From Suleiman Musa,

Cote D'Ivoire,West Africa.

My name is Capt. Suleiman Musa. Iam an ex Nigerian soldier currently on Exile in Cote d Ivoire.

I worked with the late Nigerian head of state Gen.Sani Abacha as a member of his special strike force,We reported directly to the then chief security officer, Maj.Hamza Al Mustapha. After the death of the head of state and the ushering in of the civilian government,they started arresting those of us who were close to the late head of state,Gen Abacha.When the new government arrested the former CSO,i knew i would be the next.I escape to Cote d Ivoire for safety.

I came along with USD$ 22 million dollars cash (Twenty TwoMillion dollars). And the rule of this country is that one can not have assess to a bank account unless one has their residential permit.Since i was new then, they was nothing i could do than to sealed the money put it in Two Trunk boxes,and deposited it with the security company,marked family valuble.The political admosphere is hectic for one to continue to stay.Based on this , I solicit for your assistance to:

(1) Could you help me so that we can claim this boxes from the security company and via and via the transfer to your country.

(2) Could you be able to assist me to obtain my travelling papers after this transfer to enable me come over to meet you in your country for the investment of this money?

(3) Could you be able to introduce me to a profitable business venture that would not require much technical expertise in your country where part of this fund willbe invested?

Please, all these requirements are urgently needed as it will enable me to establish a stronger business relationship with you hence I will like you to be the general overseer of the investment thereafter. I am a MUSLIM and I will please, want you to handle this transaction based on the trust I have established on you.

For your assistance in this transaction, I have decided to offer you 12% percent commission of the total amount at the end of this business. The security of this business is very important to me and as such,I would like you to keep this business very confidential. I shall expect your urgent reply.

Thanks and God bless you.


Black Mic to Musa, Sept. 15

Hello. My name is Mike. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner but I haven't checked my email in awhile. Your proposal sounds very interesting to me and I want to help. Let me tell you something about myself and then you can decide if you want to work with me.

I work in the music industry. I'm hoping to cut an album with my boy B-Smooth later next month. I was thinking that if I helped you get this money, then I would have enough to cover our expenses and even make a music video.

What do you think?


Mike Banks aka "Black Mic - Bitch Honkey Killa"

Musa to Black Mic, Sept. 16

Dear Mike,

thanks for your mail and your interest to assist in this transaction. you would ot have problems as indicated in your mail if you decided that you will be able to help in the areas of investing the money into your music production. it all depends on our agreement and arrangement on how to work and how to invest the funds when finally is transfered to you. As soon as
we can work to get the funds to you then the percentage mapped for you will be used for your music industry and production.

the truth of the matter is that we need to work out modalities for the collection of the consignment and shippment to you as soon as possible. that is if we agree on working terms, i will then give you the contact of the security company to enable you write them as my foriegn partner.

you can call me on my direct line 225 0761 5257 for further details and directives on how we will work.

i am waiting to hear from you soon.



Black Mic to Musa, Sept. 16

Dear Musa,

For sure. No doubt I want to help on the real. I'm straight telling you, the sky is the limit on how much money we could make. I'm going to have my business partner, B-Smooth, email you. He handles a lot of the business deals. He is also part of my group, designs our own clothing line (soon to be sold in places like JJ's Playa Gear and Ribs and the Compton Swap Meet),
and writes a lot of our rhymes. I'm going to hit him up on his celly and tell him to holla at you.

Talk to you soon.

Mike Banks aka "Black Mic - Bitch Honkey Killa"

B-Smooth to Musa, Sept. 16

Dear Musa Sule,


I been tellin' my boy Mike to chill with the decisions until I have chance to represent. My name is Benjamin Horowicz. I am a rapper in a group with Black Mic, but I tend to do the deeper thinking. He is the gangstaz gangsta--allways bustin' caps and heads of youths in groups of fours and fives. I am the MC smooth. I tried a lot of names in my rappin' career; B-Benny-B-Benny-B-Ben, B-Phat, B-Phresh... but B-Smooth just stands out. Anyway, you can call me Benny-B, or B-Smooth.

Anyway, I got all the mail from you and my boy. Damn, dawg! your sitting on some bling, and as I am the brains and business, tell a brother what to do, nigga!

Us boyz'll be glad to step up to this like a m/f. We want to invest as much as possible in our music career. Perhaps I'll send you a t-shirt I designed.

Stay in touch, brother,



Musa to B-Smooth, Sept. 17

please call me on my direct line 00225 0761 5257 so that i can give you details on how to proceed.


Black Mic to Musa, Sept. 19


What's up dawg? I'm just written you to let you know that B-Smooth is stuck out on the East Coast and plans to hit you up soon. The East Side of the US had a hurricane. Not like the drink, but a real hurricane. So please be patient as he will get in touch with you.

I never asked you, do you like rap music? Maybe one day you can come to the US and see one of our shows. I performed last night at a show at the Roxy theater. Unfortunately, I had to do it without B-Smooth but I had my DJ there. His name is Albert Fred but we call him DJ Fat Albert (Hey Hey Hey). I performed our new single "If It Is My Baby Bitch Prove It!"

The chorus goes like this:

"If it is my baby bitch prove it
If you came to fuck well lets do this
If it is my baby bitch prove it
Take my DNA sample and get to it
Cuz I know all the brothers on da block have run up in it
And I sho aint buying no diapers, so lets end this"

If you like rap, you'll love this song. I'm trying to get someone like K-Ci and Jo Jo or Tyrese to sing the chorus on the track. We will see. That's why it is important for me to get that money. So I can start paying the record companies to use their artists.

Yours truly,

Mike Banks aka "Black Mic - Bitch Honkey Killa"

Black Mic to Musa, Sept. 24


What's up dawg? Where have you been? Holla at me when you get a chance. I want to get this money. Me and B-Smooth need to have some t-shirts made up and it could come in handy.


Mike Banks aka "Black Mic - Bitch Honkey Killa"

Musa to Black Mic, Sept. 25

dont ever contact me again because i know you can not haddle this transaction.but if you wish that you are still ready to do this transaction you should call me or you should forget it

Black Mic to Musa, Sept. 25

Dear Sule,

Why don't you think I can handle this transaction? Is it because I am black? That's not right Sule. If you have a problem with me being African American, then you should just say something. Don't hide behind statements like "i know you can not haddle this transaction." I can haddle anything. Just as good as any cracker can. I demand an explanation homie. CALL ME! My number is 877-572-8769.

If I recall correctly, you needed me and B-Smooth to help you. We didn't send you no desperate as email. If there is some kind of problem, we can handle it like true gangstas and you'll be hearing from my lawyers.

Mad as a mutha,

Mike Banks aka "Black Mic - Bitch Honkey Killa"

Musa to Black Mic, Sept. 26

call me immediatly 00225 07 615257.

Black Mic to Musa, Sept. 26


I can't call you. I only have a cell phone and I do not have an international calling plan. Please call me if you want my help. If not, I understand. Please let me know either way playa.


Mike Banks aka "Black Mic - Bitch Honkey Killa"