Because I know the whole world won't understand my sense of humor, I decided to start what I call the Monkey Pox. Before I knew it, I started getting submissions from all over the world. There is something for every type of person here, even the ultra PC person will find a Monkey Pox member that he or she can relate to. If you are interested in submitting your work and becoming a member of the Monkey Pox,


Jacob Ndu - Submitted by "Rightwing Nutcase" and "Big Bad Booty Daddy." Featuring the classic "Big Poppa Pump" picture.

Sammy Karba - Submitted by "Mr. Phystme." Classic photos of this scammer holding PHYSTME signs.

Fred Meyer. - Submitted by "THE LAUGHING HYENA" who has a bright future in scam baiting.  Read as E. Jack Ulate discloses his true identity (Liono - King of the Thundercats) to Fred Meyer and the good doctor.  SNARF, SNARF!

Luke Ogala (P1) (P 2) (P 3)- "THE LAUGHING HYENA" is back!  This time, he gets a mugu to fall in love with SPREAD EAGLE, a single mother who honors the American Indian.  Will Luke get the money and overcome another evil scammer that is trying to black mail him?  Click below to find out.  3 Parts.

Okoro Emeka- Submitted by "MCTEAGLE"  Featuring the IAMA DILDO photo.  A MUST READ!

Ken Uba - Submitted by "Homer J. Fong." Classic scambaiter is back. Features the "Anita Cox" picture.

Prince Kobe- Submitted by "DK." In this episode, DK turns the tables on this mugu. Watch as the Prince tries to retake control.

Jannifer Otubu- Submitted by "Big L." Rubin Mike Rotch is about to throw a wrench in Jannifer's kidnapping plan.

Dr. Robinson Savimbi- Submitted by "Mr. Mushman." Features the classic photo "I love sucky cooky."

Kwame Nana- Submitted by "Double O." Everyone loves a little "Cocky Sucky." Especially Kwame.

Ben Fayada- Submitted by "DK." Features the "Chupa Mi Bicho Corp." picture.

Double O - Submitted by "Double O." This Monkey Pox member goes right for the picture. Here is his collection. A must see!

Ali Abullah- Submitted by "MZ." Mr. Abullah is about to be touched by an angel.

James Watts- Submitted by "DK." Never one to pass up a good MUGU pic, DK gets this idiot to hold up a nice little gem.

David Hamson- Submitted by "Scorpion 6." Featuring the hysterical "HumpinBois" picture. This Mugu found it out the hard way.

Martins- Submitted by "Scorpion 6." Never one to sleep, Scorpion 6 got this beautiful "Father Penna Trateme" picture.

Festus- Submitted by "DK." You have to check this little Mugu out. He's "Craven Yerspooge."

Martin- Submitted by "Dakota." "Heywood Jablome" pictures are always worth a good laugh.

Colly Shabangu- Submitted by "Hubcaps." Shabangu needs money. Will 90210's Dylan Mckay lend a helping hand?

Dr. Demola- Submitted by "Hubcaps."Never one to stay away long, Dylan Mckay returns to the show.

Steff Nyerere- Submitted by "Long Legged Red." This scammer is about to go on a little adventure with none other than the CROC HUNTER.

Omoh Bello- Submitted by "DK." See what happens when a Mugu tries to pull a fast one over DK.

Michael Nwachukwu- Submitted by "Vaginal Discharge ." Check out the fake passport signed Vaginal Discharge.

Dr. Thomas Imoh - Submitted by "DK." Features some really deep philosophy by the good Dr. "All Lizards walk prostrate"

Kou Zowolo- Submitted by "Scorpion 6." Features the hysterical "Nigerian Scammer Special Olympics" picture.

Ali Idris - Submitted by "Dr. Death," another one of the Monkey Pox. Read to find out if Ali drove Chris to become Cristine.

Frank Ade - Submitted by "Coley," you guessed it, another one of the Monkey Pox. With characters like "Mr. Happy Shoes" & "The Rug Doctor," how could you not be curious?

Dede Kuku - Submitted by "Dog's Evil Twin." He actually gets the scammer so bad that he asks for a job. Very interesting conversation toward the end of this one. "THAT WAS A GOOD ONE." - Dede

James Akintola - Submitted by "The Scammer." William Shatner would be so proud.

Rev. Sam Simon - "Dr. Death" is at it again! See what happens when the good Rev. reaches out to another God fearing man.

Dr. Daniel Billy - "Dog's Evil Twin" is coming with another hit. Very impressive documentation by the scammers. Bravo!

Solomon Chuks Danny - "MCTEAGLE" is back and he scored two goals with this one. Watch him trick Danny boy into thinking he has a promising soccer career. Two hysterical photos.

Princess Cklara - Submitted by "Christopher Robbin Yo Ass." Princess Cklara is lucky, it just so happens that she emailed a fellow prince for help. Prince Upyurz!

Jack Mensa - Submitted by "Kimmy." Not an actual scam story but she got this Mugu to hold a Ben Dover sign and send us the picture.

MacDavid Powell - Submitted by "Homer J. Fong." He brought us Pro Wrestlers Vs. Scammers. You'll die laughing when Winston Rothchild makes MacDavid fill out forms, Canadian style!

Edward Mulete- Submitted by "PM." This scam features one of the monkey's favorite mugu photos. IVANNASTIIFF KOCKUPMIANUS

Daniel Koffi - Submitted by "Donkki Punch." Features the infamous "It's Raining Men" picture. You have to check this out.

Bachir Isiaka- Submitted by "Brucey." Features the classic "BUTT PLUGG" photo.

Moses- Submitted by "Q-MAN." Features the classic "Get Up Flacid Willie" picture!

Thomas Malinga - Submitted by "Flyin' Brian." A must see! Features the "Papa Don't Preach" photo. Instant classic.

Sunny Numan - Submitted by "Max Clifford."Features the "Ima Wayne Kerr" photo. Well worth the read.

Mrs. Abacha- Submitted by "KL." This mugu went to Western Union 5 times. That's right, I said 5.

Paschal- Submitted by "The Master Baiter " ." Can Oprah save this poor soul? Check out the photo of the scammer in the doctors outfit.