2-09-2004 (Subject: MY DEAR SHULTZ)
From:Mr Micheal Nwachukwu.
Email: [email protected]
Dear Shultz,
How are you ?hope fine .i feel the surprise this mail will bring to you at frist sight .but i assure you that i comes with the best of intentions and good will.
Let me firstly introduce myself to you .I am Mr Micheal Nwachukwu an Accountant with a Security compeny. I came to know You in my private search for a reliable and reputable person to handle
This confidential transaction which involve the transfer of a huge sum of money to a foreign account requiring maximum confidence.
A foreigner ,late Engr Johnson creek ,an oil merchant/contractor with our government ,until his death 2 years ago After a brief illness, Deposited with my compeny ,and had a closing balance of U.S$15. M (Fifteen million dollars ) which the deposited unquestionably expects it to be claimed by any available foreign next-of-kin of the late beneficiary or alternatively be donated to the or converted to personal funds by the goverment officials. Fervent valuable effort are being made by security compeny to get in touch with any of the Creek family or relative but prove to no avail.
It is 'cos of the percieved possibility of not been able to locate any of the late Engr Johnson Creek next-of-kin,That i have successfully manipulated the fund and coverd it up till now,with the files covering the fund under my care.
At the favour of this plan i now seek your permission to have you stand as the next-of-kin to late Engr Johnson Creek so that the fund us$15.M would be released and paid into your nominated bank account as the beneficiary next-of-kin .All documents and prove to enable you get this fund will be-carefully worked out .And more so we are assuring you of 100% risk free involvement.
It is expected that the transaction will run for 12 to 13 bank working days,so your immediate reply is needed with your interest indicated so thatall necessary proceures will cormence.We have agreed that the fund will be shared thus ,after it has been transfered into your account .
1, 25% of the fund will be allocated to you for acting as the beneficiary of the fund
2, 5% will be set aside for reimbursment to both parties for any incidental expenses that may be incured in the course of the transfer .
3, 70% for us the originators of the transaction. you can still discuss your interest as regards the sharing of
the fund.
Your reply is highly expected.
Kindly get to me immediately ,by furnishing me with your confidential phone number,fax number and exclusive bank particulars so that we can use these information to apply for the release and subsequent transfer of the funds in your favour .
Thanking you in anticipation of your co-operation.please reply this mail
Via [email protected]
Yours Sincerely ,




2-09-2004 Subject: Re: MY DEAR SHULTZ)


My Dear Michael,
Wow, what a fantastic offer.I would be happy to provide you with all of my bank account info the minute you...
Fuck off,
Your dear Mr. Shultz
2-10-2004 (Subject: Re: MY DEAR SHULTZ)
Dear John.
Thanks for your email. Am finding it very difficult to understand. Please make it more understandable for me. I do not need your account for anything but rather i'll need you to present yourself as a relative of the late depositor for the deposit to be released since you bear the same surname.
I stand to loose this deposit to the government if not remitted within the next 8 bank working days as stated by the constitution.
Please help me with this transfer.I don't want to loose this deposit.I need this help urgently.
I promise 15% of the total Usd15,million deposit.
I await your response urgently.
Thanks and God bless.
michael nwachukwu.






2-13-2004 (Subject: Transfer of pertinent information)


Dear Michael,
Thank you for your response.I apologize for the difficulty in understanding my last email.I realize that time is of the essesence on this and that we need to act quickly to ensure all of the paperwork is handled.I am concerned that in your last email you note that the total share of transferred funds is posted at 15%.This is in direct opposition to your first assertion of 25%.Please remember that if I am to take a sizeable risk here I feel I should be entitled to the orginal sum as we agreed upon plus an additional 5% for this faux-pas.This raises my total for the funds to 30%.No less will be expected by myself and my associates.
I have taken the liberty of tracing and identifying your IP information, email clients, and host domain servers to make this process move more rapidly.
On that note, we need to remember that we are both honest business men here and that infractions like this won't be tolerated by either side.I will need to arrange for my swiss accounts to be put in order for the fund transfer and that all accompanying paperwork and bonds of note are held until my specified pickup.I would like to be provided with a contact number for your associates so that we may proceed with this via fax transmission.If direct faxes are not going to be available, we will need to establish an encrypted 24-bit ssh client for account information and data transfers.
Remember that 30% (4.5Mil us dollars with taxes differed) is enough money to make this of utmost importance.Do not delay in your response.
Yours Truly,
Mr. Shultz



2-14-2004 (Subject: Michael Nwachukwu. Respond urgently. )

Dear John.
Thanks for your email.I can now understand you better.Due to the urgency needed,I accept for the 30% of the total sum you 're insisting on.I accept on this and nothing more.
The attorney is presently in france and will be here by sunday evening.Please send anything of your best personal identification immediately.
Here is my international passport copy for my identification.Here is my number 
I need your number also.The attorney will contact you once he arrives.Please inform me you will need anything to execute this project or if there will be any government or organisation financial involvement before the fund can be cleared from your account if remitted.
Get back to me immediately.
Thanks and God bless.
Michael Nwachukwu.


2-14-2004 (Subject: My passport info)

My Dear Michael,
Thank you for the quick response on my last email.I am glad to see that you sent me your information as I requested and would like to thank you for taking an honest approach to this transaction.I can see that you are a man of your word based on the passport photos and numbers you gave me.I was a little worried that this may be some kind of scam like you hear about on the news but because of the pictures I am completely willing to help you with presenting myself as the next of kin to Engr Johnson.
I was able to scan my passport directly into a jpeg document like you requested.I realize it isn't the best quality but you should be able to make out all of the numbers you need to set up the bank transfers.In case it is blury:
This is going to be great.Ever since my mother got scammed out of her life savings the family has been in financial trouble and the 4 million you are arranging for me should help so much.Maybe even let us move out of our apartment into a real house!
I am still scared that somehow what we are doing might be illeagal, but I know that what you have told me is truthful Michael because you are a real straight shooter.I can get you my drivers license also if that will help to speed things up.When can I expect to hear from your lawyer in france?Also, isn't there any paperwork I should fill out?Does all the money come in one really big check or do you want to give it to me in installments?These are all important questions that I expect either you or the attorney can answer for me.
Thank you so much for this opportunity to work together,
Yours Truly,-J


2-15-2004 (Subject: Thanks John)


Dear John.
Thanks for your information and identification. Am really sorry for what you said about your mother. It's really painful. Am really sorry about that.
Please promise this deposit will be safe if remitted to you. The attorney will ne here by tomorrow to commence the remittance processes with your name.
I will inform you once the attorney arrives. Please try as much as you can to keep this to yourself till the deposit is completely in your possession.
I am trusting you with all my life. Please do't let me down. Don't make me a dangerous liar to the attorney.
I hope to hear from you immediately.
Thanks and God bless.
Michael Nwachukwu.




2-15-2004 (Subject: Assurances)


Thank you for the kind words about my mother Mike,


I can promise that the deposit will be safe in my hands.As you can see, I do NOT take money matters or things of this nature lightly.I am a knowledgeable businessman and will not be duped out of the funds by anyone.This is my promise to you.


Please tell your French lawyer to shake his tailfeathers and get in contact with me ASAP, savvy?


Best wishes and happy Presidents day,


- Vag


Please refer to me as Vag in all future emails as that is my maiden name.Thank you.



2-16-2004 5:21 pm (Nigerian time)
Subject: Thanks and God Bless
Dear Vag.
Thanks for your kind honesty.I 've forwarded your identification to the 
attorney but 've not heard from him yet.He is a british not french rather we went tofrance for a personal business he did not mention to me.
I will contact you once i receieve any information from the attorney. I'll need your personal number just in case of urgency.
I will get back to you in 4 hrs.
Thanks and God bless.
Michael Nwachukwu.
2-16-2004 5:45 pm (Nigerian time) 
Subject: Very Important and Urgent.
Dear Vag.
The attorney would like to commence on the legal documentations for the 
remittance in your name.But he is much confused with the name in your international passport copy.
Is this really your name DISHCHARGE VAGINAL DRIP? 
i need your response immediately. I mean immediately.
Michael Nwachukwu.



2-16-2004 (subject: Re: Very Important and Urgent. )

Dear Mike,
This is correct.Pronounced "Dees - sharge- ay", this is a French name.I took the name of Shultz after I married my partner Oral Herscheiser Shultz.Therefore all of my legal documentation and bank information is correctly stated.
I am concerned that neither yourself or your attorney have provided an answer to several of my earlier questions.How will this money be transferred, and what kind of check will be used?Could we possibly set-up a large novelty check as seen on the publishers clearing house? 
Looking forward to your response, please do not hesitate to ask me for any further help you may need to make the deadline.
-          Vag

2-16-2004 (subject: urgent response needed)


Dear Vag.
Thanks for your email.I still do not understand this clearly.Do i use the name on your international passport copy or theSchultz name.If i'll use the Schultz name then send me signed paperto cover this name in the court because the court can only make use of the name in the international passport and not the Schultz name.
In respect to your question,The money will be transfered to you via electronic transfer and not cheque.Itwill be electronically remitted to your account from the financial firm's account.
Please get back to me immediately.
Thanks and God bless.
Michael Nwachukwu.


2-16-2004 (subject: Letís roll)


As you must have found while manipulating the account of the late Engr Johnson Creek, my passport documents relate to my original surname before my marriage to Oral Herscheiser Shultz.Iím sure you understand that for this reason my state papers and accompanying identification is quite correct as Vaginal Discharge.What kind of signed papers do you need?I scanned a waiver in my name for you and have attached it as follows.
My name is Vaginal Discharge, please transfer the funds to my waiting GASH (Govt. Agency Security Holdings) account.
I hope that is sufficient.
According to your previous emails, the account will be expiring within a short number of hours and we must act quickly.Iím really getting fed up with all these repetitive emails.If I donít get this money soon I will be in peril of the greatest kind.The repo man may come for my new Hummer H2 I have purchased in anticipation of the funds transfer.
Please do not delay, we can NOT screw this one up.
- Vag



2-16-2004 (Sent from ď[email protected]) Account Management


Subject: Violation of TOS agreement.


To whom it may concern,


It has come to our attention that continued abuses of this email service have been repeatedly perpetrated by you.This includes, but is not limited to, the following.As agreed when you registered for this account, the listed are in direct violation to signed materials.


You agree to not use the Services to:


(1) upload, post or otherwise transmit any Content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortious, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, invasive of another's privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable;


(2) impersonate any person or entity, including, but not limited to, official, forum leader, guide or host, or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity;


(3) forge headers or otherwise manipulate identifiers in order to disguise the origin of any Content transmitted through the Services or develop restricted or password-only access pages, or hidden pages or images (those not linked to from another accessible page);


(4) upload, post or otherwise transmit any Content that you do not have a right to transmit under any law or under contractual or fiduciary relationships (such as inside information, proprietary and confidential information learned or disclosed as part of employment relationships or under nondisclosure agreements);


(5) upload, post or otherwise transmit any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, "junk mail," "Spam," "chain letters," "pyramid schemes," or any other form of solicitation, except in those areas of the Service that are designated for such purpose;


(6) intentionally or unintentionally violate any applicable local, state, national or international law, including, but not limited to, any rules of any national or other securities exchange, including, without limitation, the New York Stock Exchange, the American Stock Exchange or the NASDAQ, and any regulations having the force of law;


(7) "stalk" or otherwise harass another;


(8) collect or store personal data about other users; or


(9) promote or provide instructional information about illegal activities, promote physical harm or injury against any group or individual, or promote any act of cruelty to animals.


As stated, you are hereby found in violation of the aforementioned rules as well as section 419 of the Nigerian Advance Fee Fraud ruling (Nigerian Government SEP 2002 Response to FinCEN Financial Advisory Notice).For this reason the applicable local and state government officials have been notified to your activities and are actively seeking your whereabouts.


As such, you have two options to take in dealing with this notice.


You may:


A) Contact your local police agency and turn yourself over to avoid potentially increased jail time




B) Publicly and sincerely apologize to any and all active and unwitting participants that you currently are attempting to scam out of money.


Do not delay,



Account Management Division


2-16-2004 (Sent from ď[email protected])


Subject: Cease and Desist



[email protected]


An alert has been submitted from a third party vendor, namely, to your activities via their website involving


Your abuse of this email service has resulted in the following actions taking place.


1) Immediate termination of all user information


2) Transfer of related materials to web abuse/fraud track officials.


Please terminate your use of our facilities post haste and delete any and all account information from our website or we will notify the proper authorities.


It is's continued priority to refuse service to any and all members of the Internet community who would use our name to perpetrate crimes against foreign nationals.


Fraud and Abuse Commission 2004


[email protected]


2-17-2004 (subject: Am sorry please)
Dear Vag.
Am really sorry for upsetting you if i did. I was only being careful with the 
names to avoid any mistake by the law or the bank before and during remittance.
I 'll now inform the attorney to commence immediately with the court.
Do not worry please. I was only trying to make sure we do not encounter any 
problems ahead.
I 'll get back to you after the courts approval today.
Please hold on.
Thanks and God bless.
Michael Nwachukwu.
2-17-2004 (subject: Donít worry, I understand)
I appreciate your sincerity.I certainly would like to see this go smoothly with both you and your attorney, so do what you must.We need to work together as a team to see this through and I know that you want this as well.We have come to far to have this plan fail.
By my calculations, all of the paperwork must now have been processed.I am quite excited to hear the good news of our fortune.I look forward to my G.A.S.H. crammed full of money.
Awaiting your soonest communication,



Dear Vag.
Here are the remittance documentations approved by the court.It is not easy. I have been much busy since yesterday just to make sure of the approval by the court.
The remittance is now approved.Your signature is needed on the change of ownership certificate.Then send back to me immediately and keep a copy.
I have an appointment with the court again this morning.I will contact you again when am through.
I need your contact number urgently.
Michael Nwachukwu.










Dearest Michael, URGENT!


Please help me as soon as possible.Iím getting really bizarre and threatening phone calls at all hours of the night from state officials Iíve never heard of before.They claim that Iím somehow involved with a scam being perpetrated out of Nigeria.


How can that be?You are the only person in Nigeria I have ever spoken with and I know that you are an honest man of your word.They must have me confused with someone else, but nobody is listening to me.


Please help me to understand this current predicament I now find myself in.Since the funds transfer has been completed then we must act quickly to cover up the money.I have a feeling that certain corrupt agents of the military, of which many exist in America, will soon find me.I must be quick and decisive in the approaching hours or you may never hear from me again.For this reason I can't provide the signed documents you requested via email as my service has been shut down and I'm staying in a hotel for the moment.They don't have a scanner.


I have arranged a flight leaving Los Angeles (LAX) tomorrow morning for direct flight to your country (Lagos LOS).I arrive via Emirates Airlines at 10:31 a.m. local time (The morning of Friday the 22nd).I will hail the taxi service and travel to your location:


2 Kusomi Street, By the Nepa Bus Stop Aguda

Surulere, Lagos State


The Tech manager at your internet cafe, Antony Onyeka, has used static IP addresses (Originating IP: to let me trace the computer you have been using to email me these past two weeks.Please thank him personally.


Please look for me to show up around noon local time.I will be carrying 325k USD (325,000 U.S. Dollars) in a large duffle bag for misc. expenses and will be happy to provide you with 5,500 for all incidental costs and court papers.I will come heavily armed with my manservant Tyrone.I assume you will let me stay at your house until this thing blows over.I hope you have not made me a dangerous liar to the American authorities, Michael.I would hate for things to become dangerous for you.


Look for me soon.




2-19-04 (subject: confused)
Dear Vag.
I do not understand your last email.Are you on drugs? I really hope and pray you 're not because am getting scared of working with you in this project.
Was your last email for someone else or maybe mistakenly came to my box.Am really really confused and this is not advicebale at this moment.
There's no time left for this remittance and am begining to doubt you now.
Are you alright?The State security may be looking for a way to take this deposit and nothing else.This is the more reason why am scared and begining to suspect you Vag.
Please clear me of this email,Am really scared.
Thanks and God bless.
Michael Nwachukwu.


2-19-2004 (subject: Get the picture?)


Dearest Michael,


I think it is finally time for me to level with you.I have been leading you on these last two weeks for my own amusement.You see, there is a difference between scamming someone and getting scammed.


I have been fucking with you for the last 10 days because it is fun to screw with an idiot like yourself and make you waste time and money preparing phony court/bank documents for a "funds" transfer that is totally bogus.How stupid do you think I am?Oh my god, what's this, the late Engr Johnson Creek died and you can arrange to give me millions of dollars?Wow!


I will refer you to my first email that I sent, I feel it was fair warning but you insisted on trying to keep up the scam.It went a little something like this...



My Dear Michael,

Wow, what a fantastic offer.I would be happy to provide you with all of my bank account info the minute you...




Fuck off,


Your dear Mr. Shultz



Now I know that you can't speak English very well, but are you Nigerian or retarded?Any time someone sends you an email with the phrase "SHUT UP AND DIE, FUCK OFF" that is what we in America like to call a hint.


Another hint would be the fact that my name in our correspondence has been "VAGINAL DRIP DISCHARGE".Have you ever heard of a vagina, Mike?Not sure what they call it in your country but it's the thing you stick your dick in and nine months later a baby pops out.DISCHARGE is a term for the secretion or expulsion of a liquid.The name I gave you basically translates into "PUSSY JUICE".Still not clear on that one, too bad.


You still want another hint that I was playing you for the moron you are?Here is another line I sent along with my poorly made fake passport.


"Ever since my mother got scammed out of her life savings the family has been in financial trouble and the 4 million you are arranging for me should help so much. Maybe even let us move out of our apartment into a real house!"


Didn't this make you think maybe I was on to you?


There were so many things wrong with your attempt at a scam that it would be difficult to list them all.But here goes...


1) Your passport looks like a child got hold of a coloring book.

2) You can hardly understand English, so I'd work on that.

3) Engr is not a word...ENGINEER is.

4) The bank documents you made even screwed up my phony name.

5) Those same documents didn't have your name on them, but rather someone named Michael Hall.Who the fuck is Michael Hall, I thought I was dealing with Michael Nwachugugku or whatever.

6) You constantly changed figures and dates around.At least be consistent.

7) When someone sends you a picture of them on a passport and it looks like they are wasted (this means drunk), it isn't real you idiot!

8) An English lawyer who travels to france to do some business that you're not aware of when dealing with 15,000,000 dollars...are you fucking kidding me!?

9) Easily traced IP address that doesn't lead to a financial institution but rather a ghetto internet cafe.

10) etc. etc. etc.


In conclusion (I apologize for this long email, I know it is hard for you to read), please stop this scam.You clearly don't have the skills or the grasp of anything to be doing this.


I will be posting your stupid letters and other funny stuff about you on this website so that others may laugh at you like my friends and I have.


please visit it to see how all the other retards in Nigeria have had their time wasted just like you.By the way, I found other scams originating from the same computer you used for your shit.They suck even worse than the one you sent me!


Your Dearest VAG.


P.s.Please don't bother sending a response email and getting pissed at me or casting some witchdoctor spell shit.You just need to realize that hard work and intelligence can make you successful, not sitting in Lagos thinking of get rich quick scams.I'm going to sit back tonight and drink a beer while watching T.V.Then I'll decide which of my two BMW's to drive to work tomorrow all the while laughing at your poor ass.