DEAR: Mush,


I know that this message will come to you as a surprise since we don;t know each other before, but for purpose of introduction, I am DR.ROBINSON SAVIMBI,the CHIEF AUDITOR of AMALGAMATED BANK OF SOUTH AFRICA (ABSA). There is an account opened in this bank in 1980 and since 1990 nobody has operated on this account again.

After going through some old files in the records, I discovered that if I do not remit this money out urgently it would be forfeited for nothing. The owner of this account is Mr. Smith B.Andreas, a foreigner, and a miner at Kruger gold co., a geologist by profession and he died since 1990.No other person knows about this account or any thing concerning it, the account
has no other beneficiary and my investigation proved to me as well that his company does not know anything about this account and the amount involved is (USD 35M) thirty five million United States Dollars .

I am only contacting you as a foreigner because this money cannot be approved to a local bank here, but can only be approved to any foreign account because the money is in us dollars and the former owner of the account is Mr. Smith B.Andreas is a foreigner too. I know that this message will come to you as a surprise as we don't know ourselves before. We will sign an agreement, but be sure that it is real and a genuine business. Please reply urgently so that I will inform you the next step to take immediately.

Send also your private telephone and fax number including the full details of the account to be used for the deposit.I want us to meet face to face or sign a binding agreement to bind us together so that you can receive this money into a foreign account or any account of your choice where the fund will be safe. And I will fly to your country for withdrawal and sharing and other investments. I am contacting you because of the need to involve a foreigner with foreign account and foreign beneficiary.

I need your full co-operation to make this work fine because the management is ready to approve this payment to any foreigner, who has correct information of this account,which I will give to you laterimmediately, if you are capable and willing to handle such amount in strict confidence and trust according to my instructions and advice for our mutual benefit because
this opportunity willnever come again in my life.I need truthful person in this business because I don't want to make mistake I need your strong assurance andtrust.

With my position now in the office I can transfer this money to any foreigner'sreliable account,which you can provide with assurance that this money will be intact pending my physical arrival inyour country for sharing. I will destroy all documents of transaction immediately we receive this money leaving no trace to any place. You can also come to discuss with me
face to face after which I will makethis remittance in your presence and two of us will fly to your country at least two days ahead of the money going into the account. I will apply for annual leave to get visa immediately I hear from you that you are ready to act and receive this fund in your account.

I will use my position and influence to effect legal approvals and onward transfer of this money to your accountwith appropriate clearance forms of the ministries and foreign exchange departments.At the conclusion of this business, you will be given 25%of the total amount, 70% will be for me, and while 5% will befor expenses both parties might have incurred during theprocess of transferring.(N.B )please rememberbto includeyour phone and fax number fot easier,security andconfidential reasons .

Once I hear from you,I will give you my direct telephone and fax numbers you wille to contact me.I look forward to your earliest reply through my EMAIL ADDRESS SO THAT I CAN DETAILS YOU MORE CONCERNING THE TRANSACTIONS.



Dear Dr. Robinson Savimbi,

I haven't had a chance for checking this email for a while. Recently when I checked it, your mail came as a great surprise to me! The reason for my surprise is, this is totally my private email and a very few people including a few handful of my employees know about this email address of mine.

Well, then again I shouldn't be that surprised knowing that you are a senior manager of a renowned bank in South Africa. So, you could have obtained my email through some confidential source of yours.

Truthfully, I am extremely intrigued by your offer. At the same time I should be utterly glad that you picked me amongst so many -- thousands of company executives in the United states to be your entrusted partner to carry on this transaction. Yes, at this critical condition of our company, I could definitely use the money. I have to say, this is undoubtedly an active mercy from the heavens for the prosperity of the Cocky Sucky Corporation.

As you probably already know, I am the Executive Director of Cocky Sucky Corporation. Our company's net revenue is a little bit under 12 million per year. But in this transaction of ours that information is really irrelevant. I just wanted to assure you that monetary wise, you have selected the right person

Having said, I would definitely like to move forward with this deal. However, at the same time, a pile of skepticism also confine me to proceed further. What I am talking about is I want to identify the person that I will be doing business with. In today’s world it is almost next to impossible to find a trustworthy business partner. So, in order to accomplish our goal and to establish that mutual trust relationship, I would like you to do something for me.

I would like you to send me a picture of yours. Because I want to see and identify the person I will be doing business with. Not just any picture. I want you to take the picture shot with a big piece of cardboard holding up with the following message written on it :


As mentioned earlier, I must identify you before moving forward with any business deal and the only type of identification I will accept from you is a large picture of yours holding a big cardboard sign with that message written on it.

Upon receiving your email with your picture identification, we can move forward to complete this transaction.


Mush Islam,

Executive Director,

Cocky Sucky Corporation.


Attn: Mush Islam

Following my reply in response to your request that you want me to pose with your company logo and take a picture, which will be sent to you. I travel out of the city so I return yesterday. I decide to go and take the picture and forward it to you without any further delay.

Please find attached the said picture and get back to me. To enable us proceed for this transaction. I have also consulted An Attorney who will help us obtain all the necessary documents and also monitor the retrieval of this fund and also its transfer to your designated bank account.

He advised that he would do his primary investigation regarding the best possible way to affect this transfer without any hindrance. He promise to

get back to me soonest but not later than 28th Day of Dec 2003.

Please when replying don’t fail to advice your telephone and fax line for easier communication.

I am dropping my pen here in your honor, until I hear from you.

Thanks for your co-operation

Best regard.

Dr.Robinson Savimbi