling you some story about how they stole money from some wealthy bastard and that now they cannot spend it because it is 'charmed' or whatever... I guess the point is, you help them 'uncharm' the money by paying for any rituals and crap they need and you get a slice. They'd show you some fake notes to keep you at it and whenever they are satisfied, they'd dump you away... or
something like that.

Hell, I've never heard of anything like that even though I'm a big fan of the Nigerian scam and derivatives. Seems very unlikely somebody would be as stupid as to try it, but then again, scamers would do anything to get some extra cash. You may want to encourage Mohamed to keep sending you his stories, he might come up with some interesting stuff...

Btw, I spent some time during midterms reading your website when I first came across it (yeah, it's called blatant procrastination and I love it) and let me tell you was great fun!

EBOLA MONKEY NOTE: AHHHHH YES!, the perfect procrastination tool for midterms! That's what I like to hear.


The word “charm” in the Nigerian local English called pidgon English means hexed or to put a spell upon. For example you can say that “ the woman charmed her neigbors children” which simply means that she put a hex/spell on them.

The scam he was trying to explain to you is an old one and is only used in rural setting where folk are still strongly superstitious. In such regions farmers go to great lengths to “charm” their farmland to avoid robbers from looting their crops. Now, what better place to try such a scam than this kind of place.

He meant that the scammer usually in cohoots with a cab driver(remember that unlike in Europe and America taxis in Nigeria pick up more than one customer at a time), pick up an unsuspecting passenger and they both start to talk about some money that they have either stolen or was left behind in their car, if you show any interest or ask any questions then they show you some money (which is usually fake) but tell you that it cant be spent coz its has a spell over it which may lead to the death of the person trying to spend it. So they tell you of a person (usually a witch doctor) who can “uncharm” the money but for a token fee. If the person pays this fee to do the necessary rituals, he is given the bag of fake currency and told to wait for a few days before opening it for the spell to work, the victim feels secure as long as he has the booty in his possession but he however cant examine it coz of the spell, so he waits for the time to elapse, by then the scammers are long gone when he finally discovers that the money is fake, to another rural setting and the cycle continues. He also told you that sometimes after the first payment, the scammers claim that the witch doctor will need more funds to travel to India to consult a guru, so the scammers get a second payment. ( the average Nigerian believes that India is the Mecca of witchcraft, which was popularised in the 80s by lots of Indian films that flooded the Nigerian scene)

I will also have you know that most Nigerians after falling for such scams never report these to the authorities of the embarrassment involved and obvious greed, also you cant report this coz the money in question belonged to another person so you can be arrested for theft if you do. The scammers know this so they are fairly safe after pulling such a scam.