1. Has anyone ever gotten their money back from a Scammer?

I have not seen any body that has been scammed ever gotten thier money.

2. What do the Nigerian police do about this scam?

Yes,actualy the Nigerian police is after this scammers,even to the estend they go to cyber caffee to hunt for them,again not that the police do them any thing,it's just after some time they let them go,and that is why the rate of this is increasing every day,like as i told you some time ago that this people are highly conected to the Gorvernment so they don't do them anything.

3. Do the scammers ever kill their victims when they go to see them?

Noooooooo,they don't kill thier victim.You can take your self as an example,if you want to get something from some one trickishly,and the person refused,how can you kill the person.

4. Have you ever known any scammer who has been caught?

Yes.Just like some of the tough scammers they couth just of recent,somebody like, Fred adjudua and his friend last three months ago.


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