If you feel you have a future in scambaiting but just don't want to run your own site, feel free to join the team. I love adding different types of flavor to the site. Just submit your scam, including any jpegs. to me and think up a clever alias. I just ask that you follow the basic format of my scams so the readers can understand what is going on. Please note that if you send me one that is a mess, I probably won't post it. That means remove all the crap from the email, make the text into paragraphs where all the words are together, and don't just cut and paste please. Between my work and the amount of scams submitted, I don't have time to clean it up. If I you don't make it clean and I don't post it, please don't take it personal. NOTE: SENDING THEM TO ME A HTML PAGE OR EMAIL IS GREATLY APPRECIATED! If the scam is ongoing, you can just send me the updates as regular email. PLEASE FINISH YOUR SCAM. If you get board, just end it by sending the scammer a send off email and include the link to the site and the ever so famous phrase "the world is laughing at you." They love that.

Here's a good example of what your scam should look like:

Madam Abacha

Feel free to be as clean or vulgar as you want. Have fun with it! One other thing: PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL A SCAMMER THAT IS IN THE MIDDLE OF BEING FOOLED BY ANOTHER MONKEY POX MEMBER! Wait till that scam is complete to contact the scammer. You could fuck it up for everyone.

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